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  1. Real businesses get real amounts..
  2. The blanket forgiveness is aimed at the PPP not the EIDL. And the bill is just sitting around.
  3. Yeah its been like this for awhile with many different lenders, you have to enter your personal info. Generally its pretty clear if you are PG'ing the app and just like that app you have to check a box.
  4. Yes agents are for legal service BUT many states still require a physical address. If you pissed some off that bad they will find your address anyway!
  5. I’m speaking only business credit wise, if you have angry people showing up you have other issues! LOL! And like I said you generally required to have the actual business address filed with the state so people can find you!
  6. Equifax is a complete mess. Honestly not sure how there hasn’t been a class action lawsuit against them yet for their practices. They very commonly merge reports based on half truths and info. Happens a lot and you can actually have multiple files with them and it’s very hard to tell unless you know the number assigned to your business. And it can be very hard to remove items, and they are required to remove anything either. Your case was a little easier since the account predated the business, pretty obviously not the correct file.
  7. Not a very in depth overview of business scores. Those scores aren’t used often by lenders, Paydex more then others. Experian's score is really the worst. It basically factors balances into the score , let’s think about that, balances on Net accounts. Then you have auto loans that report as net. Pay your bills on time or as close to on time as you can, build up the dollar amounts of trades reporting.
  8. The reality is most state filings I’m aware of require you to list your physical address. If that is your house, apartment, lake house what ever your suppose to list it. You don’t want to use those virtual addresses. Your better off just using a PO Box and the physical address that goes with it.
  9. They don’t report any longer, ended awhile ago and honestly was probably due to this site! LOL and the amount of people that bought stuff once from them, stuff they didn’t even need most of the time.
  10. Well some of that old logic still holds true. But they really want to see a number they can reach some body who runs the company. This assuming your a small company. You can be ok with a cell number, this is fairly recent shift. But if you say you have or do have a company with 30 employees, you’re going to have a decorated office line. For most lenders it’s all about it making sense. Do phone numbers and addresses you put on app match what they find? Do you have a website? Does your company have reviews? These can make a big difference. As far as the OP, if you’re starting out with PG’ing everything your probably not overly concerned with building business credit.
  11. Paydex is specific to D&B only, the other two have their own scoring system. If you really want to see all three scores then Nav maybe the best place, but as I have said for years scores on those sites don’t matter!
  12. As long as you a have a solid legit chain to follow it can actually be really helpful that way.
  13. Most CRA's have certain requirements for you to report. As mentioned its risky thing to even do, even though business debt doesn't have the same laws as personal there are many liabilities involved. To do it right would cost you a bunch of money just to setup and keep yourself safe. You a B2B business?
  14. Virtual address, yes are still no good. Co working spaces are less of an issue. basically if its space you physically use then its good. Just use your home address or get a office some place!
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