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  1. As long as you a have a solid legit chain to follow it can actually be really helpful that way.
  2. Most CRA's have certain requirements for you to report. As mentioned its risky thing to even do, even though business debt doesn't have the same laws as personal there are many liabilities involved. To do it right would cost you a bunch of money just to setup and keep yourself safe. You a B2B business?
  3. Virtual address, yes are still no good. Co working spaces are less of an issue. basically if its space you physically use then its good. Just use your home address or get a office some place!
  4. Much of this post still works today!
  5. Some times you can paper app them, just depends on the lender. And really if ou read read the fine print you actually PG a lot of accounts just without a pull!
  6. That is just used to verify your identity when accessing the reports. It has nothing to do with your business credit. They soft pull your personal credit to ID you.
  7. Changing would require updating all accounts and possibly CRA’s if they correct on their own. Can sometimes cause a split file. Creating a new company is just that, a new company. You start fresh with credit.
  8. Most of the Sync apps for revolving lines are requiring a PG. do believe there is a way to call or fax a app.
  9. Not true at all.. I have had $50k trades.. you need high rev and long business history for that type of approval.
  10. Separate companies. Sync use to allow parent company credit to be used for subsidiaries, from what I have seen this is no longer the case.
  11. https://businessfinancing.directcapital.com/
  12. Your reading too much! As Oil mentioned the ears in business and Rev are the most important then trades.
  13. Usually right away or next day at most.
  14. They pull, don't believe any one in the banks! As suggested freeze it and see the denial.

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