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  1. I use the Canopus ADVC110 (few years old now) + Final Cut to capture stuff on Mac. There are, of course, plenty of other ways. It allowed me to uploaded some stuff I taped off TV in the 80s/90s to youtube, plus preserve what little quality was left.
  2. What the???!!! "obesity challenged"???!!!! Are you trying to say that he was fat? A member of Team Chunk? If he is fat then he has another reason to walk more. I don't see the problem here.
  3. I sure do hate to ask the obvious question.... but I must be pretty dense this morning. If her privacy settings were as she said, how did whoever submitted the complaint find out about/verify the pictures to start with? I'm all for schools having to look after their image. My opinion on this situation was the school board should have sided with the teacher and told the parent/loser_with_nothing_better_to_do_than_try_to_dig_up_useless_crap_on_someone_else to get a life. Everyday it seems the amount of Facebook drama just grows and grows. Once again, welcome to the United States of the Offended.
  4. These scares are so cute. Originally the Internet was to run out of addresses in 1994. IPng/6bone/6tap all failed in the late 90s. Then we got away from classfull crap (Class A, Class B, etc) with CIDR. Then along came NAT. Today you can take on ipv6 and tunnel it over ipv4, its pretty trivial to do so.
  5. I was in DC last week on business and Wednesday night was hands-down the most rattled I've ever been regarding a weather event (and I lived through hurricane Hugo). I've never had to leave my vehicle stuck on the road before, and walk 2 miles to shelter. It was not a good situation.
  6. Haha, that'd probably be amusing though. I'm still stuck at the whole "this happened on FB thing". Then again, I guess I've been able to avoid most of this type of thing because I don't allow family near my fb.
  7. Maybe so, but I haven't seen a lot of $800,000 clues on Jeopardy. Most times they correct the mistakes between commercials, when possible.
  8. Wonder what bet he lost to have to wear his hair like that!
  9. Me personally the only time I use a physical check is to my church. However, in my businesses I use checks about 90% of the time as I don't take CCs. Many pockets of the construction industry don't use CCs so this isn't totally unusual. What still gets me is those people who still write checks in grocery stores, but wait until the total has been rung up before they even get their checkbook out. Like seriously, you could have started while they were processing your items.
  10. What this article ignores is what happened to 401ks from 2008-2009. Most peoples 401ks are not back at 2008 levels yet, although I'm sure some are getting close.
  11. I've been to LA... and its, well, its LA. Been to Santa Barbara, awesome. My companys HQ is in San Jose, which I've been a few times, and specifically went up to San Francisco--which I have to say absolutely rocks, and this is despite that I don't play for the wrong team!
  12. There are a bunch of these up in the mountains of West Virginia near some land we have there. I'll get some pics next time I go.
  13. Nooooooooo! Charlotte is Full I haven't had the pleasure of meeting any CBers around here yet, though I keep hearing there are some here. As long as they aren't all NYer transplants!
  14. There are many ways to make CS "disappear." CS enforcement is one of the biggest jokes on the planet. Someone forgot to tell one of my brothers this years ago, as he was locked up multiple times for exactly such. Funny thing was, it was an error in the capital. It was paid (garnished) and it wasn't til after proof was given (again) that he was released. It seemed to be a very strategic inside job considering the timing of the pick up (Friday evening) and the fact they "lost the records" when it was garnished! But this is a whole other story

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