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  1. Yes, they pull Transunion.
  2. Heh. That was a year and I have no idea. I'll guess and say it was mid-to-high 600's on Transunion. Somewhere in that range. I had quite a few inquiries at the time. The rate I got 1.9%.
  3. As far as I know every issuer in the country charges a fee. Most are 2.5%. Desjardins Visa charges 1.8%, which is the lowest in the country.
  4. Yeah, RBC always has some sort of balance transfer offer. I see them in my message center "Offers" section all the time (I only have an RBC Visa...no bank accounts or anything else). This is a good offer from RBC though, compared to what they usually give. Normally their BT offers only last 3-6 months. This one is good for a year, which is strange for RBC.
  5. I just bought a new SUV because my old one is falling apart. I've put about $1k into it this year alone and just found out it needed another $1300 in repairs. Welp, enough is enough. The old girl doesn't owe me a dime and it's time to put her out to pasture. So I walked into the showroom, got myself a salesmen, and took about 8 different vehicles on test drives. And I needed financing. Oh God. The face-to-face application. I started sweating. As is usual of me, I got all worked up for nothing. It was stupidly easy. I got the cheap money from GM (I'm a GM man...it runs in the family). I
  6. Ally Credit Canada pulls Transunion. (Ally is the new GMAC, for those who don't know.)
  7. Well, I guess it's something Liam. Sorry about the National Bank rejection. I really am. I can't help but feel a little responsible for the wasted hard inq. What you said about TD doesn't surprise me. They wouldn't approve me either when I was trying to get back on my feet. If I remember correctly, the lady at my branch said they'll overlook a few late payments as long as they aren't too recent. But anything worse than that and they'll reject it. I had that stupid $40 Iqor collection thing on my report, plus a Citifinancial collection for like $4400 (and I've never done any business wi
  8. That Gulf card really brings back memories of driving to Florida with my parents and my older brother. Even though my Dad owned a GM dealership with Texaco gas pumps he had a Gulf charge card and I remember him using at every Holiday Inn along the way to Florida. (I don't remember seeing the HI logo on the back though. Seems to me it was just full of writing. But this is Canada so it was probably different. The front looks very familiar though.) Every year in the 1970's (usually right after New Years) we spent 2 or 3 days on the road heading south, then spend about 10 days in Ft. Lauderdal
  9. I always figured they were tight with their credit, but I honestly don't know where I got that idea. Like I said, I was very surprised when my GF was approved so easily...and with a very nice credit limit too. I'd really like to know how you make out, so please post back and let us know. It would be nice to find out if they're poor credit and/or BK-friendly as it would be really helpful for others in the future. National Bank just isn't a bank that most people think about. Good luck! edit. For the record, Nat. Bank pulled Transunion on my GF's app.
  10. Not sure about the USA, but here in Canada the different levels of colour typically mean better benefits. Visa/MC force the level on benefits before allowing one of the issuers to issue a card of that colour. It has nothing to do with the credit limit. For example, Gold level cards are supposed to have a minimum amount of travel insurance of $100k or something, I think. Whereas a Platinum level card is supposed to have a minimum of $500k. Gold and above also are required to carry rental car insurance, as another example. Also, initially, Platinum level cards were to have extended warranty cove
  11. I can't say with certainty that BMO will approve, but they approved me once when I had a couple of old write-offs/collections on my account. They were 5 years old at the time, give or take, so maybe that makes a difference. But I didn't have a bankruptcy on my report though, so it's hard to say. I'm wondering if you tried National Bank. My GF's report is kind of UGH. Not bad, but not pretty either. And they gave her a fairly hefty credit limit without question. Once again, no bankruptcy on her report though so again it's hard to say. I'm wondering if you tried for a Canadian Tire, HBC,
  12. My GFs credit isn't too bad. Her ex-husband kind of buggered things up on her but it's pretty much aged off, and what hasn't we got cleaned up and she's good to go now. But her open accounts are too young. That's where the problem lies. When her and her ex-husband went their separate ways, she had a few CCs and when she went to renew her mortgage at BMO they asked her to consolidate her CCs. I think BMOs reasoning was "single mom, recently divorced, no full-time employment, ummm we better be careful" approach was understandable. Either she's too embarassed to admit to me she got in trouble an
  13. Hey Quasei! National Bank pulled Transunion for my GFs Mastercard app. She did it online. (Don't ask why she app'd for what looks like a crappy Edition MC. It only works out to 0.5% cashback. Oh well. She gets all kinds of credit offers in the mail. Normally she doesn't even look at them, but she looked at this one and went to the website and liked that she could pick the design. She picked the black one (it does look really nice, I admit) and applied. The next day they called and verified her info. They wouldn't say yes/no when asked if it was approved, but the fella did say "if you g
  14. Well, I did the online "increase credit limit" option again tonight. I put in to update it to $5k, and surprisingly Amex came back with a "we can't give you $5k, but we can give you $2.3k." GRRRRRRRR. I accepted it. They have got to be the most frustrating and annoying company ever. But I know what it is that they finally gave in to my constant requests for a CLI. It's because I had 2 hard inquiries drop off of TU in the last month. I'm still going to down-grade it to the Gold Airmiles Amex though. I can't justify paying $50/yr for a limit that low.
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