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  1. what a waste of the CFPB's time and limited resources for people who have valid credit issues. I strongly disagree. Experian's hold times are out of control. For whatever, if you get put in a "bad" queue, it can take hours on hold, and then you get a person who is almost entirely verbally coherent. In the end, if you are an edge case who doesn't fall into their systems expected parameters, you cannot get basic services performed, services that they are required by law and regulation to provide. The CFPB, even with it's reduced luster, is about the only tool there is to get these clowns attention.
  2. Thanks, I found the number labelled as a "File Number", and the number it has for me to call was actually buried in disclosures, and for anyone else looking, at least in my case, was 800-493-1058. This number had a phone tree where I had to provide my SSN, DOB, street address number, and zipcode. Then I was able to navigate to "Credit Questions", and then "Question about a Dispute". The agent turned out to be totally useless, but at least I now have a way to talk to a person and escalate issues. I also made a CFPB complaint for the heck of it, because I don't think it's reasonable to ask people to wait on hold >90 minutes each time you need to talk to them.
  3. > ETA - The paper report number should be listed on the report? lol I have a paper report from Experian from about 10 days ago, and it lists the same phone number and does not have a report number on it or a special phone number. Anyone else have any ideas?
  4. Regard Get Human, it directs you to 718-830-7000. This goes into a phone menu that has no option to a human - press #1 for Fraud, #2 to order a credit report, both of which are automated systems with no option to a human, ever. Regarding getting a paper report number, how can I get one of those?
  5. I literally cannot get a person on the phone at Experian. I have an old fraud alert with an old cell phone number. When you try to navigate their phone menu, it asks for you to send a letter in writing, which I have done, and patiently waited for several weeks so far. Anyone have any advice for talking to a real live human at Experian? I simply can't get through the phone system. Thanks in advance!
  6. I am very thankful to a degree but the Equifax breach did a lot of violence to me. No traditional trades were opened but I have found that literally dozens of payday loans were taken out in my name and that at least one person got a drivers license with their picture but my identity on it. None of the online tools allow me to dispute inquiries so I presume if I did this it would be via mail? Regarding this being the least of my problems it's true it's small. I tried to apply for a new SSN but the folks at the SSA said they give out barely a 100 new ones a year nationwide.
  7. I had a string of data breach notices, including one from Equifax where not only was the vanilla information breached, but also information from a prior dispute. The information breached from the dispute was a digital copy of my drivers license, my original SSN, and my birth certificate, marriage certificate, along with a utility bill. So basically, the complete "how to steal my identity" toolkit. Since then I haven't had any new accounts opened in my name, and once I was notified of the breach and how badly it affected me personally (one of about 100k apparently that had dispute information leaked), I froze my profiles with all three CRAs. Now getting back to it, everything is fine, but in the time period before I froze my account, I have found about 20 inquires for new credit, mostly from smaller financial institutions out of my state. None resulted in open accounts, but I have noticed I probably have 5-10 point dip in my credit scores from the inquiries. Is there a process for removing those? I have never had this particular problem before. Thanks in advance for any ideas on this front. I don't particularly care about the inquires, but it would be good to get them cleaned up, I think.
  8. the CSR's are a pain to deal with already, imagine having to do a FCRA dispute with those folks who haven't a clue? This is the bottom line. My energy provider just started reporting, and my house which I've been in less than 3 years, came in with an account history going back 10 years, with dozens of lates. Huge pain to get fixed, and in the end, they just deleted it.
  9. Does anyone happen to know anything or have any experience with QWR's? I am in the starting stages of a QWR salvo against a mortgage company. I read the old act and the amendend language, but can't figure out if they can decide to ignore a QWR for it being frivalous or not? Anyone have any ideas?
  10. I do see what you mean in a way. It is true that the expense will grow to meet the size of the fund. Covering a close relations funeral expense while the estate is sorted out is an example. If I didn't have the money, it is possible some other relative may have, but not for sure. Barring that, it would have been maybe 10-12 relatives kicking in $50-100, which besides being a little undignified, would have been essentially a 15-20 minute gathering at the funeral home, followed by a non-description cardboard box with a ziplock bag inside. But, on the other hand, not quite two years ago, my wife broke her leg and ankle and needed a series of emergency surgeries to fix it. Even with expenses it was catastrophically expensive in a way. I had to borrow money unfavorably to get the 2nd and 3rd surgeries scheduled. The hospitals today are not screwing around - they want the patient portion upfront, now, in person before scheduling the surgery. The other alternative is they send you home with a boot and hope it heals right. So it's a mixed bag. You could very well need a true emergency fund, but it does tend to persuade me to do things which, lacking the funds, I would not have done anyways.
  11. CV-- pretty much you are right. The point of having credit is to be able to buy something without paying for it all upfront. I am not thrilled about it, but it makes life easier in some cases and this was one of them. A few months it will be back down to 0% and the emergency fund will be healthier again. Second time in 2 years that the emergency fund as proved to be too small to be useful. Once again rebuilding it to be a bit more robust.
  12. So a little post script. My first thought on the the app spree was because my refrigerator and AC compressor died after a lighting strike. The deductible was almost as much as replacing the fridge so I decided to not make a homeowners claim. Then a a fairly close relative passed unexpectedly a day later. I was tired of being stressed out about dipping into my emergency fund. Two emergencies, one weeked, and it's back to living pay check to paycheck without notice. The funeral and its associated costs plus airfare to attend was very damaging to the emergency fund - about $5k. Very stressful way to live, very damaging to family morale. I hate to leave my wife home with two kids and very little flexability in terms of financial resources. We have good budget discipline but living very close to the line is not good for our well being. I was the CU getting cash from a savings account for these expenses when the auto loan thing came up, and things just went from there. Close to 30 days out, a quick formula on my spreadsheet shows: Total Credit Lines, all Revolving: $18,100 Total Balance: $1980 (fridge, Home Depot Card instant approval; airfare on the Delta) Total New Lines of Credit: 20 My FICO's look to have taken a hit of about 1 point per inquiry, plus a little bit because I have util in the 11-12% range instead of the normal 0% range.
  13. Thanks for the tip - didn't know that JCP card could be used at CVS. What an interesting arranagement!
  14. Also, one thing to point out: Over the years, I have done a fair job "winning" against creditors that i had problems with in the past - CapOne, HSBC, Wells Fargo and BOA. For example, with BOA, they made *serious* errors on a first and second mortgage refi, accidentally didn't follow any of the RESPA procedues, and created a defective note that was not secured by the property. In the end, they ended up as part of their large settlement with the government, simply wiping the books clean of a large HELOC. The problem is that... ..the people I have tangled with an "won" against are about hte only players in prime credit. Wells and BOA, along with Citi grant most credit. So while my reports got cleaned, and I get a second chance, I have burned some serious bridges. Just beause it's off my report doesn't mean I am not on a huge blacklist with these folks.
  15. I wasn't really thinking of an app spree so I didn't have a good strategy. The toy cards were just to get some more balance. I have been stuck in a funk thinking my credit was still really really bad. I purchased a real TU FICO a week ago and it was still 589. I had written off any cards that were decent. In fact I figured I wouldn't qualify for anything. I still can't see why such a big swing on score sources. My Auto Enhanced FICO was really 60 points higher than straight FICO? Seems bizarre. One of the disclosures from JCPenny showed my Experian at 651. I have a chance for an AU on quite old CapOne card that has high util (80%) but is 15 years old. Not sure if it will hurt or help? I also got a recon on Lowes from GRECB. I thought that source would dry up since half the cards seemed to be backed by them.

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