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  1. NF I was most disappointed with. I had a 3k limit and they only bumped me to 4500 after 1 year of perfect payment history and submitting my tax returns of 2 years that very healthy incomes. I almost max out the card every month and pay it $5 right on the closing date. I couldn't believe it. I'm seeing people on social media accounts post 25k limits that have 100 point credit scores less than mine. To top it off, I went all out with Navy. I got CD's, IRA's, money market accounts, direct deposit, and a pledge loan. Nothing late and every account full. I was stunned that after all of that, only a
  2. So CB family. I'd like to grow my limits. Here are the CC's I currently have from oldest to newest. Discover (opened 5/20) - $1,500 - A few months ago they CLI'ed me and unsecured the card. I went in for a recon but denied. Capital One (opened 6/20) - $600 - A few months ago they CLI'ed me and unsecured the card. I went in for a recon but denied. Navy Federal (opened 7/20) - $4,500 - A few months ago they CLI'ed me. I went in for a recon but denied. Amex (opened 7/21) - $9,500 I'm assuming it's just time that will help grow my limits? What else can
  3. My friend is not as savvy as you all here. She just seen it as an aged account of 3.5 years, that's open, with perfect payment history so suggested it's a healthy tradeline for when I go purchase my new home next year. I read your edited post. The Barclays was open in 2012 and the Wawa in 2019 so I'll keep them after what you told me. Also, I just checked my EX report online and my AAOA is 8 years old and my oldest account is 22.3 years old. It states, "Exceptional Credit History Length". So I guess this is good?
  4. Than I'll keep it. They were charging me $100 AF and giving me zero rewards. They offered to waive my AF till January then said for me to call in January to have them waive it more. They wouldn't give me any CLI and I only had a $700 limit with them. If I did want a CLI, I would have to pay them $25 for a $200 CLI. Pathetic. I had the card for 3.5 years which is why I was wondering if I should keep it open. As others suggested here it will still report on my CRA's as a positive tradeline even though it's closed but my underwriter friend would have liked to see me keep it
  5. Thanks @cv91915! LOL They are all positive tradelines but Barclay? Isn't it considered a subprime card which underwriters kind of frown upon? And Wawas is a gas card. I guess I should keep them?
  6. Well, many here suggested that I close the account. I can still reinstate. They sent me to the retainment department and were begging me to stay. I see in the account that I can reinstate it. Should I do so? No one in this thread suggested remove myself from the AU accounts but in other threads they have suggested I do so because Barclay is considered a subprime card and it's better to get it off your reports. I don't need the AU accounts any longer as I have 4 credit cards now and my scores finally hit 735 so I'm wondering if I should remove myself from the AU accounts. Yes or no
  7. I called in to Credit One Bank and cancelled the account. I told them I want them to report to the CRA's "Closed per customer request". Rep said they would do so and mail me the document. Should I remove myself from my relatives Barclay and Wawa CC's or is it okay to remain as an AU?
  8. Thanks for the encouraging words here my friend. Yes, I do believe Covid is playing a role in that and it's a great observation. Being that I improved my scores 176 points in 15 months during all of Covid, you'd think would be a great victory the more so in their eyes but nah. I'll take your advise and reapp though in 6-9 months as you suggest.
  9. I do get what you're trying to convey. The reasoning for my delinquency at all is a strong case and the absolute truth which was that I was on my death bed for 11 days due to a tumor causing me to lose my business (and all income), my wife lost a very well paying job, and our family expanded with our firstborn all within 4 months. I told them look at my 19 years of impeccable payment history and scores prior to 2015. In 2017, I started to recover and never skipped a beat since then. It was a "one-time" incident and real life happens to people. You would think the fact of this was a great one.
  10. Gotcha. I opened 4 cards, have perfect payment history on all of them, and 1keep utilization under 5%: Amex - 7/21 Discover CC - 5/20 Capital One CC - 6/20 NFCU cashRewards CC - 7/20 I did open a NFCU pledge loan on 6/20 but I don't think this counts as it's not a credit card right? I just got off the phone with Chase for a 2nd recon and they declined me because of recent charge offs (I have 1 that 5.5 years old, too much credit ($7,300 is too much credit?!, and high balances (my balances are $5.). Though my scores are in
  11. Thank you so much for your input. I applied for the Chase Freedom Unlimited. So you're saying to wait a few months to reapply instead of going in for a 2nd recon now?
  12. Thanks for the very encouraging words @cv91915. I'm going to call again today to see if I can still make it happen. If it doesn't work, I'll wait 6 months and reapp.
  13. @CTSoxFan I called the recon line that you provided and they reviewed my application again. The rep told me I was declined for the following reasons. Recent delinquency and/or bankruptcy - I have no bankruptcy and the recent delinquency is from my old charge off account. Charge off account. I only have one that is 5.5 years old. Too much available credit. I only have about $7,300. Not long enough established credit. I have accounts that are 16 years old. I then proceeded to plead my case and told her the absolute truth. That I was on my death bed in 2015 c
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