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  1. Can you please advise how you got rid of the AT&T baddie with CREDENCE RESOURCE MANA? Was it DV?
  2. I would absolutely dispute what is wrong. However, I realized my OP was inaccurate with the numbers. My apology. The current balance and high balance are both $16,583. "Estimated month and year item will be removed: 12/2022" SOL for my state is 4 years. I always examine paper copies from the CRA's. I appreciate your help! Any other thing I can dispute? Yep. I do realize that but isn't the point to "try" and remove these off? My "dispute" was right from WhyChat's Initial Dispute Letter which doesn't really sound much like a dispute. I just went with it which was the following: "Please advise me as to the correct name and current address of this creditor, the name of the account holder, and the reported date of first delinquency,as any account I might have had at one time would be obsolete. If you can obtain this information, I also would need the name of the person providing this data, and the manner in which it was provided in order that I may pursue additional legal remedies."
  3. So this month, I sent my first dispute ever to this out of SOL account. I sent WhyChat's initial dispute letter to CRA as he suggested in SOL program. The CRA's all had replied via mail with exactly the same date and result of "Updated" which after thoroughly reviewing it to see what was updated, nothing really was updated. So I guess they gave me the big middle finger here, right? DOFD is 2/16 which puts me at 4 years and 5 months in now and it's being reported monthly by the OC. Is there anything else I can do?
  4. So today I got an offer for this Marriott Bonvoy CC offered Chase. Don't know if it's because my credit has been improving but suppose. Being that I burned Chase for about $1,300 and did a settlement with them about 4 years ago, I would think I wouldn't qualify for this, right?
  5. Yep. I just misunderstood his statement.
  6. Thought you meant non mortgage items (CC's, school loans, etc.)
  7. Thanks for confirming this. Well, I have 2 secured cards (Disco and Cap 1) which I am waiting to graduate so I can see a CLI. I have no debt to pay off. And yes, I will be refinancing the HELOC and my current 1st mortgage into one. Yes I know all the above. It's online that I'm seeing this. All 3 online are showing this. I mainly use the paper reports but everything online is showing "too much usage - high utilization". Agreed. Thank you. Your saying to get the MyFico.com Advanced report?
  8. Exactly my intention @hegemony but my mid FICO 8 score is 656. As you know lenders use FICO 2, 4, 5 which I don't even know what those are but presume not far from my 656 score? I will get subpar rates at this point. Hence my attempt in getting my HELOC to report as an installment loan, my scores should increase significantly, THEN I will get the best (or much better) rates and terms on the loan. I use to do mortgages for a living and worked with several UW's. I have 3 very good friends who are mortgage brokers and also work with direct lenders. I speak to them weakly abou all things credit, TL's, DTI, etc. My best friend here and veteran member here on CB has been telling me since I started this journey back in March that the HELOC utilization is killing my score. The paper and online reporting summary all say, "High Credit Usage = 66%". So I don't know what to think with all this.
  9. I know nothing about Metro 2 and never heard of it till now. It's showing right on the Experian's site that I'm using 72% usage. I don't understand how it couldn't be taking it into account but you've been around longer than I have with this credit world.
  10. Thank you. My Experian reports is showing the utilization which it is getting from my available limits vs usage amounts. My reports are showing this and from what the creditors are reporting. Agreed. I won't be contacting them hence why I only contacted the bank. Right but to saying I'm using "x" amount of an amount that was ONCE available but not longer and hence a utilization is still established is not accurate either. This is a tricky TL because it's technically a hybrid. It was once an account that acted like a CC. I could use as much of it as I wanted BUT FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME (10 years). After that, it defaults to an installment loan at this point because I can no longer borrow from the once available limit SO it SHOULD reflect as so. These HELOC's are inadvertently impacting people's credit and is flawed. This has to be an oversight. This IS what happened to the account and the bank yesterday admitted this. So we shall see. Yes it is! That's my complaint @cv91915 and again, I just checked and Experian is showing "Account Status = Open" and "Usage: 72%", "Balance $54,000", "Credit Limit $75,000", "Account Type: Home Equity Line Of Credit - Revolving Terms", "Comments - Credit line no longer available - in repayment phase".
  11. Yesterday got off the phone with the bank's HELOC customer service department and the rep agreed that this is not being reported correctly. She submitted it to the department that handles it and said, "How funny. I just got off the phone with someone that is having the same issue as you are." Basically she said this should not be impacting your score because it is in the repayment phase and you are not utilizing funds from "an available amount". She said that she can't promise anything but you will be receiving a letter in the mail regarding the result and she did put in the notes that it is impacting my credit score. She also gave me a reference number. Sisyphus in Greek mythology............Are you alluding that I'm asking for trouble here?
  12. So what should I do is the question? LOL @w00t I just discovered your post and that you had the same issue that I am having with CREDENCE RESOURCE MANA for your AT&T account. They just started reporting and hit my Experian FICO 8 by 16 points. This account is several years old and the unpaid debt showing is for $417. How did you get this removed from the reports and what should I do? Please advise. I really would be grateful for your help.
  13. I don't recall but what I'm saying if I can just ask, what is the best way to dispute this based on "x", it so much more fruitful if someone could just give the advise right then and there even if it's an answer such as "look at this post". Yes, I have a rough inkling but given how sensitive this info is, a rough knowledge doesn't do squat. I wouldn't think posting a question would be such an issue. We are wasting more time talking about how to do it then just posting the answer. LOL......Seriously, this is laughable at this point. I guess forget it. I won't ask questions anymore.
  14. I do appreciate you. Don't misunderstand me. I've spent about 250 hours this year alone. I allocate 1 hour per day to repair my credit and/or read upon the topic of it all. However, there is only so much time and time is the most precious commodity we have so I strive to save as much of it as I can. Secondly, there are posts that are 15 years old and I have to question as to weather they are applicable today or not. Hence why I ask. I've been told more than once, "That doesn't work anymore" or something of the like. Third, CB needs a new search function. The one installed is not clunky.

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