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  1. I'm not jonesing for a new card but I have a need to obtain a business card solely for business. I can absolutely wait but wondering if now is the time or not to do so. What do you think? If so, what would be a good card for me?
  2. I CANNOT wait, my friend!!! Thank you for the encouragment!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks @hegemony for the short and sweet answer. Nothing more nothing less. Hope others take notes.
  4. I'm sorry. I was looking for it if we did but couldn't find it.
  5. I had an Amazon account funded by chase years ago but went delinquent on 4/2016 for a few hundred dollars which I paid for less than the full amount. Last week, I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and was denied. I called customer service and asked them to reconsider the application and they were gracious enough to do so. Their fraud department called me later that day and asked if I was the one that applied and told them yes. The rep then said, "Hold on and I will approve your application." He then approved me with a 5k limit. My FICO 8 scores are 720ish. I have a few delinquent items that are about to fall off in 2/23 to 5/23 which all will be gone. Amex gave me a 18k increase 2 months ago giving me 25.8k limit and I have a NAVY cc with a 12.8k limit and a few other cards with lower limits. Would I be pressing my luck to ask Chase to give me a higher limit or should I live it alone and just prove myself over time?
  6. Yes! I see that online gives you very limited options and from reading everything I have on CB, snail-mail is the way to go. So my concern with all this is that I have an Amazon card issued by Chase with a FDOD is 4/16 and it was "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance". I just got back in with Chase last week. So this is one card that I could dispute as obsolete but I would guess this could give me trouble with Chase, would it not?
  7. I love you!!!!! Thanks so much!!! Yes, because I remember reading on CB when we DO dispute, we are to mail it in, correct?
  8. @shifter Thank you SO MUCH for detaling this for me. I was hoping not to ask a dumb question but there is so much stuff to know spinning in my head. I was wondering if I could dispute things that were close to fall off dates without opening up a can of worms. I will post back. When you say "dispute", would you mail this in or do it from within Experian account? Is there an option within the account as "obsolete account"?
  9. I have read this but it's been over 2 years now so time to brush up. Thanks @MarvBear!
  10. I agree that patience is a virtue. See, I am not sure of what we can do and can't. Being that NAVY gave her, her first card with a whopping 25k line, I thought she had better credit than actually has but obviously, I'm wrong. Most of her derogs fall off 2/23 @shifter. When you say, "Work on getting her credit cleaned up.....", what exactly can I do to clean it up?
  11. Capital One declined her for the following: Based on your application information, there are too few or no open primary bankcard accounts Based on your application information, insufficient credit card account experience Based on your application information, there are too many seriously delinquent or derogatory credit obligations Based on your application information, balance owed on delinquent past or present credit obligation(s) is too high Amex declined her for the following: FICO of 624 from Experian. Serious delinquency and deragatory public record or collection agency reported. NFCU has reported. Didn't know I was shotgunning apps but thought I could have her apply for the 3 revolvers since she only applied for 1 credit product last year. I will wait 6 months before we have her apply for something new as you suggest. Forgot to mention that she is an authorized user on my NAVY cashRewards card with perfect payment history for 26 months now. She has a mortgage and HELOC in her name with perfect payment history for 15+ years. Her FICO 8 scores as of right now: EX - 671 EQ - 686 TU - 666 So just sit and let her accounts season now, right?
  12. I need one more credit card for my wife. She has obtained the following: NFCU cashRewards card - $25,000 - (9/22) Discover IT card - $2,000 - (10/22) She applied and got declined by Amex and Capital One 10/22. So she has applied for 4 cards in the last 2 months. Should I wait to try and have her apply for this 3rd revolver or no? If not, who should she apply with? (Wells Fargo, who we bank with, has been sending her offers.)
  13. Lots of class @PotO. Way to be a fine example of a father to your kids as to how you've treated me like you have. You're such a great guy and I'd love to meet you in person if you'd be willing. Perhaps we can talk face to face. We might get along real well once you get know me. You up for it?
  14. I will state that @centex wasn't that bad and do value her input. It's something about how she delivers it but it's not a big deal. @PotO I wish I can pull the bully out of him but not optimistic that it's possible however, there is always hope.
  15. I was being facetious a bit with the book. Only to teach a lesson that it's much better win people over vs berating them. They don't even have to win people over but what is with the condescending and bullying?! I don't understand what their issues are that they think talking to people in the manner that they do is "okay". Are the moderators not seeing this? I've reported @PotO once already and was told to block him but I'm a bit taken back that they think his behavior is permissable. Sad.
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