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  1. Like this article stated: https://money.yahoo.com/banks-close-credit-cards-and-slash-credit-limits-amid-the-pandemic-survey-finds-170739834.html?
  2. Doing so doesn't increase the chances of limit cuts?
  3. My mother owes 15k on Amex, 10k on CITI, and 2k on BOA. All these cards are maxed out and have been for about 4 months. Can't go into why her cards are maxed out but they were for a very very good temporary reason. She has stellar credit since (760+) and has a lot of cc's. Now that I have learned about credit, I'm going to really tighten her credit profile up but I want to know what is the best way to pay these cards off. I'm afraid if I pay them in one lump some, her limits could get cut. Especially with COVID going on. So calling on my CB family to know how to strategically pay these if there is such a thing or do I just pay them all off in one shot? Thanks!
  4. Thanks @cv91915! Exactly! Sticky thread potential? LOL I still have my moments though. Believe me. Next stop 680.
  5. Thanks @hegemony! You were one I have to thank along the way too!!
  6. Mission accomplished! Reporting back that I received a 17 point increase on EX. Not sure what the other CBA's did but I will let you know within a few more weeks. So yes, it officially worked for me. Thanks y'all! Woohoo!
  7. Time to give CB a big THANK YOU and especially my lifelong friend here whom I'm really indebted to forever. This person generously gave me their time and knowledge. I'd mention their name but not sure if they want me to do so. Therefore I'll refrain for the time being. Thought I'd share my progress that since I fired the CRO 3 months ago and took my credit in my own hands I HAVE IMPROVED MY FICO 8 SCORES 72 POINTS IN THE LAST 75 DAYS!!! Thank you all so much for your input and patience with me. I'm working my way to 850 and will get there within the coming months. Back to work!
  8. The HELOC...........that's what I thought. I'm sure shifter is right but I'm seeing on other what I believe to be creditable forums that people are getting reinstated if I bring the account current PIF. Thanks for your input!
  9. Ok. So I'll looked into the Oasis program and see people even recently getting reinstated an back into Amex's good graces. Thanks for the feedback. I'm determined to get in and I will.
  10. You're welcome and thank you @cv91915 The BOA Heloc is not open and in repayment phase so that's not counting as 1 of 5, right? Also, do you agree with what shifter is saying about me not being able to get into Amex and Chase for 7-10 years?
  11. Are you serious?! In looking at these delinquents @shifter, you're telling me that though I had 10 year perfect payment history with AMEX and Chase, delinquent only due to a major one-time-life-threatening-event in my life, didn't BK them like most do, settled with them, not paying small balances, that they will not allow me to come back for a whopping (at least?!) 7-10 years?!
  12. You are correct and to confirm I currently have: Revolvers: Bank of America HELOC - 15 years; never late Credit One CC - 27 months; never late Disco CC - 1 month; never late Installment loans: NFCU Pledge loan - 1 week; never late Negatives accounts: Amex (Business Green Rewards Card) - 4/19 settled for 800 (owed 2800) Amex/DSNB (Macy's) - 4/19 settled for 400 (owed 1400) - JOINT ACCOUNT Bank of America - 8/19 settled for 3300 (owed 4300) Citi - 4/19 - settled for 7000 (owed 28000) JPMCB CC (Chase?) - settled for less than full amount (owed 1344) Citi - 16000 still outstanding but out of SOL
  13. Ah! Wonderful input @shifter! But between the two, which would you rather do if you had to? I mean I have to build via Cap 1 or NFCU to get to Amex and Chase, right?

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