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  1. Thank you at least for sharing your experience. I do have my own business though so it makes sense that I would get a business CC offer.
  2. I want to get in with Chase and waiting to app with them in October for the Chase Freedom Unlimited meanwhile, I received an offer in the mail for the Chase Ink Business Unlimited card. Does this mean they like me? Is this a good card to start with within Chase?
  3. Wife received a CC offer from Fidelity. Never even knew they had one. This a good card to take and grow?
  4. @PotO Wife was preapproved with an unsecured card from Disco and also recieved numerous offers for a 0% APR Wells Fargo CC which we do bank with. Which would do you think she has a better chance of getting?
  5. Ah good stuff. Thanks so much for you input and advise. We app with Al Capone today. Cheers!
  6. @PotO.......need your advice, please. As you may recall, she just got approved for her first card with NAVY with a 25k limit and as you said above, the goal is to build her credit. That said, I'm not crazy about Cap 1 but she just got preapproved for Quicksilver Rewards, SavorOne Rewards, and Platinum Masterd (all Cap 1). With the goal of getting her 3 revolving lines of credit, would you say this is a good move to app with Cap 1?
  7. FWIW....... As you all know I've been aggresive in rebuilding my credit profile and now the limits. In an earlier post on this thread I acheived the following: Amex - requested to 28.5k from 9.5k and they approved me to 28.5 instantly. NAVY - requested to 25k from 4.5k and they approved me to 12.5k instantly. I asked for a reconsideration but they told me I received the max. I just received, via mail, that Disco declined my CLI immediately for the following: "LOW USAGE ON EXISTING LINE OF CREDIT IN PREVIOUS MONTHS" I had this card maxed out for several months with a $1,500 limit. I paid it off and they gave me a CLI to 3k automatically. I didn't expect this and was going in for a CLI even prior to them giving me this auto CLI. So is the only way to grow the Disco from here to use it a lot? Cap 1 - Think I'll just shelf it and charge it from time to time but it only has a $600 limit and I'm sure I'm bucketed. I want to get in with Chase products and will wait to app next month once my reports adjust with these new limits. Probably will app the biz line of credit with Wells that they offered me even though the offer expired. I need to get a new car (lease or purchase for finance). Should I do the car first or the CC's?
  8. Just called Navy and they told me the following: On the personal side they have a checking line of credit (CLOC). Which use to be a max of 15k but last year and currently the max is only 5k. The business side has a business line of credit minimum is 35k and they have a CLOC of 5k.
  9. maverick9


    Mom recieved an offer from FNBO for their Maximum Rewards Visa Card. I've seen it around CB but I am not privy to them. Are they a good bank/card?
  10. Wells Fargo gave me an offer for a 10k - 100k business line of credit. I have my business accounts with them. While I have plenty of cash, it's always nice to have more working capital if need be. Hence why I'm asking where, if any, can I get a line since WF approached me. I use to have a LOC with BofA many years ago and I really utilized it. They closed all these LOC's long ago.
  11. Do lines of credit still exist? If so, where can we get them? Wells Fargo sent me an offer for a line of credit for my business and wanted to explore this area.
  12. Appreciate your input and advice @PotO. Thanks!
  13. Thanks @Big Bear!!! Cap 1 was opened 6/2020 so as of this post date, 27 months. No AF. Might be best to cull? You mean close it? Would you close it if you were me?
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