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  1. I have a Citibank CC that is now 5.5 years old, charged off and outside the SOL. The limiti is 15k but shows balance is 16k+. DOFD is 2/16 and never made any payments since then. 9/2020, I tried disputing this but got declined and did so by using Whychat's method sending it to all three CRA's. Can I do anything to try and remove this? Between the over the limit utilization and the delinquency of this account, its the last remaining item hurting my score at the moment. In all my time being here on CB, disputing is by far THE most challenging concep
  2. Gotcha. Thanks my friend!
  3. How do I know if I'm blacklisted? By asking them or applying for a result?
  4. Appreciate your well detailed feedback! Thank you! I asked for a CLI with NFCU yesterday but they said they had a policy change and couldn't do it even though I have used the card aggressively maxing it monthly but paying it down to $5 before the statement date with an perfect payment history for 10 months. The rep advised me to wait for the 1 year mark to pass and they always do a manual review most likely resulting with a successful CLI. Credit one, I have had the waive the monthly fees a few times. Capital One.........would a product change to an unsecur
  5. @cv91915, I really want to get back with Amex. I had to do a settlement with them of 720.00 in 3/2019. I owed them 2800. I just tried to do a prequal with them and I qualified for 3 cards with Amex Blue Cash Preferred being one of them. Being that I did a settlement though, do you think they'd actually take me back (as I'm not sure the prequal knows of my settlement)?
  6. This person that told me this is one of the seasoned veterans and a staple of CreditBoards.
  7. What do you mean disposable in 13 months? And, I presume Discover is a good long term card to carry? I eat out a lot, buy a lot of groceries, and of course gas.
  8. @cv91915 You're pretty awesome! THANK YOU! Is there a list of Tier 1 cards I review?
  9. Appreciate your feedback @centex. I learned a need vs a want long ago. I'm after the super strong credit profile I once had. I make more money than most people in America and a healthy one at that. Funny you should mention real estate. It's what I specialize in. After my credit debacle, my income soared. I actually acquisition property for 30% of market value AND in THIS market too. I don't expect you to believe but trust me.
  10. Great to know! Thanks again. I will AU myself onto those non AMEX cards. I'm 100% on the charging of these cards. This relative is VERY close to me and trusts me with everything. Well, the NFCU card I have is 1.5% cash back. Not the best but they do reward. I know I have go for the better ones. PenFed's cards are very rewarding too. I'm confused at how your saying CU's are not good for CC's.
  11. @cv91915 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME AS YOU HAVE HERE!!!! I'm forever grateful! I can piggyback on a relatives accounts as much as I want by becoming an authorized user. This person has aged Amex, Bank of America, Citibank, and other accounts. Should I become an AU on them? I settled with Amex a few years ago but prequalified for them just recently. Wondering if I should try and app with them? Citibank is out of the question for me. I settled with Bank of America. Should I go for credit union cards because they are so much more forgivable but
  12. I had an AT&T collection account of $400 hit my credit a couple of years ago. It was with a CA, disputed by a hired CRO, and successfully removed. It was then picked up by another CA, CREDENCE RESOURCE MANA last year knocking my credit score 15 points down. I then disputed with all 3 CRA's and failed. Then filed multiple complaints with the CFPB and it was removed. My question is, will this reinsert again? I've been told it can't once it's been removed via the CFPB. If true, I guess I'm in the clear but if not, would it be wise of me to contact AT&T to pay it so it can't c
  13. I did the prequal for Cap One and it shows I prequal for 2 unsecured cards, Platinum Mastercard and QuicksilverOne Rewards. Is it prudent of me to apply for one of these? If so and I do qualify for it, should I then cancel this unsecured card?
  14. They told me no. I will call back to another rep and request it again. I could do that but curious, how would this help? Would I then cancel the secured card in lieu of the new card? Should I even stay with Capital One? Oh so even if it's closed, it will still count towards AAoA? Stain?! Why do you say this? What's wrong with them?Subprime? My Experian FICO 8 is 677 now. Had an 18 point gain this week after I successfully removed a collection. My reports should be completely clean by 2022.
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