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  1. Im sorry can someone explain what B* is and how you do it? Is this bumping soft inquiries or hard inquiries? Thanks.
  2. i received a phone call from capone; the exact same number i answered it. they asked they just wanted to let me know about the new cc laws that take in effect and how it would affect my over the limit ability. basically if you have 1k in limit you can opt in to keep the ability to over your limit and pay the fee or opt out and not able to over your limit. they told me its a feature that they want to offer their card members to keep just in case you need to over your limit.
  3. discover has a soft pull? where? did i miss it? let me go back and read some. Discover does not have a soft pull site; they have a web page where you can build your card based on your personal opinion of your credit then choose your rewards and terms.
  4. thanks all. i will keep the current limit they gave me and wait for an auto.
  5. Does anyone have any success stories or know anyone who did it?
  6. Congrats Concord! See we knew you would get it.
  7. Actually I was very shocked when I got approved. I was like no way they were going to give me this but just chanced it. I have 7 credit cards with perfect history but only down fall is my high utilization. So maybe they took my good history into higher consideration.
  8. Lol...that's what you should do. They way I look at it, if your in your early twenties, you probably don't need a lot of credit cards. The point is to get "in" with a couple of good cards and work on building a solid positive payment history so that you can convert to better products later on. You're now in with Discover and Amex. Two more questions...sorry we're about the same age and have very similar scores (I need to update my siggy) and I plan to go on my first app spree (3 apps) early next year so I'm doing research. 1) Are these baddies collections? You said "Paid" and "PFD
  9. Congratulations Concord! I so need to build my biz credit like yours. I got approved for a personal Discover and felt a little lucky so I applied for the Biz card, but they gave me the 5-7 day message. I hope I get approved. My biz credit is weak but I didnt mind pg'ing.
  10. I guess you can say I applied for the easier cards to get approved for. I am 25 years old and 7 years of history built but oldest card is 3 1/2 years. My oldest baddie is paid which is 2 years old; the other one I am trying to do a PFD.
  11. CONGRATS on your approval and THANK YOU for posting all of the additional information. This is the sort of information that helps someone decide whether or not to apply for a card. I've been doing research for my first app spree and this is very useful. Not a problem; always here to help like how everyone else helped me. Edit to add: I also got approved for an AMEX green earlier this month.
  12. call them first to see what they say but if they say no to reopen then go into costco because the decision is right of way. but i heard it was 90 days between applications but i could be wrong.
  13. Discover has a site that you can select what type of credit you have, pay frequency, choose interest rate. Basically build your card base on your credit. Discover Card Builder I used it and got approved for The Motiva Card
  14. thanks everyone; i used the build my discover card Here; also the online support said that if you dont have perfect credit then the motiva card would be the best way to go.
  15. I have 2 baddies on my report 1 and 2 years old not paid. 8 inquiries on each report. Longest account 3 1/2 years. 7 credit cards and 1 auto loan. utilization about 60%
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