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  1. I got Citi Diamond in 2012 and Thank You in 2015. Both are open. I apped for AA Advantage Business card, received a congratulation email with limit and two weeks later denial letter for previous unsatisfactory experience. Called for recon, was told CO from 1998 and with business they go much deeper.
  2. Yeah, I'm worried. I called TU and they don't see that inq on their end. Time to call myfico.
  3. I just got an alert from myfico about new inquiry from KOKOMO POST OFFICE CU, dated 9/19. The only thing I did on that day is I apped for NFCU biz visa. I submitted my paperwork on Friday and was checking TU backdoor for that because I wanted to app for Rewards right after. Yesterday I saw a pull on TU thru backdoor from NFCU and immediately went for Rewards.Backdoor shows 2 inqs on TU, membership and biz visa and now I'm locked out of backdoor and only inq on myfico is that kokomo. I see that Daphnie apped for NFCU as well. SHOULD I be worried?
  4. I applied for penfed promise visa - approved $12k. Called in and asked to use same pull for amex cli. 2k CLI granted. Apped for citi cimplicity - 8k instant. If you ask me what I did yesterday - apped for upromise sallie mae - 10k instant.
  5. that's exactly what I mean by " and then some".
  6. Please PM me any info you have. I have looked through what ICAN posted above. IF I have to go the ITS route, I would like to craft an ITS citing specific court precedent. ITS will not work with Midland. You will have to go all the way and then some.
  7. Midland is the worst. If you are serious about removing derogs, you have to sue. I'm more than willing to provide specifics
  8. 789 to 800!!! Oldest account - 9.2 years, AAOA - 3.4 years
  9. I might be missing something, correct me if I'm wrong but OP will loose about 40pts even if he stays under 6% UTIL in this scenario. And to get them all back will take more than 6 months. Anybody?
  10. When I opened my business(LLC), I had to open a few accounts with vendors. In my industry, if you want to sell this particular item you can only get it from one distributor in a whole state. I faxed over a form with EIN and left personal info blank. They called me back and told me they needed my SSN and will be pulling CR. I argued that EIN is plenty for that purpose to no avail. Final line was ' if you want to have account with us, we need your SSN'. I pay invoices by company check, no need for credit. Even after I provided my info and they ran it I didn't apply for credit. I was in rebuilding mode at that time and didn't need EX HP but I had to. When the rep came in I asked him about this and that other distributors I opened accounts with didn't require that, he said it was due to fraud other people were pulling. Didn't make any sense to me as LLC is tied to SSN. Go figure
  11. in my case they were all on my personal CR. And not for credit, thanks to Patriot Act. Same effect as hard CC inqs for CLI
  12. An enhanced report for a Visa card? They use EWS in addition to TU. That's what denial letter said if I remember correctly.
  13. Thanks for claryfing. Back in Jan '13 I apped for BBVA Visa and was denied with 770 on TU. They made me send in my CR. Said info didn't mach. Went to branch, confirmed my identity. They wanted new CR. Pulled right in the branch, sent it in internally, no go. Turns out they use enhanced TU report, only difference was INQs.
  14. I'd suggest you pull TU backdoor. Chances are, you'll see all of them still on your report.

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