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  1. Go through your private banker because all reports now show that without a private banking relationship you will not get the card.
  2. It's generic. If you applied for the Preferred and you were approved, you were approved for the Preferred. They don't do what US Bank does and may approve you for a lower card like they're doing with the Cash +. Even on online banking it'll show Chase Sapphire and have no mention of it being the Preferred.
  3. Is your middle score 680? You should be able to qualify as Freddie and Fannie for most lenders require a minimal of 660.
  4. Not all true, especially on the lending side. Closing costs are closing costs. You get a rebate but still have to pay them.
  5. I would say so. Went to the beach on Sunday and used my card at the meter. It was stuck in authorizing for at least 5 minutes then timed out. Found out they charged me $9.
  6. In terms if financial items No cash Chase ATM card (not debit card) Chase Freedom (everything under $10 or quarterly bonus items) Chase Sapphire Preferred (dining over $10) JP Morgan Palladium (everything else to hit the spend bonus)
  7. Got mine too. Full United Club Access. Mind you that membership cost more than a full access Priority Pass . Love my PD card! When did you guys request yours? I got my Pd card on 5/14, requested the Club card on 5/16 I believe. I heard they only process requests on Tuesdays so if that's the case they would've processed my request on 5/22 and they told me it takes 3-4 weeks. Today would be 4 weeks so hopefully I get mine soon.
  8. With Chase they can submit a special consideration if you have an account with balances greater than $10,000. You'd have to have a decent length relationship though, you can't just deposit $10k just to get a card. Obviously this helps if your credit profile is borderline, it won't help if you have a ton of baddies or have a BK.
  9. I have 4 Chase cards all setup to autopay in full every 5th of the month. Like clockwork they pull a payment from my checking account on the 5th. The new statement is available every 8th. So what I do is let it autopay on the 5th then I go online on the 7th and pay outstanding balance. It won't always report a $0 balance due to pending charges but it domes pretty close.
  10. Charge Smart is the only reputable place I know that allows you to make a loan payment with your credit card. But the fee charged negates most rewards. For example my $396 car payment would cost me $410 or a $14 fee. A little around 3% fee.
  11. My fico as of a Equifax pull by my car dealership the same day was only 748. I think they're looking for a mature, established credit profile.
  12. You're right. The Rewards are pathetic, and most people are not going to bother with the high-end perks. For those who desire BIG credit limits, there are a host of AF free cards which can provide them. Face it, this card is all about making some kind of "statement". Some here are sooooooooooo impressed. Not me ......... Every single thread that there's a topic of annual fees you always point out that you don't carry any cards that have them and seem to knock those that do. If you think it's impressive that you carry cards that dont have annual fees then more power to you. The issue of making a statement is what drives consumer spending. Why do women spend a couple hundred dollars on a Gucci or Louis Vuitton bag when they can all carry bags they buy at Target? Why do some men wear Hugo Boss suits when they can buy suits from Walmart? Why do people drive in Landrovers when they can all be driving around Corollas? I'm sure you have things that you spend more on and someone else might consider frivolous. Maybe you like drinking a nice bottle of wine or having a good steak. Some might say why go to Mortons and not just eat at Outbacks?
  13. Not really. Each card fulfills a niche, some are better than others at cash back for gas, some for groceries, some for international travel, etc. There's no one best credit card out there, to expect the best from a product line would dilute all other cards in that family. It's the same reason that the Amex Platinum is arguably the worst Membership Rewards earning card. If the Platinum earned the same 3x on airfare and 2x on gas and groceries like the Premier Rewards Gold then there would be a lesser market for that card. There are some people who don't even charge on the Platinum card and just carry it for the benefits. The fact that each card has it's strengths helps each attract a certain target consumer. The companies are hoping that you'll carry multiple cards from them and not just a single one.
  14. Are you actually going to use it? Being that the cheapest thing there is around 4,000. It's tied into being used with a Palladium card so it's basically non transferrable either. I signed up a little after you and I didn't get it either.
  15. All Chase AUs share the same card number as the primary. Makes it confusing if you try and keep track of who made a purchase when you have more than 1 au.

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