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  1. Thank you for your help! Yes, there are extenuating circumstances to this situation. Do you think approval for a lease is possible under the same facts? A 2 year lease is what's being considered, so that the cosigner is only attached for 2 years guaranteed, as opposed to going into a 5 year loan with the "intentions" of my friend refinancing.
  2. I'm asking for a friend (LOL no, seriously): They got a car loan in May: they've made no payments their credit report, as of Monday, shows 60 days late the car was repossessed on Saturday the loan was subprime they need a reliable vehicle despite the "ugh" of them pursuing a newer car after making no payments, they have someone who would be willing to cosign, so that they can: rebuild a positive auto history and, start fresh in a reasonable loan What are the chances of them being able to be on the loan with the cosigner, so that the last mentioned points can happen?
  3. For those who've experienced credit card fraud by a family member/friend and reported it, what were the ramifications to them?
  4. Thanks, Marv. I'll look into Chevy, BRBiz, thank you. I don't want to keep applying places, so that'll be my last.
  5. That's what I'm trying to do, but with such a low score, it's not likely. Do you have any advice regarding having a cosigner with such a low score (approval possibilities) --or-- having cosigner put the loan in their name, but I be responsibilities, but mitigate any negative exposure to cosigner? I need help thinking outside of the box.
  6. Yes, the car was iib. I didn't reaffirm it because of its decreased value and potential repairs. Also, I figured that they wouldn't come and retrieve the car, which they still haven't. I thought I'd get a new one after bk. The car is an '09, so it was already 7 years old by bk. It would not have been smart financially to reaffirm. I'm not truly worried about the title, but I wanted to see my options for it, which was the intention of my call to them today.
  7. I'm sorry I would've provided that info, so you didn't have to ask, but I didn't realize it'd be relevant. BK7 Discharged 07/16. What started me back to back credit was: RIGHT after my bk was discharged, TG student loans marked all of my loans as "collection account". This marred my credit, prohibiting me from getting a new car. I admittedly was depressed with the situation and was stuck stagnant in my mind and actions, and wasn't working like I should've. I then got two Cap One cards, and used them to cover my living expenses, which left me over the limit. So, currently, I'm sitting at ~433 fico.
  8. I can't remember if Santander hits you with the interest "upfront" or accrues it over the course of the loan, like a traditional bank. I ask, because if one takes a high interest rate, will refinancing help them, in regards to interest paid for the loan?
  9. No. The amount owed at the time of bk wasn't too far from the value, due to mileage.
  10. I'm in a pickle. I have baddd credit, there's nothing that can be done at this exact moment. I need a vehicle, due to a collision that will likely total the car out. Here are the facts and the things racing through my head, so suggestions are much appreciated. The car was included in bk, they never came to get it. Its pre-accident value was between $2890-5100.I drive for Lyft, and the deductible is $2500, which I don't haveIf I could come up with it, my concern is that, due the low value of the car, Lyft will consider it a total, which means they wouldn't fix it. I called the bank who holds the title, and after getting an estimate of value, I can submit and offer for titleI'm considering this because it could possibly allow me to use the car as a down payment, despite its wrecked conditionConversely, if I choose to fix the car on my own, the car does still will need regular maintenance (struts, brakes, tires (I didn't maintain these things, because I thought they'd take the car in bk) and repairs (cracked exhaust manifold) I never like to involve others into my mess, so asking a family member to help is not something I want to do, butIf I'm somehow going to get a different car, I'd really prefer it to be a good loan on a car that I like, soI'm trying to think of a way for my family member to be protected should they agree to helpI've considered getting a life insurance policy and having them as a beneficiary and getting supplement insurance to cover unemployment, due to illness/injury; howeverI have no idea about how to proceed with the loan, with my terrible credit and her excellent creditWe live in different states (CA & NV)
  11. So, in other words, you still don't know the rate that Cap One week give you. Please don't sign that agreement until you've run it through C.O., since the new rate with T.D. could be much higher.
  12. It is against Roadloans policy for a dealership to assess the acquisition fee to the customer, report the dealership to Roadloans. But, due to them not wanting to cover the fee, by not assessing it to you, means that they may decide not to do the deal.
  13. In California, that's considered a fix it ticket. Take your proof of registration to the police department or court (whatever your ticket says), and show them proof. The ticket it's normally pretty nominal.

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