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  1. I love some of the responses that think it's a crazy amount of money for a car. Believe it or not, in some areas a Maserati is the landscapers daily driver. Also, with rates as low as they are you would be foolish to part with any more cash down then you have to, make your cash work for you. Anyways, I believe Ally is there captive and I know my local dealer in Ft Lauderdale has some good lease deals being offered. I was going to use PSECU a few months ago for a Lamborghini purchase but the day before I was picking up the car they said the vice president of the credit union values the higher end vehicles himself and valued it 50k less than book value. So they wanted the extra 50k down. I wound up just going with the dealers financing. You should have no issues getting a 1-3% rate at the dealership. Good luck with the purchase, my father is going to grab one when his current lease is up next year.
  2. Does anyone know if it reports to personal? Thanks
  3. I applied for the Biz side. It was a no go after I submitted tax returns. I pay an accountant a lot of money every year to not show any money. Banks can see between the lines and add back in depreciation, vehicle payments, etc but LC only cares about the end profit on a tax return. I even supplied personal bank statements showing 6 figures and a lot of money going in. No biggie, but I was interested in the 6% APR.
  4. I just apped, was approved for 50k 6% variable. I have to upload 2104 taxes, 3 mos bank statements, and 4506T on biz. Also, they charge a 1% draw fee which combined with only 6% for unsecured money is not bad.
  5. All 3 with no PG. Ally definitely does biz only.
  6. I just got approved by Chrysler Capital for a lease on a 2105 Ram. Was also approved by GM financial & Ally. I honestly don't know what is reporting. Not much to d&b.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I don't know how to do whychats method. Please tell me. Thanks again.
  8. Is there anything I can do when 2 CRA's deleted a medical collection that is not mine but TU claims they verified it? Thanks
  9. What is the best way to get a loan modification? Should you be behind or current on the mortgage? How much DTI is optimal? How much cash in bank account? All accounts on CR are currnet now, apply now or after the become delinquent? They owe 350k to Greentree on a home worth 275k and paying 8% interest from a no doc loan in 2008. Thanks
  10. Update : instant approval, no docs. 39 month lease tier 1.
  11. It's actually her 7th if you count PG'd vehicles, lol. I'll post later on the outcome.
  12. DM is going to lease a Range Rover Evoque tomorrow, mid 700 scores, excellent income,2% UTI, 6 year AAOA, but about 11 inquires in the past year. She has 4 vehicle loans now. She shouldnt have a problem with Chase right? She got denied by wells fargo at raymour and flanigan though due to excessive INQ's but 2 days ago she got a wells fargo card with a 12k limit. Leases are not as sensative to inquirys as unsecured credit cards are right? Thanks
  13. Ok thanks, searching now. They said theyll call in 7-10 days.
  14. My DM applied for and was approved for 3 ge accounts this week. She raised walmart to 25000, and lowes to 15000. Asked for sams cli and now all accounts are frozen and under a management review. They say they have to verify its her applying. Anyone with any experience with this?

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