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  1. They are personal, it was just due to a failed biz.
  2. @Why Chat I have learned many accounts will age out in March 2020, so not sure the SOL would work just yet? What about asking for verification as much of these I really don't remember? I have read there's no harm in verification, just want to ensure I don't reset any clocks.
  3. And cv91591 Cap1 is one of the people that were derogatory on my file, so likely wouldn't get a card from them. I do have three lines showing now, and should have a 4th coming soon. 2 Store, 2 Credit.
  4. Thanks for the responses, Why Chat i noticed your stuff in the Psychdoc's beginners area great stuff! You recommend writing letters instead of disputing online? Thanks for all the responses.
  5. Also, a lot of these accounts show they will fall off in a year. Is there any harm in asking to verify the accounts are accurate now? If they verify the negative account is accurate would that take longer for it to be removed? Thanks for your help in advance. Again
  6. I am on the upswing thanks in part to this forum, so thank you in advance for your time. I still have 3 collections which popped up from old Cap1 cards, but these are not from Cap one they are from people who bought the debt. It's past the SOL for them to try to collect the debt, but people keep buying it. What do you recommend to get rid of the Collections as they are bringing my scores down big time? Knowing C1 is behind it, their documentation is likely pretty good. Any examples of letters I should use? It wouldn't be much to just pay in full, but everyone has recommended against that and this is so long ago i don't remember what's valid and what's not.
  7. Right now have discover AU for years under 30% util, just opened comenity small $1K limit I’m primary, and got second discover secured, that’s it because lack of active credit now. Fortunately I do okay for myself but time to get this back together. Thanks for your help.
  8. I am just starting recovery from a failed business almost 7 years ago. There were several CC accounts I just couldn’t pay at the end although I didn’t file BK, some where my GF at the time. I just figured I’d wait them out and focused on climbing back up not worrying about credit which I definitely have. Honestly didn’t even care about credit until I saw some real estate deals I missed out on. So here we are 7yrs later and most have fallen off, but there is 3 small Cap1 accounts that keep getting resold and showing as CO’s making it hard to get new credit to continue my goals. Funny these Cap1 cards have the smallest limits maybe $4K total, which I don’t remember any cards with such low limits. So much happened at that time I honestly don’t remember if these were mine or my GF, or if there valid? Is cap1 someone who would take a pay off and remove the debt from Collections, Cap1 shows them as charged off. I don’t want to pay anything just to have these debt traders tag them even more current, just paid, I need them to go away. what do you all think? I believe the COs are keeping me from rebuilding, the other negative accounts are gone or 6yrs old at least, only these COs remain. thanjs for your time
  9. So are all these PG'd? If so what was your fico's, which CB? Also how long have you been in biz?
  10. We have every type of card but Citi? Even cards for 10 - 15K from Gas to tools.. Crazy.. We applied as a really young company, my colleauge told a rep she was crazy, been declined every since! lol
  11. Any idea's on requirements to get the Macy's Card? Looks like they do a pretty thorough bank review, anything else?

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