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  1. 6% Back on groceries, what???? Must have missed that perk. I also have a couple things on the biz side, I try to be cognizant of. And yeah, ill have to stop looking at myself as sub:)
  2. I bet it's because the other cards I have with larger limits don't show on TU, which is what they did the SP on. Good to know they report on all 3. I think my highest CL on TU is 5-8K so yeah would be middle of the road, wonder if they would re-consider if I reapplied and called if they still went in low? On EQ I have a $50K limit but only shows EQ, the others are $7-$20K
  3. I don't carry balances, namely if I did it would disrupt my 5% util or less. There was NO HP to check it, and from what I have heard they only report on TU (which may be a good thing), and your right interest rate doesn't matter when your not carrying a balance. Just felt the SL was low, although I have a pretty thin TU file, neither of my larger cards are reporting to TU. Hmmm.
  4. Yeah thanks for the input, finally got EX / TU where I want it just need EQ to come around. Was approved for the Apple card, but $6,500 SL @ 22% interest which is what I had the issue with, so I declined the offer and got no HP alerts on my app. Only have 2 inquiries in TU, so maybe better to try and find a TU only CC with good starting line. And yep Texas is EX for the most part, i agree.
  5. Shifter, I agree but inquiries are adding up. I have pulls to verify for commercial real-estate deals too, Just haven’t had a lot of personal credit in last 7 yrs, so have lots of those little cards, again still waiting for last CO to bounce from EQ/TU, once it does will have a little more flexibility. And fortunately I don’t “need” any particular card, just trying to rebuild in the best / fastest way. Credits a tool, don’t want to have cards that look like high utilization when I buy a pizza. I don’t carry balance typically on CC’s, but using it all to get best rates when I do.
  6. Stark - I have Amx PC in biz name and delta skyline gold, it’s been a while since I had personal card with them but biz cards in good standing with over 10K/mo annual spend for almost a decade paid off monthly. It does show I’m pre-approved for Gold, And BC every day, seems like I’d be approved for any, when I log in each card shows “your new card offer” when I look at cards, my personal charge can already make big purchases in just a few MOs, but the credit card was denied for a major increase I should have just done 3X, just seems silly to have such low limit after what I spend on the biz ca
  7. Thanks, was also told to do the first 60 days after opening, but curious if there has to be any use or not? I have other Amx I use extensively, but this is new. Thanks for feedback.
  8. Discover should be a good secured option, they helped with my recovery and automatically send your deposit back (if your credits getting better) after 6mos or a year, they report to all 3.
  9. Looking for a good CC that pulls Experian and has well known CLI process with SP only? Just timed out my last baddies after 7 years, but having smaller cards open have hurt my starting limits even though I have good income, 3% util or less, current 770+ w EXP, but burned several inquiries before last things timed out from 7yr old issues, when I noticed score was 680+, accepted 2 Amex, and 1 USAA but have 2 other inquiries. Is amex 60 day 3x still a thing, any others like that? Don’t want more inquiries on low limits. my report has Zero installment loans in last 7yrs, 2 paid off autos
  10. They are personal, it was just due to a failed biz.
  11. @Why Chat I have learned many accounts will age out in March 2020, so not sure the SOL would work just yet? What about asking for verification as much of these I really don't remember? I have read there's no harm in verification, just want to ensure I don't reset any clocks.
  12. And cv91591 Cap1 is one of the people that were derogatory on my file, so likely wouldn't get a card from them. I do have three lines showing now, and should have a 4th coming soon. 2 Store, 2 Credit.
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