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  1. mrhope


    Yes <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the merrill card alone does not give you access to MBNA billpay - if you have another one of their cards and the merrill you can than link the merrill to the billpay.
  2. amex AU cards have different numbers - the last 4 - so determining who made the charge is no problem - e.g. 31009 would be the primary 31014 would be the first AU and 31026 would be the second and so on. The number perceeding the first digit (the three) is always a one when the card is first issued - that number changes when a replacement card is issued if your card is lost or stolen so if AU #1 lost their card the number would read 32011 - once youve gone through 9 lost/stolen replacement cards you have to go over to the card replacement special services unit - pretty unique system if you ask me - more should follow as tracking au cards is simple
  3. they are doing system updates which wont be complete for the credit card side until 7/29 - this is most likely the cause of your problems
  4. https://www66.americanexpress.com/cards/App...02162337430/0/n Annual fee is 40 and some other things - cool card design - (three different ones) who is going to apply first.
  5. yes it is called an internal balance transfer
  6. mrhope

    Amex help

    have you spoken to amex credit bureau unit located in florida? - i forget their number and it is not toll free - it is 954 something something - they might beable to do something like push through an update - good luck.
  7. Your Age:19 How long have your been on file with the CRA’s? Almost 2 years (if you include AU history longer) Credit Scores: Equifax? 703 Experian? 690 TransUnion? 686 Your Credit: Rate your OVER ALL credit from 1-10 (10=BEST) Rate your installment Credit from 1-10: N/A NEVER HAD AN INSTALLMENT LOAD Rate your revolving Credit from 1-10: 10 Public Records? NONE If yes, please describe: Auto Loans: Do you have an open auto loan? NO How many auto loans are presently open? N/A Are you trading in your open auto loan? NO Are there late pays on your CURRENT auto loan? N/A Current open auto loan is financed with? N/A Current open auto loan payment? N/A Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? N/A Rate this open auto loan from 1-10. N/A Credit Cards: Total number of revolving accounts:8 Percent utilization overall: 20% Your Info: Total Provable MONTHLY GROSS income: $2,200 per month ) Provable via computerized paystubs? YES Your Downpayment in CASH: $1000-$2000 but preferably $1000 New or Used Vehicle: NEW Please describe desired vehicle: 2005 Saab 9-3 Aero - $28,000 after gm employee discount I am leaving for the dealers in a little bit - havent driven it yet or any other car but will be looking at cars under $30,000 to keep the lease payment in the right are (roughly 400 and under) so i hope you are around before i leave if not your comments are still welcome - thanks marv
  8. tax on a 60 dollar plan + 9.99 for the second line would be roughly 25 dollars plus if he uses 411 and texting and other features that are pay as you go it could easily hit 100 bucks
  9. planetfeedback.com edit as far as a payment plan i am sure they wouldnt mind 3x$500 but if you expect to pay 100 dollars a month for 15months i dont think it will happen.
  10. ughhh 300 sounds like 70 to much - ETF is 230 (195 depending on market)- you pay it they release you from breaking the contract - after 30days of service you are into a contract reguardless if you signed or not youve used the service - for 3 years though sounds a bit long (2 i thought was the max) ive paid etfs for additional lines and what not - figure it out for yourself $100x32months or 230x2 - i was not happy with cingular service (bought it as a backup phone to my nextel primary) but i canceled within the 30 days so no ETF- call back and speak to a supervisor (when you go through automated menu get to where you want to cancel service) and before explaining anything to a representative ask to speak to the supervisor - they might beable to waive some of the fee - another option might be emergency service only and thats 10 dollars per phone (before cingular took the baby bells - the baby bells offered it) or of course you could keep paying 100 a month for the next 32 months(if indeed you have a 3 year contract) good luck
  11. mrhope


    that assuming she gets the 50k ;o)
  12. that picture is a picture of hong kongs platinum charge card - sounds like the poster has been drinking a bit down in the caribbean
  13. robin will however route your email to the appropriate dept - good luck
  14. mrhope

    Amex sol

    statute of limitation - Time period after an incident occurs during which a lawsuit may be filed regarding the incident. which means american express or the collection agency cannot technically sue you for the money you owe them - has nothing to do directly with getting it deleted.

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