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  1. Thank you!!! I'm beyond anal about documenting. I have screen shots of the payment debited from my account as well as screen shots of every page on the BofA site. I have downloaded every doc available to me from the BofA site. I have every piece of mail that BofA has ever sent me since they bought my mortgage. I have the first name of every person I argued with Monday about this. I have the varying amounts I'd been given to clear this up as well as each person who told me a different amount. I downloaded my reconciliation docs from BofA- the breakdown that documents where every penny goes that you send (tax, ins, principle, interest) It honestly looks like they told me more than I needed to send initially to pay those 2 months along with late fees. The difference is the $152.50 check they sent back to me. But, it still shows $135.65 in outstanding late fees. So, there is still a difference of 16.85 out there somewhere. I downloaded every one of my bank statements showing that they have accepted rounded up payments from day one. Not to mention, my home owners policy with a lower rate went into effect 5/01/12 which I'm sure did not help matters.
  2. I'm in Ohio, thank you for responding!
  3. I got behind on my mortgage, owed March & April. I got a notice of intent to accelerate in April. I got the entire amount owed together and had it to them 2 days before the intent expired on May 9 (I had it to them on May 7), sent it via electronic transfer from my bank to them, which is how I have made every payment since day one. They mailed me back a check back for 152.50 dated 5/11 and are now claiming the intent to accelerate has expired, I did not pay the entire amount needed, and they MAY still move forward with foreclosure. How do I fight this? They are claiming that because I paid it electronically, their system did not know what to apply where - this is exactly what their rep told me when I called to ask why they sent me a check. That is a bold faced lie. I have rounded up every payment I have ever sent to them. They have already set the precedence of accepting payments that were not the exact amount. I did not point out to the rep that this is how I have always made my payments. It was not until they issued the intent to accelerate in April because I owed them March & April, that they returned part of the payment to me. If the system knew how to process every other payment I have ever sent to them, it should have been able to process this one as well. Personally- I feel like they are trying to force foreclosure just so I'll get hit with all the associated fees. Any insight or help on this would be most appreciated. For what its worth, I my mortgage was sold to B of A and they were not my original lender.
  4. hairmetal4ever- It was a conventional loan- but not commercial.
  5. luckydriver- the app specifically asks past 7 years, so I answered no because mine was discharged 6/2000 and the app was done 12/2010.
  6. A Credit Union? Now that is something I had not even thought of- thank you! I did email my attorney yesterday (Sunday) about this and he responded last night. He had me scan and email him the denial because he is going to subpoena the bank records since they are using an 11 year old BK as one of the reasons. So, I start hunting again. Everything happens for a reason and I have to keep believing that- least I end up in a rubber room somewhere.
  7. Thank you. However, it would not be a waste of money as far as the attorney is concerned- he has already successfully sued a handful of companies for violations of the FCRA and FDCPA and gets 40% I'm beside myself- its been such a long battle. I may be better off going with an FHA property and forget all the conventional guidelines. I made the mistake of believing conventional would be easier. With the tradelines- I have several, but only one that is currently active. The rest are paid off car loans and credit lines that I've closed over the years (not knowing that it hurts- like I know now)
  8. Yes, its for a mortgage. I was pre-approved for 95 LTV conventional. The home I want will not go FHA- the well pump is in the basement. The 2 reasons checked on the denial were the BK and not being able to get PMI insurance- (not enough open lines of credit). But, I can establish alternate lines via rent checks, utilities, cell, etc. That part is fixable- I can go 20% down and not need PMI. No, this lender was not a part of the 11 year old BK. I am a first time buyer- so there are no previous mortgages. But an 11 year old BK? Not to mention- how on Earth did they even find it? My gut tells me its my age (50 and single) and they are looking for other reasons because they cannot use that as a reason. Or, banks have tightened to the point of not lending because of the housing crisis. I'm going to talk to my attorney because I honestly cannot figure out how they can use something that isn't even on my reports.
  9. Hello all- If its not one thing- its another! Is there a SOL for citing BK as reason for denying a loan? It was filed in 2/2000, discharged 6/2000 and does not show up on any of the 3 major credit reports- not even Innovis! It is beyond me how they could even know about it, much less use it as a reason. My scores are 692-722-789.
  10. Thank you everyone- I've been sick with a migraine for 2 days now since this happened. I don't want to stalk my lender- but he really needs to update me so I know.
  11. Thank you Brian, I appreciate the encouragement. Now if my loan officer would just get back to me and let me know what underwriting said about the offer from my atty to write the letter. I know they need to know and have proof of where the funds are coming from. Hiccups this close to closing really scare me though- after battling this for 2 years, one would think that I would be numb to bumps in the road. LOL
  12. It's a Federal case- so I looked on PACER, https://pacer.login.uscourts.gov, (where all Federal docs are stored) and only the filings are there, not the actual agreement from each company. I thought too that they would be a matter of public record, but they are not. I had some of it before I was preapproved, and I'm still waiting on some. I will have all of it before I close though. So no, the funds are not seasoned.
  13. Hello all! I found the perfect house, got the loan at a great rate, all my ducks are lining up...then one skidded. My down payment and closing costs are coming from a court settlement where my attorney sued several companies over FCRA and FDCPA violations. I made this VERY CRYSTAL clear to my mtg broker and he said no problem. Now, just 2 weeks from closing, he is telling me that underwriting wants copies of all court documents and settlement amounts. My attorney said no way- the settlement amounts and who paid how much is strictly confidential. My attorney offered to put together a statement verifying the amount I was awarded but he will not reveal what amount was paid by whom. Still waiting on a response from underwriting. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help with underwriting under these circumstances? My scores range from 690 to 790 if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  14. Offer countered to 1k more than I offered and 5% seller concession instead of the 6% I originally asked for - I accepted!
  15. It will be owner occupied- thank you for the clarification!

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