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    I bank with USAA and could go on for days about how awesome they are! Hopefully once our credit improves we can get a cc with them but for now I'm happy with having our savings, checking and insurance through them. Checking is FREE. Free checks, free ATM fees (anywhere in the world), free online bill pay, no monthly fees, etc, etc. Our home/auto insurance is 30% cheaper here than through State Farm and we were 10 year State Farm customers with no accidents or tickets. Customer service is top notch and they go the extra mile for the military community and their sponsored family members. At first I was worried about not having a local branch to walk into but there is no need. I can mail my deposits or upload them through my phone or computer. It takes about 2 days for my mailed deposits to show up. Uploading them is same business day. We still have a chase account open but I prefer our USAA one over Chase. I've read nothing but good comments on the USAA credit cards so I have no doubt that product is just as good as the others. As you can see I have nothing but good things to say about USAA. Love them!!! Forgot to add that I have the credit monitoring service through them at $12 per month. I checked and they did not do a hard pull for either of us. In order to sign up you have to provide the social security number of the person that is/was military affiliated, or they have to sponsor you and send you the information directly. AMEN!!! The best thing since sliced bread in my opinion. I'm military and I do EVERYTHING through them. Loans, CC's, Auto/Renters Insurance, Online Bill pay the list goes on....the have great resources on their website, and financial advisors at your disposal....
  2. I'm pretty sure you'll get qualified, but your payment probably will not be what you want it to be....I myself am looking to by a house, but I'm going to wait until my FICO gets a little higher. Right now I'm around the 640-650 range. I want to be closer to 700 before I go all in....
  3. adubya


    At first I was going to be a little patient with them, then when I pulled out my "handy dandy" sock and saw what other CC's I had stashed away in there, and just came to the conclusion to let them go......It was a cool looking card though....
  4. adubya


    After closing some of the other "toy" cards I had, I decided that if Hooters didn't give me a CLI, I was going to cut slingload with them. I have had the card for about two years now, $500 CL/ $39 AF, and have never missed a payment. Well after talking to the CSR about a CLI, I was informed that Merrick Bank does not honor customer initiated CLI's. I then told her to close the account. SMH....If you don't want to grow with me oh well....USAA and Navy Federal are my best friends anyway....
  5. Menta33 from my recent experience, when I unsecured they gave me a new account number, and a new date. My secured limit was 1k, and the unsecured limit I started with was 4.5k. I unsecured after about a year. My FICO score was around 640 when I converted. I am a military member, so that may have helped out a bit. It's a great program they have, I didn't have to go the secured route, but I wanted to build some trust with the CU. I do most of my regular banking with USAA, and have been working on my relationships with Navy Federal CU and Carolinas Telco CU.
  6. Yeah you got this Navy Federal Credit Union has been good so far this year!!!
  7. Congrats!! Been a AMEX member myself now for about a month.
  8. adubya

    Navy Federal

  9. Ok CB I've been a member here for a while, and haven't really posted a lot. I've definitely soaked up a lot of knowledge from the board during this time though. At this point I'm kind of stuck in a dilemma, and could use some insight. My wife and I began our credit rebuilding journey (seriously this time....) about 2 1/2 years ago after I came back from my most recent deployment. We started this adventure with each of us having a Capital One card ($300 limit), and a Military Star Card ($500 limit). We used and PIF'd these cards as we used them. Then in Nov of 09' I got a Hooters MasterCard ($500 limit),a Orchard Bank MC ($300 limit), and the CareCredit Card ($1000 limit). On top of that I decided to get a Secured Navy Fed card at a $1000 dollar limit. Fast Forward to this past year, My went to app for the Capital One Venture Card, and they countered with a No Hassle rewards visa with a $3000 limit, and increased the limit on the card she already had from 500 to 2500. Then since we do all of our banking with USAA she app'd for a AMEX and was approved @ $4000. I got the USAA mastercard @ $1500 and a Nav Fed Nrewards MC @ $4500. I am AU on all of her accounts. My dilemma now is whether or not to keep my CapOne which is still @ $300, and the Hooters MC which is $500 open??? I fired Orchard with the quickness due to the APR and annual fee. What do you guys think??? Thanks.
  10. I agree. Don't hold anything back on the SF86. If you do, you will just make the process more difficult. Also, I know that when I was AIT many mooons ago, the Drills used to refer the soldiers with really bad credit problems to Consumer Credit Counseling, and once they drew up a payment plan with the creditors and successfully made a couple payments via allotment, they didn't have any problems with finalizing their clearance.
  11. adubya


  12. (1): What does CCT stand for? I could not find it in any of the acronym FAQS (at least not when I read them a few days ago). Ans: Credit Check Total. A site that provides FAKO scores. You can usa this site for B* though.....
  13. adubya

    USAA vs. NFCU

    Yes it is a personal loan, and yes I am in the military.

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