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  1. California - Background - in short - car loan with ACA( June 2017 - 27% int) Understandably - we kept loan with intent to pay on-time and refinance. (nobody else would touch us) Unfortunately lost job in early 2018 but avoided car repo'd, by catching up on payments / reducing lates. However - in October 2018 during a lull in payments, account went to charge off - but not to a collection agency. (I also never received a tax doc for the charge off amount) Been dealing with collections dept at ACA, and will be finally current with account next week. The issue is what I owe from the original
  2. Hi - first off - thank you so much for your service and the birth of your new child!!! I am not sure what options VA can offer - I am aware that depending on your state - there are agencies that will assist families in your predicament. as well as Gary's foundation http://www.garysinisefoundation.org/ https://www.facebook.com/garysinise Regarding the cars - call the finance department or the bank. In practice, they would not want to repo either car - although you may have to voluntarily give up one in order to focus on repayment. Like I was told recently; "you don't know what we
  3. Applied for the Barclays Travelocity AMEX- declined due to insufficient credit history and low available credit on existing credit cards. However , I called on the backdoor line, and the rep stated the denial was auto generated. A few questions later regarding the BK and income - and I was approved for 2000 ! Thanks all for the help - never would have known about the recon option w/o this board!!!
  4. May look into the Barclays portfolio - my CU is actual pretty conservative. For example - received a 9% auto loan w/40% down with them - they declined to refi a year later - no late payments - and I ended up with a Cap 1 refi at 4%. I traded that vehicle in over the weekend and approved for another 26K on the replacement. AMEX Travelocity BK friendly? - I thought if you had listed them with the BK - you'd be blacklisted? Thank you
  5. Hello all - Searched - hopefully posted on the right subforum.. Need a 2.5 year post bankruptcy friendly reward/miles credit card. I was with Chase, Citi and AMEX IIB - however, Chase did approve me in December for a Subaru loan. (Chase Auto) As I don't want to rack up the corp Amex, I'd like to rack up the rewards myself for my weekly biz travel. Already have 2 HSBC cards (Orchard/Best Buy) and 2 Capitol One cards. I fly UA regularly - so I'm thinking based from what I'm reading here - Chase won't issue a credit card. (although I now have a car loan, and I bank with th
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