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  1. Ok,....I tried. I sent the exact letter as written by DialerGuy. I emailed the CFO at CenturyLink who forwarded it to someone from executive services. She contacted me stating she would look into it. She basically sent me an account statement/history and said they had contacted the collection agency to make sure they were aware there was a zero balance and I would have to contact the collection agency in reference to removing the account from my credit report. So, should I now (in the words of DialerGuy) cite specific laws to force my point?
  2. Thank you all! Just sent off an email. I'll post updates!
  3. Thanks for your input! So is the email I was going to send sounds to threatening?
  4. I would NOT threaten first. (and to be honest, unless you have 10k or more twitter followers to retweet I don't think that you'd impact much) I had install issues with CenturyLink and my complaint was resolved with an Executive customer service manager in the Rocky Mountain HQ. I prepared a very cordial, factual, but unhappy email and then copied and addressed individualy to all te C level employees at CenturyLink. I had a call back from the CFO that night; and he put me in touch with his admin. assistant next morning. Local customer service manager contacted me that afternoon; and I had follow up calls from both the call center scheduling the install and the CFOs admin prior to the new appointment; and after making sure I was happy. Be polite, use google and find their email address format. Then go to their site and get the executive's names. Send an email and I'm confident they'll help. I don't think that being firm in the letter is "threatening". The social media escalation (i.e. Twitter) is today's version of [saying you will] call the consumer reporter at channel 5. They don't care how many followers you have since any time a company is "mentioned" on Twitter the company's media team is notified. This is because once you write about a company the tweet is grouped with others that "mentioned" the company and many others can see it. I have personally used this method with a department store and had a response in my email inbox within 2 hours--I had just signed up for Twitter that day. I agree that you should be corteous and gracious but you need to also be firm. Since you have already paid and have little leverage you need to tell them that you will escalate the issue if they don't fix their mistake. I too have used the social media route for multiple companies with great success. CenturyLink didn't even notice; CFO (which amazed me) was the person who helped me. OP, if you're in the Colorado area I can PM you the local customer service escalation manager based in Denver... Alas, I am not in Colorado or I would take you up on that PM. I will try the email route to the Executive officers. Just not sure how much info I should give in the email to them? Please edit the following letter with your suggestions. Thanks so much for your help! "Dear XXXX, I am writing about an issue I am having with Robinson, Reagan & Young collection agency who is reporting my Centurylink account as a paid collection. When I disputed the account with the credit bureaus, Robinson, Reagan & Young provided them verifcation of this account as a " Paid Collection ". This is a violation of the FDCPA and FCRA. Specifically; 

 FDCPA violations; 

 15 USC 1692e(8) providing false information to credit reporting agencies 

 FCRA violations; 

 15 U.S.C. § 1681i duties of furnishers to provide accurate information. 

 15 U.S.C. § 1681s-2 - failure to provide accurate information, failure to correct reporting. 
 Let me explain. I believed I had paid my Centurylink account in full when all services were discontinued in August of 2011. I found I had a collection on my credit report when I went to purchase a new car in August of 2012. I went to the local Centurylink office to clarify why there was a balance of $43.16 that had been reported. The agent explained because of the bill closing date the account was not showing the total amount due at the time. I immediately paid the remaining balance off to that agent. I attempted to have Robinson, Reagan & Young remove the account from my credit report and specifically cited the previously listed violations of the FDCPA and the FCRA. They have refused to respond to any of my written correspondence. I know they received my correspondence as I had sent them certified mail, return receipt requested and have the return receipt in hand. I attempted to work with them through the BBB and they stated they received the account on 7-2-2012 and sent a letter stating that the account would be reported to the credit bureaus in 30 days. They stated that they had reported the account to the credit bureau on 8-8-2012 and on 8-13-2012 it was paid so they updated it to a paid collection. The BBB closed the complaint because the collection agency was not interested to working this out and continues to violate federal law and report this as a paid collection. I am frustrated because I never received any letter from them nor did they respond to any of my written correspondence. I never made any payment to them but only to the local CenturyLink office. I only found out about this account from my application for a auto loan. I would rather not have to contact my Attorney General's office or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with this matter. Based on many social media outlets, your company has high marks for customer service. I hope that proves to be true! Please assist me in this matter and have your Robinson, Reagan & Young remove this account from my credit report immediately. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, XXXXX
  5. Ok. Customer relations is available via email or phone call. I should do this in writing only right? The corporate headquarters are in Monroe, Louisiana so I will just send this there. It looks like the President/CEO is Glen Post.
  6. Hmmm. How would I determine that? When I checked with Centurylink in their local office, they explained to me how I still owed the $43.00. Something about the billing cut off date. I complained that I hadn't gotten any bills or anything and the lady at the counter said she didn't know either so I just paid it with cash.
  7. I thought so to but they are clearly agreeing that the OC was paid and that they are reporting it! Just not sure what to do now. Thanks for responding I appreciate any and all support!!!
  8. Ok, need some help here. Have a paid collection that is reporting on my credit report. I made a mess I know, it but here is my situation. Details: Went to purchase a car in August, was made aware by my bank that there was a collection that posted on my account. I looked it up on my credit report and saw it was for Centurylink and had been posted literally 2 days prior. I had previously switched my cable/phone/internet in service in August of 2011 and had paid the account in full (or so I thought). The account number the CA had on my report did not match my previous account number. I contacted Centurylink and found there was a balance owing because the last bill had not been included in the amount I paid over the phone. As my bank said they would still give me my auto loan if I showed them I had paid it, I just went ahead and paid the $43.00 to Centurylink. I disputed the collection account with the CRA and sent DV letter to the CA. My first letter sent CMRRR came back as undeliverable using the address on my Equifax credit report so I sent another DV CMRRR to the address listed on Experian. I received the return receipt so I know they received it. The CA verified the account to the CRA and changed it to a paid collection and never responded to my DV. I sent another letter to the CA that ICANHASMUNY has posted regarding reporting a collection that is paid to the OC. I got no response. So I went the BBB route. Here is the response that I got. "Thank you for the copy of the customer complaint and opportunity to respond to same. After researching the matter we understand that the account was referred to our firm for collection on 7-2-12. A letter was directed to the customer advising him that it would be reported to the credit bureaus after 30 days if it was not resolved. It was in fact reported on 8-8-12. The customer then paid the account directly to our client on 8-13-12. We have since updated all credit bureaus to reflect the account as paid. Should you or he customer have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly." I responded asking for when any letter was sent. Advising that I had received no letter. I questioned the 30 days as by their own math the account was reported to the Credit Bureau in only 36 days after they received it especially since there was the July 4th holiday. I also questioned how if they state that the OC received payment, they are reporting as a paid collection. I concluded by requesting they respond to my validation request so that I could verify that it was mine. This was their response: "As we pointed out before, our first letter indicated that the matter would be reported unless payment or an arrangement for payment was made within thirty days. The customer paid the account in full to our client outside the thirty day window. The account was reported as indicated. Once we received notification that the account had been paid directly to our client, we promptly updated the account as "paid"." The BBB closed the case as "no new offer". So, now I'm going to try the FTC? What should I say? Am I going the right route? Any and ALL help will be appreciated!!!!
  9. Yeah, you should do these types of diputes CMMR - but if you tell the CRA that the account is paid, they won't delete it... now that you have disputed thru the CRA's you have to send the letter thru to the CA. at the address listed for the CA on the credit report. I hope I'm not hijacking this thread by posting my situation here (if so let me know). I disputed online as "not mine" because I had no idea what the collection was for. I have since figured out it was a old phone bill that had an outstanding balance that was billed after I thought I had disconnected service. Once I figured it out I sent the DV letter to the CA.
  10. I am sooo relieved to see this thread!! I am dealing with this same issue on a utility. I did on online dispute that was returned as verified. I never received any correspondence from the CA. It just popped up on all 3 of my reports. I had already paid the OC, but CA reported it was paid after they were assigned. I don't have the receipt but do have a statement from the OC showing it was paid. I sent a DV letter CMRRR on Aug 13 and that was returned as undeliverable (Used the CA address shown on EQ) I sent another to the address listed on my EX on Aug 23 but have yet to hear a response (although I did get my RR on Aug 27). I will start working on a letter to send the CA. By the way, I live in Missouri, so any suggestion you might have pertaining to Missouri law would be appreciated!!!
  11. My son purchased a car which I cosigned in January of this year. That was the only thing on his credit file. He applied yesterday for Capital One Student card approved for $300.00 then for Discover and was approved for $1000.00. I wondered if he should have gone the Citi app first.
  12. This is what I found from your link: ROBINSON, REAGAN & YOUNG, PLLC This information is current as of January 18, 2012. Entity Name: ROBINSON, REAGAN & YOUNG, PLLC Filing Status: Active Date Filed: 08/03/2011 Type: Foreign Limited-Liability Company File Number: E0443212011-7 Registered Agent: The Corporation Trust Company Of Nevada 311 S Division St Carson City, NV 89703 Principals Mark B Reagan 508 Sand Castle Rd Franklin, TN 37069 Richard S Clark 104 Oakhaven Crt Nashville, TN 37209 Worrick G Robinson Iii 115 Harding Woods Nashville, TN 37205 So I guess they are a Nevada Corporation? Interesting since all three attorneys live in Tennessee. They apparently aren't registered in my state. Guess I'll send it to Nevada.
  13. I have a collection that just popped up on my reports with Robinson, Reagan and Young. Not sure what it is for and never heard from CA. I sent a DV letter CMRRR to the address listed on EQ. The letter just came back today as undeliverable not able to forward. I went to double check the address and sure enough I had the correct address listed for the CA on EQ. However, is not the same address that is listed for the CA on EX. Googling this company I am getting multiple addresses in Tennessee. I am going to resend the DV to the address listed on EX. However, since the address listed on EQ is incorrect, can't I send EQ a copy of the returned letter and don't they have to delete? Thanks.

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