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  1. Congrats. I'm curious if you would share the address information?
  2. After going thru the searches on the treads here, I was curious if anyone has had recent luck with regards to goodwill letters/adjustments with Citi? Thanks in advance.
  3. You may consider contacting them directly at 866-280-0118. In the meantime, feel free to let others know what happens. Good Luck.
  4. When you look back at the database here, you will find that Cap 1 was doing some goodwill, such as removing late payments back in 2006-2008; however, recently, it seems that they are more inclined to doing Credit Line Increases, APR reductions, waiving annual fees, etc. thru the Executive Offices. The only other exception that I saw with this was with military personal that was deployed where they reversed reporting late payments due to the deployment act. Apparently, there was a class action against Cap1 on this. From my own experience, I had an account with them that was 5 years old with one 30 day, and they refused to remove it. I have gone thru many routes to get this off my reports; including, contacting Management within, Goodwill and disputing the tradeline thru my credit reports. That being said, it never hurts to ask for help from them-however, just know what you're up against with them. If there's no error on their part, they will take a very hard line on it. In the meantime, keep us to date on your luck with them. Best of luck.
  5. The concern would be is that it's a classic he said/she said situation; while the OC will not be willing to pay for the delete, if you'd took their advise, my fear would be that you have nothing in writing to fall back on if, in fact, you did what was suggested and the information came back verified. More over, I would be curious if this person you'd talked to would be willing to help you if the information came back verified to help you walk thru getting your information deleted? The other concern that I would have is if you do pay off the account, if the CA would start reporting a "paid" collection on your report. Lastly, is the debt past the statue of limitation for your state. You may consider revisiting the idea of talking to a departmental manager that has some decision making ability to help you. In the meantime, keep us informed of your results..best of luck.
  6. Recently, I was try to get a 30 day removed from my account after trying the goodwill route. After sending the dispute to Experian, they changed the account from closed to open and showed this note on the status: Status Details: By Jan 2018, this account is scheduled to go to a positive status. This item was updated from our processing of your dispute in Jan 2013. While I've seen where some accounts turn into a positive, I've never seen this on any dispute from Experian. Any thoughts?
  7. I would simply write the turn of events of your experience with them. If it helps you, gather all of your documents and write out a letter on Word. For instance, start on your time line and talk about your response(s) from them and how they refused to help you. From there, copy your letter, and, paste your letter on the online dispute document to them. As a result of your frustration(s), you're going to the them for assistance with this manner you've done everything that you can to work with the creditor and credit reporting agencies. The thing you have going for you is that the CFPB has been very aggressive to handling you type of request, so, take advantage of it while you can.
  8. Chase Auto Finance handles their accounts differently since it a different area of the Bank. For instance, depending on the origination of the loan, weather the loan is prime or sub-prime, the loan is serviced in different areas of the bank. You may consider writting a goodwill letter to the Executive Customer Service area of the Bank since they would have the ability to oversee all area(s) and divisions of the bank. You can also take some comfort in knowing that Chase has been easier to deal with when it come to goodwill than many other lenders have in the past. You will have to look up the current infomation on here. They are located in Elgin, IL.
  9. There are some that will advise you to tread lightly because you may be within the statue of limitations in terms of collections for the full amount due. As a result, you would need to prepare yourself to do pay the amount due plus any cost associated with the collection efforts. That being said, under the FDIC, there's a reaging method call rule 5000 where the creditor reafirms the debt; however, the credit unions are not governed by the FDIC, so, you would need to see if that is possible first. When I looked up this rule with the credit unions, I didn't see any rule on this with body that over sees them; however, there may be some general accounting principles that are followed where they may mirror the FDIC. If any members here have feedback if there's such a rule with the CU's, it would be interesting to find out. Moreover, you will probably find yourself having to work with a Manager to resolve this issue. You may also find youself working to see if you can Pay for a Delete too. In any event, best of luck with your quest.
  10. You may want to order a tax transcript from the IRS to see what your collection stay is for your taxes owed. You can look up the phone number on the IRS website. You will also see information on your documents from the IRS on the payment agreement.
  11. What's interesting about this information that there's no conversation about TU using Pacer as a source of it's verification information. I'm just curious what your thoughts are?
  12. This would be a good question to review with a tax atty, or, an enrolled agent. You can look at IRS.gov to see the guidelines and worksheet for an OIC. This will give you a clear picture of how the IRS would view your situation. The thing to also consider is that about 18% of the offers are being accepted now. However, with the state of the economy, I wouldn't be surprised if the IRS takes the stance that fewer will be accepted for changes in policy and some internal management changes. Some will tell you that you may be better off to continue to pay your $100 over the five years, or, whatever your payment schedule is because there's a 10 year window on collections with the IRS. For instance, you payments may total $6000, but, the IRS may write off the rest due to collection statues of limitations. Many tax attys will try to file the OIC, go thru an appeal, and then go the BK route; however, you would need to ask yourself if you want to throw good money after bad money. This process would run in the thousands of dollars. People in financial hardship can go thru a IRS non profit center that is funded thru the IRS tax payers' advocate where tax attys take your case depending on your situation. In addition, you can also go thru the IRS tax payer's advocate for questions, or, help when you've exhausted your efforts thru normal channels. I would also be leary of some of the ads were starting to see on the news lately of some of these tax agents that are claiming to do magic. The IRS shut down several firms that were claiming to do things that weren't true.
  13. I had a similar request with Citi, and they responded with the same form letter. I even went up to the executive customer service angle with no luck. You may consider going thru the CFPB to see if they can put some pressure on Citi just to take care of you as a customer.
  14. I'm going to quote my tax atty "the IRS is much easier to deal with than than the California FTB." Overall, you will find that the tax code for California in terms of it's tax collection policy. For instance, while the FTB will accept Offers in Compromise, they generally won't accept them if you're in a temporary situation i.e. loss of work, etc. As a result, unless you're permanently disabled, for instance, you will find that the FTB will defer the collection because they can collect a tax due for up to 30 years based on laws. California view the FTB as a revenue source, therefore, it will do alot of things that the IRS cant do because they act and ask questions later because the state needs money. That being said, you can contact the FTB for transcripts of the year(s) for the tax year in question. From there, you can have the Tax Payers' Advocate review them and see if the liens were within the collection policy of the State and that your rights, as a taxpayer, weren't violated. If they find that your rights were violated, they can have the liens withdrawn as an error. You may also see if you filed taxes, or, the taxes were just filed in house. Otherwise, they will tell you that they can't do anything. George Runner was trying to introduce a bill that mirror the IRS's policy, but, the state senate just let it collect dust. There is some talk about having the bill go thru again, but, we will see. You will find that the Lien Filed isn't tied to your ss number, so, that is an angle you can work. You can also consider going to Lexus Nexus, pulling your report, disputing the information, and , from there, disputing the item once it's removed from LN report knowing it won't verify since that's the source of the information.
  15. Gill

    IRS Lien

    You would be best served to see a Tax Attorney, or, an Enrolled Agent that can give you advise with your tax situation. Unfortunately, this will be something that will not be something that will be fixed over night. Going to an accountant will not be able to help you with navigating thru the issues your husband has with the IRS; they can, however, help you with amending your tax returns if you need to. You do, in addition, of contacting the IRS tax payers' advocate if you're having difficulty with your situation. I would not recommend you contacting the IRS 800 number first because it may cause you more harm than good. You will first need to see what the tax lien is for in terms of which tax year(s). The information is listed on the credit report. From there, you can gather your tax returns to have a Tax Atty review. In addition, if you have any documents from the IRS with regards to the lien would be helpful to anyone looking at your information in order to guide you accordingly. Keep in mind that this may take a few months time to order tax transcripts, amend your husband's tax return(s) and enter into an payment agreement, or Offer in Compromise. There will be additional step, but, it will depend on your situation. The good news is that you can get the lien removed once your issue is resolved with the IRS. Be thankful that it's not a state lien that is filed. Best of Luck. Just be open minded.

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