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  1. Just got target redcard last night with 604 EQ FICO and they pulled EQ. Limit only 200 but that was to be expected.
  2. ^^Thanks for the quick response. The other TL they requested to be removed are gone though. It's just this lone account that Chase said it could not find on any of the CRA's.
  3. Update with question: Check CR this month and the original account by Pier 1 is still reporting on TU. In the letter sent to me by chase they stated that they could find no record of the Pier 1 account on any CR. Do I dispute this with TU telling them to remove it because it was not verified by OC and send along a copy of the letter that chase sent me stating such? Or do I just ask TU to verify the debt with Chase?
  4. ttt I did some research and found that the SOL in GA for open accounts is 4 years and paying does not reset the time. Will paying reset the 7yr reporting to CRA?
  5. I attended undergrad in Atlanta and had an apartment and thus an account with Georgia Power. When I moved I stupidly forgot to close the account and tie up any loose strings. Now Ga Power is reporting on TU as deliquent from '07 (last payment had to be mid 06 though) and no activity since then. I am afraid that if I try to contact them to pay it will update as a fresh debt AND increase the amount of time they can remain on my CR. The account is still reporting as "open", and not in collection (or I would try to PFD). ANY advice would be MUCH appreciated!
  6. Tried the spiegels and didn't get the pre-approved messaged. Decided to just go for the Jared and got approved for $700 in about 10 minutes. My fako is 578 and EQ is 604. HTH someone.
  7. So I'm an absolute newbie only on this credit clean up mission for about 2 weeks and I've had my first taste of success. 1-2 baddies removed! I opened a Pier 1 card in undergrad in ~2005, had the account only open for 1.5 years but had a 60 day deliquency on it. On transunion the account was doubled under Chase Pier 1 and Pier 1. I called the phone number listed for chase (same phone number for both TL) and asked why the same account was reported twice, the CSR told me that she would write the credit department an email and they would send me written correspondence in 5 business days.
  8. I'm in the same situation but the account has really negative information (90 day delinquency). Do you all think I stand a chance at having it removed? When I spoke with CSR today they told me to dispute it with the CRA and not them.
  9. Update and bump I spoke wit BOA and the CSR agreed that both shouldn't be there and the first was when I had reported the card lost. She suggested that I contact the CRA to dispute the information. I told her it would be easier since BOA knew it was incorrect for them to remove the incorrect information rather than me petitioning 3 different agency to clear up the matter that they were wrong on. She stated that they reported correct information every 4 months and the CRA were just wrong (but it is on ALL of them) and that she couldn't do anything to change it because it was a closed acc
  10. Bump I spoke with my school's Financial Aid adviser and she suggested that I call BOA A about the account stating that its being reported by BOA B and they should remove it. Any thoughts?
  11. Hi all, I'm a newbie grad student trying to repair my credit. I've been following PsychDoc's recommendation but have hit a road block VERY early on in the process. So I'm look at all 3 CR and they show 2 account from BOA with 90 day deliquency. Story behind it is: with my BOA card there was a 90 day deliquency they contacted me about getting into a program to reduce my payment monthly and APR based on my "hardship" status. The problem is they are both reporting the deliquency it appears a 2 different debts though it is the same. BOA #....A Balance $0
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