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Hello, so this is regarding a charge off from a local bank here in San Antonio.
My wife had a checking account, she asked the bank to close it-no luck.
They never did and some charges got returned but the bank did not pay those charges.
They ended up racking up my wife’s checking account to with NSF $540.00!
Best way to handle this charge off?
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Applying for a mortgage through 2 separate lenders and they are both able to pull from Transunion and Experian without an issue but they are unable to generate/ pull a report from Equifax. When they try to make a pull they are receiving the attached message "Equifax remark: inquiry information identified as fraudulent by consumer - report not available". Lender is using correct name and address, I'm also able to see my credit report through MyEquifax and third party credit reporting services.
Anyone have a clue? I tried calling Equifax multiple times with them saying there are no freezes or locks. I would like to go into contract but this is preventing me from doing so.
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This topic comes up all the time so I thought it would be nice to have it in a clear concise thread for those who need it. The steps below will work to remove any public records that are negatively reporting to the Credit Bureaus. Tax Liens, Bankruptcy, Judgements will fall off like magic if you follow the proper steps.
Step 1: Freeze LexisNexis
I would also recommend obtaining your full file disclosure from them as well so you can see what is actually being reporting on you. You may be surprised how much there is.
Since LN is one of the ways the CRAs turn to verify public record information, they will not be able to verify using this method if they cannot access your reports. You can do it online at
or Call 888-497-8920 Usually have a decent wait time but it is well worth it.
Step 2: Remove all old addresses associated with the Public Record with all 3 CRAs. If the PR is associated to an old address and that address is still reporting then the CRA can verify the PR with your address. In my opinion the most effective way to do this is by Writing a letter CMRR asking the CRAs to remove all old addresses as you are afraid that someone could steal your identity. I would write the addresses you want removed in blue ink that way you can be assured it will go to an actual person for review.
Step 3: Freeze the other CRA's There are 3 other smaller CRAs that you need to freeze as well.
Innovis is the 4th CRA You may freeze online https://www.innovis.com/securityFreeze/index
Sagestream https://www.sagestreamllc.com/security-freeze/Fax Letter with all information to 8583126275
ARS type similar letter like you did for Sagestream with all the same info and Fax to 2166157642
Once the addresses associated with your Public Records are no longer reporting to the CRAs & you have LN, IN, SS, ARS froze then you can dispute your Public Record with Success using MOV letter.
You may also dispute the Public Records with LN but all you need to do is freeze it so they can't use LN to verify. This will also prevent any new PR from reporting.
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I have an AMEX charge off from 2017 its paid but I want it off my reports I've called them but the guy on the phone just kept saying nope can't take it off even if paid.
I've even tried disputing them because they were reporting the wrong info but they just update with the right info. 
I was able to get approved for a different AMEx card two months ago so I know I'm not blacklisted 
I was wondering has anyone had any luck with something like this. 
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I won't count cards like JCPenney, because I wouldn't expect them to have chops. 
Here they are:
Universal City Studios Credit Union Visa credit card 
Go Bank debit card 
American Express Bluebird debit card 
Navy Federal Credit Union Go prepaid debit card 
That is all.
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I had USAA thanks to my retired Army father.
My husband I introduced to USAA but would have qualified on his own for 4 years in the Marine Corps.
From what I understand, he doesn't qualify for NFCU but I do.
So...should I jump through hoops for this credit union or do you think there is nothing significant gained over USAA??
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I still have accounts reporting on EWS and have Chex frozen.
I had a major problem with BOA where an employee stole money, opened accounts
and left me owning BOA almost 60K. Nothing I could do about it, the employee had
the proper authorization according to BOA, but not according to the local DA.
That was 7 years ago..
Previous apps for BOA credit products referenced "prior relationship" as reason for denial.
Three days ago I got a pre approval from BOA for a credit card and took the offer. Let's see...
Credit card was approved and was invited to open a checking account.
Opened account online and got application in process screen. Figured that I would get a
denial and the credit card closed.
This morning, two days after opening online got an email saying the account is open.
I will make a $1500 deposit today as that is the minimum balance to avoid a service charge
and see what happens.  I will update this thread as more is revealed.
This makes two big banks I have got in over the last week.  BOA and Suntrust.
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Hey credit boards, it’s killbadcredit I used to post but took a break. my credit has improved a lot, but I’m about to dispute 2 chapter 13 dismissed bankruptcy. They are from 2013 and 2014, yes they are mine attorney informed me wrong and had to refile that why I have 2.
The one from 2013 is about to fail off on October hopefully, how can I dispute other then too old to be on file? Experian actually told me I can’t use that excuse? Any tips 
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Does anyone have any idea if I can expect for my mortgage scores to drop after refinancing?
Here's my situation:
I signed the loan docs for my refinance just this week. It's supposed to fund on Monday, September 28th. On Tuesday, September 22nd, I put an offer on an investment property that was accepted the following day (Wednesday, September 23rd).  I received a soft pull pre-approval, however I'm waiting until my refinance funds before doing a complete hard pull application, because I don't want any problems with refinance. Should I be concerned that my score is going to drop when my old mortgage is paid off and before my new mortgage is reported? Right now, my middle score is 747 and I don't want to scores to drop before I get pre-approved for my investment property purchase. Should I hurry and apply as soon as I know the loan is funded, so I don't take the risk of my score dropping because of the payoff of the old mortgage? Any of you mortgage gurus have any knowledge, insight or experience with this situation?
Thank you in advance!
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Just financed new vehicle through GM Financial. Checked contract from purchase and it said MAY have pre payment penalty . Just hit my Experian as new account. How long do I have to wait to refinance?
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If this is not the correct forum, if mods would help get it where it belongs I would be appreciative.
These are my auto 8 scores. According to Experian, my Auto 8 is now 693 (as of today’s update).
I was 580 a month ago. I got a lot of inaccurate and outdated info deleted. I got a secured discover card with $2k balance, a Capital One secured $1k limit, and a Credit One Amex with $300 limit (yeah, I know, but it’s Amex)
I gained about 100 points across the board in a little over a month.
I have 3% utilization in credit. 3 years perfect hx with car payment.
I’m a 1099 employee and want to lease for tax benefits. I like the Mercedes AMG C63 that is roughly $1,000/mo lease.
What do I need to do? Will Mercedes accept this with $200k annuAl income? Or do I need to wait for 720 Auto 8 FICO?
Other advice or suggestions is appreciated.
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I just received a letter from an attorney in Virginia. (I don’t live in or near Virginia.) Attached to the letter was a warrant in debt that has a court date and a time for later this month for just under $300. The attorney says that the original is being forwarded to the court for filing.
Additionally it has my name (Ex. Tom Jones) on both the letter from the attorney and the warrant in debt paperwork. But the paperwork attached to the Warrant in debt is for my nephew (Ex. Tom Thaddeus Jones) who shares my first name but has always gone by his middle name his whole life which is different. It is his name (Thaddeus Jones) that appears on the signature line of documents, apparently from an apartment he lived in for a year.
I have never lived in Virginia. I never signed any paperwork for him. He lived with me in high school in another state after my brother died but that was 6 years ago.
First, is this really service or is the attorney fishing? I'm assuming they meant this for my nephew but the letter just had Tom Jones on it so I opened it. So how does this work? I can’t afford to travel 5 states away for this court date, so do I need to hire an attorney?
Second, I did contact my nephew who said he has never heard anything from the apartments complex after he moved out 2 years ago and swears he doesn’t owe them anything. When I went over the paperwork with him,  it seemed that something funny is going on. According to their own documents attached to the warrant, the lease was up on April 15th. He and the apartment manager signed the apartment inspection report on 4/16/2018. 4/16/2018 is listed as the vacate date. The inspection report also says "Rent Responsible Thru 4/16/2018".
What looks suspicious is the Statement of Charges.   First they charged him for rent for 16 days at $999. Then they charge him again for 14 days at $1342. Then they credit him back for 13 days at the higher rate and add $170 for rent for the 17th-20th. They then credit the rent payment my nephew made on his due date which was April 1st . Add to that a $70 late charge? Finally it shows the apartment was re-rented on April 20th.
Is it me or is this crazy? Not sure what I need to do at this point and don't know what to tell my nephew.
Thanks for any assistance.
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Exeter Finance   is showing  an unpaid and past due  auto loan account on my Equifax report  seriously affecting my credit score.  I paid off this loan in August of 2018.  I tried using the online dispute system on Equifax online to no avail.  I have  also contacted Exeter and they have sent me a paid in full letter, I also have the title to the car which they would not have released to me having a balance due.  I sent Equifax hard copies of the paid in full letter and the title to the car .  Equifax continues to report the account is open and past because the original creditor ( Exeter Finance) is reporting the account being open and past due.  I have continously contacted both Exeter and Equifax.     Exeter is simply being dishonest and Equifax will not update my account as long as Exeter is reporting it as open despite presenting documents showing the account is closed.
Looking for any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
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Am unable to keep up with my Barclay Cards. They are offering to permanently 'close' the accounts. And, also move the debt to a low interest 5.9% and fixed payments for 5 years. I want to move forward with it.
How will this impact my credit bureau reporting? Are there better options?
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I recently had 11 Chase credit cards closed. Seven were personal, and four were business cards. The combined lines were 186k. The balances on them were 211k. My overall utilization was 55% and overall credit lines were 474k. The credit scores at the time were around 700 each, and average age of accounts was 10 years. I had 22 total accounts.  I was paying close to $3k in interest monthly. A few days before the closures, I added four authorized users on three of the cards. I assume this may have triggered it. In total, I have spent over $15,000,000 on Chase cards in the last 10 years.
In summary:
-My total open accounts went from 22 to 11.
-My average age of accounts went from 10 years to 6 years.
These are my questions:
1.      What would be the reasons why an institution such as Chase would take would such drastic measures without first discussing any possible issues directly with the customer?
2.      Are there any state or federal regulations that banks need to follow when terminating relationships?
3.      If banks do use rules and guidelines, are these rules and guidelines internal or can they be known by the public?
4.      If the rules are internal, is there any state or federal regulatory agency that reviews the rules to make sure they are legal?
5.      If there is, how can the public know that the government agencies are actually doing their job?
6.      Has any of you had something similar happen to you?
Any answers, tips, or comments are greatly appreciated.
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What is the best way to remove inquiries, and also can i remove inquiries with accounts attached??  Please Help!!!!
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I discovered fraud on my Walmart store card from CapitalOne and disputed the charges.  They have mailed me a replacement card.
CapitalOne just wrote me:
We do not believe we made these charges.
How should we best proceed to try and recover the monies lost due to fraud?
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I have over 8-9 accounts all in exceptional rating. No lates, no derogatory on all bureaus. 3 are AU’s and 6 are primary. 803 TU and 783 EQ. Looking to get a high balance credit card. My utilization is 0%!!!!Please advise me in right direction 
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I'm trying to decide what step to take next regarding a collection.
I don't think this place is officially a "collection agency", but in doing some research, it seems like an attorney who does a lot of collection, so they are supposed to abide by the FDCPA. However, I am pretty sure that they are violating the FDCPA after looking up what fees my state allows them to charge as a tax lien buyer/holder.
But even if they are violating the FDCPA, and I have written documentation, does it do me much good? It seems like my only options are to file complaints with my state agencies or get an attorney to threaten/negotiate. From what I read, the CFPB would just forward my complaint to this collection place and keep a record of it, not much else.
I feel like a really good attorney could help, but that it would be hard to find a good one who doesn't need upfront payment and charge a lot. I could afford it, but I'm worried about the chance of spending even more money. If the attorney doesn't have success with reducing the debt more than the attorney fees, that is. I feel like it's only worth my time if the attorney could get the debt significantly reduced, and the odds of that are very low, right?
Also, I know I could send something like a debt validation letter, but I feel like they would respond and what good has it done?
I feel like they are probably charging excessive fees to many broke people in my area, which makes me very mad (and they also did something else which upsets me but it's way too hard to prove), but due to some personal circumstances, I don't think I have the luxury of caring about justice for other people or myself, sadly.
So I'm thinking of doing nothing (and letting them collect the unfair fees from me), but I would like input in case I am overlooking something.
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I received a letter from CA stating I owe them money.   I realized that I totally forgot to pay the hospital from many years ago.   This is a valid debt in my opinion. 
It is NOT being reported on my Credit Report. 
Question:  should i pay the hospital or the collection agency? 
I called the hospital and they said I should pay the agency. 
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Responding to another User's post I realized I never shared my recent painful experience with Chime Bank. 
Chime what some call a "second chance" banking solution for those who may have issues with credit checks or making it through the ChexSystem to obtain a bank account. 
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Ok, so thanks to advice from this forum I have since caught up and taken care of the majority of my debt. There is one account that I just completly missed and is in collections and I received a call that legal action will be taken and I will be served for garnishment/judgement. She said she was a courier. They don’t have my correct address and I didn’t give them my new one because I wanted to gather information first To make sure it was legit. On the phone I mentioned to send me a debt verification. She said she would email it. Never sent of course. She gave me a number to call to take care of it and to get the information I need. On my CR it said I had a limit of 300 and the last reported (High) balance in 2019 (nov) was 639. If I call collections and take care of it, will the attempt to serve me stop right away? How much should I offer to take care of it if I want to try to settle for a fraction. I really want to try to squash this as quickly as possible and I’ve read to submit in writing but I feel I shouldn’t wait. Any assistance if helpful. Thank you. 
Small Edit/update: Just called collections and the girl was generally very nice about everything. I didn’t confirm it was mine but she explained that the “courier” was just trying to rush things along and that I could setup an arrangement/pay in full etc. She is emailing the debt verification. Should I offer a settle/pay for delete and how much should I offer?
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I am looking to get a higher limit credit card, ultimately I want to be able to purchase a small property and get a rehab loan. My score was 720 in January and since opening 4 cards and a few late payments, my score is now 550 (the highest limit is 700, and I have $2420 in total CC balances). I have an eviction judgement, 800$ at a credit union loan in good standing. Would a 20k AU tradeline help?
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My spouse and I are trying to get (preferably) FHA financing for a house. It would be a small mortgage loan by almost anyone's standards. We have a few credit cards, but we PIF and neither of us carries credit card debt. There is one car loan between us with perfect payment history. We are recovering from old credit issues and have scores in the mid-600s. We both have savings.
Here's the problem: I make the majority of our combined income and have W2s and tax returns for the past several years. However, unlike my spouse, I have been on leave from my job due to COVID-19 and cannot produce check stubs. I have finally been called back to work, but that is over a month away. We do have a co-signer available but were told we still have to qualify income-wise, and that can't be done without check stubs.
Please offer any advice you might have! We can't let this property get away from us. Thank you! 
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I have a question. I live in Texas and I have a collection account on my report. 

The collection agency has already filed suit but NO court date has ever been set and that was about 2 yrs ago. I hired an attorney to file an answer for the suit two years ago. It has been two years and no court date and nothing else is happening. 

I want to do a factual dispute on the "last date of activity"  and also a past due balance with the credit bureaus. 

Question: If I do the factual dispute with the Bureaus, will they alert the Collection Agency that I disputed the DLA? Will that be like poking the bear and make that collection agency take some action again?
Or will the bureau just look at the 3 Bureau report I am sending showing that the DLA of each bureau do not match and are not  accurate?
I guess... what I am asking is  (I know that when you do a debt validation the credit bureau contacts to debt collector to validate. But do credit bureaus contact the collection agency even when you are just disputing a discrepancy between bureaus or just when you are doing a validation. Do they contact the collection agency for everything?
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