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    • So I heard that a card with high utilization can negatively impact your FICO even if your overall revolving utilization is good.  But does anyone have any more details of how exactly an individual card's utilization impacts scores?  Is it in % buckets like 90-100% very bad, 0-10% good?  Or is it a scaling % where every penny paid to a balance can help gradual increase FICO.
      Im asking this to help a relative who is trying to fine tune their FICO before getting a car loan.  Their overall revolving credit is at about 39% but they have one card thats 95% utilized. Im trying to figure out is there a magical % they should pay that card down to see a noticeable improvement on their FICOs.
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    • Wasn't sure where to post this, as it's kind of a unique situation:  
      - I am in the midst of rebuilding my credit. My (real) FICO is around 660.
      - I needed a new car, and on a whim, applied online for a lease.
      - Lease is through the car manufacturer. 
      - Was assigned a delivery date, went in and signed loan docs, made the payment for fees / taxes / registration, etc.... ($~3600) and took delivery of the car.
      - Got the car, and have been happy as a clam ever since.   

      Got home today to find a letter from the finance company (dated 10 days ago) saying that they "carefully assessed my application and concluded' they are 'unable to extend credit, or have offered you credit at less favorable terms than you requested."  
      Uhhhh. ....what?
      I have reviewed the loan documents carefully, and there is nothing in them about "contingent on final financing approval" or anything of the sort. 
      The letter I received doesn't make any mention of needing to return the car, or anything about modifying the terms of the contract. 
      - I've had the car for 3 weeks.
      - They have already cashed my check, and I've made the first month's payment...
      - In 2 weeks, the second payment is due. 
      Do I call them up and ask what's going on, or should I just assume it's a clerical error and continue to make payments? 
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    • My first Shop Discover purchase failed to give me cash back credit: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=518247. So far I haven't had the strength to try to contact them about this and track down an amount less than three dollars. This should just work...
      Now I've taken the damn card out of the sock drawer one more time to get 5% for online shopping. YES, I registered for the 5% promotion.
      So far:
      Amazon.com gift card, purchased directly from Amazon - Qualified
      Chefs.com purchase - Does not qualfiy
      Soap.com purchase - Does not qualify
      Overstock.com purchase - Does not qualify
      Amazon Payments (for purchase made from Amazon.com) - Does not qualify.
      This card is a #@$^@%^$ joke.
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    • From EXP
      EXP - 662
      EQ - 643
      TU - 649
      From EQ
      EXP - 587
      EQ - 621
      TU - 588
      From Credit Karma
      EXP - NA
      EQ - 639
      TU - 629
      Why is EQ so low? All the info is the same between them and the dates of the most recent pull is within a day or 2 of each other. 
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    • I want to use a balance transfer promotion from Chase but it has a 5% balance transfer fee. Looking to get around that if I can so I thought I'd pay my spouse with paypal using the Chase credit cards which will cost 2.99% but then we'll get 1% of that back with rewards so it'll be 2% total. Would Paypal or Chase have a problem with a payment to an individual with the same address?
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    • Wife pulled EQ, two hard inquiries on the same date in Aug. one of which resulted in the bogus account. EQ is the only CRA with any hard inqs and these were both on the same day.   Experian was pulled today and shows a new, 30 day late on the bogus account reported on the 18th. The account is shown as "Open" when she had asked the issuer to close the account on the 5th and they claimed they did so.   One of the odder things is that the addresses shown on her credit reports are all old, and established addresses. No new address associated with the new accounts. I take this to mean that the fraudster used her existing address when establishing the new credit account.   But, that should also mean that she should have received new account info and bills at our address. And we have not received a thing. Nor have we received the affidavit they purportedly mailed on the 5th. They have confirmed they have the correct mailing address several times.   So how is it even possible to have a 30 day late combined without ever receiving a single piece of mail in any way related to this new account given they have, and had, our current address?   Baffling.   On the positive side, she asked and they sent the affidavit by email. Requires images of DL, SS card, police and other reports, and notary. Will be going out tomorrow RRR.  
    • Thanks for reply cv91915. Very valuable information to share. So if I get mortgage will that include mortgage protection insurance as well or else I need to purchased separately from other lenders.
    • Yeah, I heard this on a podcast I was listening to last week.  Unbelievable. There were other egregious errors too -- not implementing a patch on a known vulnerability for 4-5 months, until after the breech was discovered; unsecured servers; login and password info embedded in the java script for public-facing websites where it was easily visible to even amateur hackers; and best of all, the people in charge of computer security -- the chief information officer and more critically the chief security officer -- had absolutely no technical background.  The chief security officer was Susan Mauldin, a music composition major -- no computer or information technology background whatsoever.   Even after they discovered the breach and finally applied the software vulnerability patch, they left other critical vulnerabilities open and waited weeks to announce the breach happened, during which time top execs started unloading their stocks before they could tank.  I read recently one of them just got a 4-month prison sentence for insider trading.   The website they set up for the public to see if they were affected was a sham -- one investigative reporter entered a bogus SSN and Donald Trump's name and was told his information was affected by the breach. In fact, you could enter any information in the fields and be told you were affected and be offered a chance to sign up for their credit monitoring service.   They are using the breach to promote and make money off their credit monitoring service.  I could go on for days.  Every time I think of this I have to take an ice bath to lower my blood pressure.     https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/10/a-series-of-delays-and-major-errors-led-to-massive-equifax-breach/    https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/equifax-executives-step-down-scrutiny-intensifies-credit-bureaus-n801706   
    • When I saw this, I thought of you right away, Tess.
    • Go to court, tell the judge you offered to return the collateral in satisfaction of the debt. See what happens. Could go south, or could go well. Don't see much worse than the current situation.

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