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    • I am about to start the HIPAA process and have a couple questions.  So far I have only opted out. 
      Can I use reports from MyFico? I've already requested reports from annualcreditreport.com in the last 12 months and I don't have them anymore, but I do have reports from MyFico.
      Also, I disputed these collections about 2 years ago before I knew about this process and the dispute comments are still showing, do I need to have those comments deleted first?
      Thanks for any help
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    • My mother was called on Friday and was told she owed money for a hospital visit from October 2003. Of course they threatened they were taking her to court and freeze her assets and such. My mother lives on social security so she has very little money to her name anyways.
      I contacted them to try and get information so I could send a letter telling them not to contact her again (technically she would be sending thebletter). I mentioned the SOL in Washington State is 6byears and this is well beyond that. The guy laughed and told me to stay off Google and it didn't apply because there was a telling agreement (or something along those lines) that was signed. 
      Any suggestions would be great. I'm out of my element on this one. I have a feeling this is a trash debt buyer and just threatening to scare people into paying. But I don't know what a tolling agreement is and if it is even a real thing. Also, how legal would one be to be added into ER admission paperwork? 
      The place is TE&A Litigation services. 
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    • I have an account that first became delinquent in April 2012 and never was brought current and has displayed that date up until March 2019 when the DOFD was changed to August 2012 and then again in May 2019 it was changed to October 2012. Is this reaging as this account should have changed to a positive status as of April 2019. Am i wrong? 
      • 21 replies
    • My mother passed away nearly 2 years ago. She did not own anything in her name, and there was no money in savings (joint with my dad) at the time of her passing.... but they lived in Texas (a community property state) and the house is paid in full.
      The house is solely in my dads name. That is the only property "they" owned.
      Her medical bills were quite high and were were initially told they cannot do much as there wasn't an estate. Now tge bills are being addressed to my mothers estate via my dads name.
      I know advice given here isn't legal.. But I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has been in this situation... Or advice that we should seek out an attorney.
      Can they force a sale or attach to the house at all in a community property state such as Texas or is the house not touchable. 
      TIA CB!
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    • Hi everyone I’m new to this site! I have a question about an account I saw on my credit report - it’s an old car lease back in 2006 that’s been paid for years but upon reviewing my report it noticed that it still shows open! Should I contact Transunion and have them close it or should I just leave it - there are no late payments but it isn’t showing paid as agreed! 
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