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    • Hi WhyChat,
      I happened to bounce onto this forum whilst skimming through medical bills and need your assistance.
      In a bit of situation for which I am not sure what approach I am to take 
      (1) Wife had to undergo some medical procedures in 2018 and that resulting in some medical bills
      (2) I had missed a month of payment after negotiating a payment plan with the hospital unfortunately and it had gone through to debt collections
      (3) Reached out to the Financial Recoveries (debt collectors) and negotiatied another payment plan unknowingly to me that inspite of doing so that they would report it on my wife's credit report
      (4) Checked my wife's credit report this month and I see the collections records listed in her profile
      (5) Called Financial Recoveries and they were not helpful with my request to remove the records off my wife's credit report upon payment. They say that once its settled, it would be marked as closed and it would eventually 'fall' off
      (5) Called the hospital and asked them if they could claw back the debt so that I could pay it off with them and they could have Financial Recoveries pull it off my credit report. They had mentioned that I could pay the debt to either the hospital or the debt collectors but they have no control over the credit report issue.
      I am at loss right now as to what approach I should take to remove those derogatory remarks from her report and would appreciate any advise. I read that goodwill letter 'might' work after complete payment but there is no certainty of that.
      One thought that ran through is that if i were to pay the complete amount to the hospital they technically Financial Recoveries would have nothing to claim and they maybe 'bound' to remove those remarks? 
      Any advice is highly appreciated!
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    • Hey, my (older) mother was at Macy's, using her store branded Macy's card (DSNB) she has had for 28 years, when one of the tellers said that they "had" to switch her Macys card over to "the new one" and asked her to put in the last 4 of her social security #. She did it, and only realized a few weeks later when get got a new Amex Macy's card in the mail that the cashier had signed her up for a new Amex Macy's card. She was livid and refuses to activate the card, but we all know that the card is already open and reporting on her credit report as a new separate card. She wants to close the account and have all records of it removed from her credit reports and wants to report the incident as well. What are the proper steps to take to get this done with minimal headache? This happened a few months ago but I am just getting around to helping her out with it now. Thanks.
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    • Received some akimbo prepaid card.
      Never heard of them.
      Identity theft I suspect.
      Funny it came to me in c/o of me.
      Filed a complaint with CFBP and will call these people on Monday and tell them to remove my name and address from their database.
      Has anyone dealt with them.
      I am holding onto the card just incase I have to get a lawyer involved.
      • 8 replies
    • After many years with AT&T I decided to go with Verizon with the condition of no hard inquiry. The dealer agreed along with the manager.  Knowing  this did not mean much I had a paper agreeing to this  agreement signed by the manager. Of course a hard was on EQ.  
      I contacted the EO of Verizon and the manager admitted to this at which the EO agreed to remove the inquiry and was sent the following e-mail with a follow up call. :
      Thank you for bringing your concerns to the attention of xxxxx xxxxxxxxx, SVP-Consumer Customer Service . We are committed to providing you with a stellar customer experience everyday. We value and appreciate your feedback when we may fall short of that commitment.

      I am glad that we were able to resolve your concerns by submitting a suppression request to the applicable credit bureau.  This credit suppression should occur within 60 days.

      Thank you for your patience in the resolution of this matter and your continued loyalty to Verizon.

      Sincerely, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
      2 months later the inquiry is still on EQ and it claims no contact from Verizon. The case is now closed and I can't get in touch with the signee of the e-mail and phone call. All I get is the EQ refuses to remove it as we can't do anything to force EQ to remove it. BS I told another Verizon  EO official and ended the convo.
      What should be my next step? Thx for any advice.  
      • 8 replies
    • I joined this board in 2010 and it took years and hard work to get all the baddies off my report (Thanks CB). Then out of the blue I get a baddie on my Exp report from a CO named Williams & Rivera Litigation. They are trying to collect on a old Fingerhut account that is no longer reporting. I attempted a old WhyChat kitchen sink type dispute letter that has worked for me many many times in the past but it came back today as "Verified". My question is, what is the best approach from here? Its a $400 CO with a collection agency, the OC is not reporting anymore, I disputed them off years ago. 
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    • Your all correct.... I did screw up. I have learned an expense lesson. I have owned it many times through many letters sent to them.    I have requested human understanding of my error, sent a credit report to illustrate this was a first-time and uncharacteristic mistake and asked for another chance. I did not receive mailed correspondence from them, and erred in the belief this is how I would have been contacted if there was a problem.      Any suggestions on how to work with the Ombudsman? The loan servicer even suggested I contact them, but prefaced it by saying "in the six years I've been here, I've never seen the Ombudsman overturn a reporting decision by us".       It's been quite the humiliating and humbling experience....
    • The fact that someone with a Bar card advertises does not mean they are GOOD at what they are advertising.  The reality is that they are looking for a fee to be collected.  Generally speaking, when counsel is good at the area of expertise, advertising is not needed.  The business comes through word of mouth, whether by referrals from satisfied clients or from other attorneys that know the skills.  My practice falls into that category (I don't do credit work but instead work in a State-specific niche area of post-conviction defense).  We did get our website back up earlier this year but went close to two years without a functioning website.  No billboards and no television ads.  Still, enough business that we turn away some prospective clients...   With respect to credit work, you are not going to find someone that takes the case on contingency.  This means you would be fronting the fees and could expect to see invoices of at least a few hundred bucks per hour.  The ONLY way you get those funds back is if the case actually goes to trial, you prevailed AND the Court entered an Order that also granted costs.  Since most litigation settles outside of court, you would not have such an Order.  Outside of someone who is about to make a high-dollar purchase where an extra point or two of interest generates real costs, you won't have damages that warrant spending a few thousand on counsel and competent counsel is going to tell you the same thing when you call them.  This is not to say that you would not also find offices that will take on any case where someone is willing to write a check for payment...   You may also want to explore an option in your goodwill letters whereby you seek to let them continue to screw the kid by reporting but instead delete it from your record.  I would ALSO demand that the child immediately take steps to refinance the loan so that their future irresponsibility impacts only them and NOT you...
    • I bought a golf shirt on sale.  My net cost was just under $20 after Ebates.  
    • Got an email from the Lender last night asking for  pay statements and info on what i was planning to consolidate/refinance.  will update when i hear more.  

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