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    • Standard form letter. As I said, wait until the 20th and then check your reports via the "back door"
    • NFCU CC Balance Updated and score jumped to 613 overnight.     I am almost positive that once the lates hit the 1 year mark with proper utilization management I should be able to  achieve the 620 middle needed for a VA mortgage.  
    • I was just approved for a CITI MC with 25 inquires...for a data point. It was only for 10k though.   There was a long time member houstonlyn?? I think that was her posting name   She had a thread that basically stated that an AA letter for inquires meant that they "just weren't that in to you" or something along those lines. good luck and don't worry about inquires. I would be more worried about carrying multiple balances on cards-as you stated in another post
    • And, I couldnt resist.  Lol.  Asked Navy Federal aka NFCU for a CLI on my $2k mastercard   They did one hard pull on one CRA and I was granted a 4k increase...up to a credit line of $6000.    That sure was good news!   So my next steps:   Cancel Credit One  ($900 TL) Cancel Open Sky.    ($200 TL)   Combine Capital One cards (someone on the regular call in line said they couldnt combine my secured with unsecured, so I might have to cancel Capital One $50 secured that is up to $500 TL)   Have all cards paid, except for $2 Fico trick, and see where my Fico is for Sept 2018   will keep ya updated! 😊   thanks!   Starting to trim off the "toy cards" and hoping to get some larger Credit Limits    Thank uuuuuuu!
    • They violated the mod agreement by raising the payment 12%, 5 days after they executed the modification agreement.  There was no change in circumstances, neither the taxes or insurance increased at all.  We were induced to enter into the agreement based on the modification contract terms.  Since the mortgage was discharged in BK, we would have just walked away then.  Thats how they violated the mod agreement.

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