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    • Greetings, Thank you kindly for any and every response before + after the fact.
      Regarding a one year apartment lease. it's been just over one year since moving, first collection company contacted me in May, and again June - weird, it's like the complex sent it twice. It shows twice as the same amount, a $1998 charge-off. I would love to sue the apartment complex or some way hold them accountable - serious wrong doing and lies.
      Now just want the simplest way to move past it. Question is, when disputing to the 3 bureau's is best to make my case, describe what happened etc or is there some technicality to just have it removed? I was reading another thread about them having to be bonded in the state? I'm in Fl. 
      Also, are the disputes best done online, is that more common or do people mail nowadays?
      Quick recap if that helps:
       Lease expired 11/1. I was out 11/19, which of course is late, but I do have in writing from Manager to allow me to stay without fees if out by 11/16. the elevator was broken 11/12-11/16 creating the necessity to complete move 11/19. 
      They had a $1519 security deposit (one month). I was dumb enough to think a refund was coming, it was over the Holidays, and hopeful, I contacted Manager whom I had been in contact with, told she with a new property. My papers processed by someone else. I get notice on door of missed package, sign thinking they will leave it the next day, track it, and it shows "return to sender". SO I've never received itemized bill. 
      The only way that I have any idea what they chalked the fees with is a respone from manager on an online review I left for them. They stated that the carpet needed to be replaced.
      I Left that apartment EMPTY. I also filled in a move-in checklist and noted the carpet on it.
      Regardless, how does a $1519 deposit turn into a $1998 Charge-Off??!!!?!!
      Anyway, it boggles the mind that the apartment complex has done this to me. it's despicable, really. One of the reasons the Manager granted request initially was that I paid on time every month, had no issues. The fact that they would sever what could have parted amicably is beyond me.
      It's been a year...still think about suing, but would appreciate any advice. it took my credit from 700 to 600.
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    • So somebody got ahold of my Citi CC number and successfully charged $753 and change on some pool website. I saw the charge and called the company and they said the order looked fraudulent and they had canceled it and refunded my card. 
      So I contacted Citi to get a new card number and disputed the charge. Well, first the refund from the merchant never posted. Now 3 weeks later I call Citi to see what's taking so long with posting my credit from the dispute. 
      They say that it's still under investigation and they will not post the credit until they finish the investigation and determine it is fraudulent. Until then I have to pay it off when my bill comes due. 
      Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Every dispute I've ever filed they credit my account instantly. That's the whole point of having a CC - they are liable for fraud, not me. 
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    • Hi WhyChat,
      I happened to bounce onto this forum whilst skimming through medical bills and need your assistance.
      In a bit of situation for which I am not sure what approach I am to take 
      (1) Wife had to undergo some medical procedures in 2018 and that resulting in some medical bills
      (2) I had missed a month of payment after negotiating a payment plan with the hospital unfortunately and it had gone through to debt collections
      (3) Reached out to the Financial Recoveries (debt collectors) and negotiatied another payment plan unknowingly to me that inspite of doing so that they would report it on my wife's credit report
      (4) Checked my wife's credit report this month and I see the collections records listed in her profile
      (5) Called Financial Recoveries and they were not helpful with my request to remove the records off my wife's credit report upon payment. They say that once its settled, it would be marked as closed and it would eventually 'fall' off
      (5) Called the hospital and asked them if they could claw back the debt so that I could pay it off with them and they could have Financial Recoveries pull it off my credit report. They had mentioned that I could pay the debt to either the hospital or the debt collectors but they have no control over the credit report issue.
      I am at loss right now as to what approach I should take to remove those derogatory remarks from her report and would appreciate any advise. I read that goodwill letter 'might' work after complete payment but there is no certainty of that.
      One thought that ran through is that if i were to pay the complete amount to the hospital they technically Financial Recoveries would have nothing to claim and they maybe 'bound' to remove those remarks? 
      Any advice is highly appreciated!
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    • Hey, my (older) mother was at Macy's, using her store branded Macy's card (DSNB) she has had for 28 years, when one of the tellers said that they "had" to switch her Macys card over to "the new one" and asked her to put in the last 4 of her social security #. She did it, and only realized a few weeks later when get got a new Amex Macy's card in the mail that the cashier had signed her up for a new Amex Macy's card. She was livid and refuses to activate the card, but we all know that the card is already open and reporting on her credit report as a new separate card. She wants to close the account and have all records of it removed from her credit reports and wants to report the incident as well. What are the proper steps to take to get this done with minimal headache? This happened a few months ago but I am just getting around to helping her out with it now. Thanks.
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    • Received some akimbo prepaid card.
      Never heard of them.
      Identity theft I suspect.
      Funny it came to me in c/o of me.
      Filed a complaint with CFBP and will call these people on Monday and tell them to remove my name and address from their database.
      Has anyone dealt with them.
      I am holding onto the card just incase I have to get a lawyer involved.
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    • CD Matured/Account closed Friday 12/6, ACH hit my WF account Tuesday 12/10.
    • Well part success story, part question here(maybe for Student Loan board).  Started late 2017 with all my scores in mid 500's. My credit was a disaster of mortgage lates, charge-offs, student loan lates, medical collections and other garbage.  I took things from here and began eating the elephant one bite at a time. First I got all the mortgage accounts removed through persistent disputing and a few nasty letters to BoA. That got my scores up to 590. I disputed all the medical collections, took 6 months but I managed a total of 22 deletions across all three bureaus.  My scores tipped over 600.  Disputed a few other collections off(Citi and Verizon). That brought me to 620.  I got an authorized user AMEX with a relative, and got my own Cap 1 card.  Paid all my bills on time and kept my utilization under 10% for 12 months and my scores zoomed to 650-680.  I got my OWN Amex Gold and Discover and paid on time and kept utilization low.  I got a few store cards like Amazon and Nordstroms.  Scores took a hit back down to 650.  Another 3 months I went into a car dealer expecting a decline and was approved for a 36 month car lease with no money down.  I think I am totally back as I just got a mortgage on a rental property(I was told my middle score was a 705) and last month I got approved for a 15k Visa with PNC bank.  So I thank everyone here for all the sound advice.   Ok my question...I really want to get into 750 FICO-land but  my student loan lates from back in 2016 are still haunting me. I have tried everything, I mean everything to get them off my reports.  I have tried all the dispute tactics, goodwill letters, threats to NELNET. I was granted a forbearance but this was after a 150 day period of non payment by me.  The mortgage guy who ran my credit last month said if I was to get those lates removed..I would have A+ credit.  Anybody have any ideas dealing with intransigent student loan lenders?
    • Thanks for the reply. My oldest account is actually one of my parents cards that I am an Auth. user on - it's a non-Amex from like 1991 I think? Early 90's basically. Most of my other accounts are newer, like within the last 5 years, so the older one definitely helps my AAoA.   My credit profile in general is GOOD - it's actually close to great or excellent if I paid down some balances. I'm at like 730, no lates or CO's. I had a CO but it finally fell off my CR last year, so it's now very clean. I have like 30% utilization at the moment and I know I need to bring that down, and my AAoA isn't that old - could definitely be better. I was just wondering if there were any other accounts that I was missing or might look to add, but it sounds like I may be fine there. 
    • I’ll be starting some sort of college fund for a child due soon,  and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience between choosing the different college savings plan,  such as a prepaid plan vs the non prepaid plan.   is there one that is more generally better than the other?  I like the prepaid as that you are essentially paying tuition at today’s price, but I wonder if a non prepaid plan is better since it grows.   anything to consider between choosing these two?
    • Thank you Centex, that's a good point.  I will and should look into it;  will keep you all updated.  

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