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    • Hi, this is my first post here as I'm kind of stuck in a situation and need help. After moving out from my previous apartment in Indiana, I forgot to pay the electric bill (Duke Energy) for the final month which I did not realize until 4 days ago when I saw a collections record on my credit report. Now I did not receive any communication from the CA or OC regarding the debt until I saw the CR. I have not yet talked to either the CA or OC, but I’m more than willing to pay the whole debt amount ASAP, but would like to get the collections record removed from my CR. I’m a foreign national and do not know much about such processes, but I don’t want a near $100 debt stain my credit score for years to come. I have read some of the discussions in this forum on this topic, and understand that I should first talk to the OC and get the debt settled. What I'm not clear about is what steps I should undertake after that. I would highly appreciate if someone could guide me with this or share their personal experiences in such situations. Thanks for helping out!
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    • Anyone have a recent account freeze because of fraud or involuntary account closure?
      I still get emails from individuals who experience fraud or an account closure, which prevents them from accessing funds.
      I have been posting this since - probably - 2007, and I still get contacted about it.
      By now, I sound like a broken record, but here it is:
      1)  Don't keep all your funds in one financial institution.
      2)  Have a primary household account (Just for monthly/quarterly bills).
      3)  Keep a separate account or debit card for point-of-sale and internet purchases.
      4)  Split your direct deposit (if possible) between different accounts.
      5)  Maintain a savings or checking (for emergencies only).
      Recent email was from a business colleague who had her credit union account frozen on a Friday, because someone attempted a large debit card purchase.
      Because of the recent banking holiday, she wasn't able to access funds until she went to the CU on Tuesday.
      My suggestion was the list above.
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    • Hello

      I have about 140k in credit card debt which turned to 20+ interest after a couple of years of zero credit. 
      Another 45k in student debt
      FICO 2 is 732. Credit Karma etc are about 600 due to high debt. No derogs. All clean - long history - good mix of credit.
      Have not paid uncle sam on my 1099 this year. About 19k.
      Now the contract is over. I get to choose between credit card bills and food. 

      - Do I call the credit card companies and tell them?
      - Do I cut all the payments to credit card companies as they are due around the 10th of the month?

      Am trying desperately to get a home equity loan to pay it all off. I have a good amount of equity and can pay off that loan through gig economy jobs (lyft, uber) until I get a new contract. it is even possible that I will get this contract back two weeks from now when the dust settles.
      please advise. am in bind.
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    • Hello, I am helping my daughter who has received collections notices from two (2) separate agencies for the same alleged debt. One was from TRS Recovery Services in early 2019, and the most recent was Transworld Systems. When she received the initial 2019 letter from TRS, she contacted her bank (this was supposedly for a returned check at Walmart, and their notice listed Telecheck Services as the 'current creditor'). The bank had no record of any such transaction. 
      In January 2020, she received a collection letter from Transworld Systems for the same alleged debt. In this letter, they also claim that Telecheck Services is the creditor. The amount of the alleged debt is the same in letters from TRS and Transworld.
      A certified letter was sent to Transworld listing the Transworld Systems account number, and the alleged creditor account number. This letter requested a Verification of Debt as prescribed in 15 U.S. Code § 1692g and demanded that all information related to this matter, their ability to collect, and the original creditor information, be sent.
      We received the Return Receipt (letter was received by Transworld 10-days ago).
      Today, we received a second letter from Transworld with a NEW account number (for Transworld). There is also a new account number tied to Telecheck Services, but the alleged debt amount is exactly the same.
      This letter was dated 4-days after they signed for our certified letter, so they are ignoring our demand for a Verification of Debt.
      My question is, what is the best way to address this issue. They are clearly attempting to extort money since the debt is nonexistent, and are not complying with the FDCPA requirements. 
      I look forward to feedback.
      Thank you.  
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    • Lots of updates and new information to vet.  🥴
      I'll post the state by state list before merging into a single PDF for credit unions, with bookmarks for each state.
      Post any updates, comments or related info about AL CUs.
      **The final PDF will refer individuals to the CU website to verify membership requirements.
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    • Now that I have very good credit, I decided I wanted to reduce the interest rate on my NFCU NavChek LOC.  I was told the way to do this was to reduce line from $15K to $14.5K and then apply for $15K again.  I've had this line for almost 10 years at the $15K limit.  It came back denied, told I had to wait for letter which I just got it reads:   Credit is not Granted Based on Terms/Type Requested   Not sure what that means?  Did they enter the application incorrectly?   The denial also says my score was 798 with a max score of 818, so very high score.   Ideas on how to resolve this and get my credit back to $15K and hopefully have a better interest rate.  I'm currently at 15.9%, their lowest rate is 13.9%
    • You should dispute all of them at once. The bureaus don't communicate with each other regarding disputes, so there's really no reason not to dispute with all of them at the same time. But you will need to wait until they respond before disputing again.   And yes, there is a fourth major credit bureau called Innovis. You can order your report from them online. They have fewer data fields than the other bureaus, especially on closed accounts, so it may be harder to find inconsistencies on there. But you never know, there could be something blatantly inaccurate or incomplete. They are getting checked by more lenders as of late, so it is definitely worth your time to look at the report and dispute if necessary. I'd say about half of my credit accounts report to them, so if something is missing from your report, it is likely just not being reported by a particular lender.
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    • Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Loses Almost $400K in Phishing Scam: 'I Won't Be Getting the Money Back'
    • My "838" on the PenFed site isn't worth citing a "Key Factor" apparently ... (so, how did you rate?)

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