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    • I received a letter from CA stating I owe them money.   I realized that I totally forgot to pay the hospital from many years ago.   This is a valid debt in my opinion. 
      It is NOT being reported on my Credit Report. 
      Question:  should i pay the hospital or the collection agency? 
      I called the hospital and they said I should pay the agency. 
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    • Responding to another User's post I realized I never shared my recent painful experience with Chime Bank. 
      Chime what some call a "second chance" banking solution for those who may have issues with credit checks or making it through the ChexSystem to obtain a bank account. 
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    • Ok, so thanks to advice from this forum I have since caught up and taken care of the majority of my debt. There is one account that I just completly missed and is in collections and I received a call that legal action will be taken and I will be served for garnishment/judgement. She said she was a courier. They don’t have my correct address and I didn’t give them my new one because I wanted to gather information first To make sure it was legit. On the phone I mentioned to send me a debt verification. She said she would email it. Never sent of course. She gave me a number to call to take care of it and to get the information I need. On my CR it said I had a limit of 300 and the last reported (High) balance in 2019 (nov) was 639. If I call collections and take care of it, will the attempt to serve me stop right away? How much should I offer to take care of it if I want to try to settle for a fraction. I really want to try to squash this as quickly as possible and I’ve read to submit in writing but I feel I shouldn’t wait. Any assistance if helpful. Thank you. 
      Small Edit/update: Just called collections and the girl was generally very nice about everything. I didn’t confirm it was mine but she explained that the “courier” was just trying to rush things along and that I could setup an arrangement/pay in full etc. She is emailing the debt verification. Should I offer a settle/pay for delete and how much should I offer?
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    • I am looking to get a higher limit credit card, ultimately I want to be able to purchase a small property and get a rehab loan. My score was 720 in January and since opening 4 cards and a few late payments, my score is now 550 (the highest limit is 700, and I have $2420 in total CC balances). I have an eviction judgement, 800$ at a credit union loan in good standing. Would a 20k AU tradeline help?
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    • My spouse and I are trying to get (preferably) FHA financing for a house. It would be a small mortgage loan by almost anyone's standards. We have a few credit cards, but we PIF and neither of us carries credit card debt. There is one car loan between us with perfect payment history. We are recovering from old credit issues and have scores in the mid-600s. We both have savings.
      Here's the problem: I make the majority of our combined income and have W2s and tax returns for the past several years. However, unlike my spouse, I have been on leave from my job due to COVID-19 and cannot produce check stubs. I have finally been called back to work, but that is over a month away. We do have a co-signer available but were told we still have to qualify income-wise, and that can't be done without check stubs.
      Please offer any advice you might have! We can't let this property get away from us. Thank you! 
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    • Probably around $140,000. FHA, and most banks, want you housing costs to be around 30% of your gross income. With the current low interest rates we can take $2400 X 30% = $720 per month. A $140,000 loan at 2.75% = monthly principle payment of $571.54. Add in taxes, insurance plus PMI insurance, unless your putting 20% down, you would be in the $700's. 
    • Just like they can say pretty please pay us forever, arbitration clauses are good forever too. If one of the debts they are in possession of had arbitration, well, you know what I would do. Stop pulling, or else. Won't pay the 6K fee to AAA or JAMS? Excellent choice. See you in federal court, where you get to explain to a judge why you refuse to abide by your own agreement. Bet they stop after that.
    • Once one party invokes arbitration, they are accepting the rules of the arbitration forum. All the contract is good for at that point is to establish that a valid arb clause exists. 
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