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    • Link:  https://www.marketwatch.com/story/chase-hikes-the-annual-fee-for-its-popular-sapphire-reserve-card-to-550-and-rolls-out-new-perks-2020-01-08
      Quote:  "Chase JPM is increasing the annual fee on its popular Sapphire Reserve card, intensifying the ongoing competition with American Express’ Platinum card."
      Maybe I'm slow, but how does increasing the cost of a card intensify the competition?  Next, will American Express increase the price of their card to $1,000 to keep up?  Anyway, I wouldn't pay $550 for any card.  The benefits aren't worth it for me.  For $550 I could take a week vacation to Las Vegas if I want (I don't really care for Vegas, but I needed an example).
      Anyway, all my annual fee free not-very-fancy cards all work the same at McDonald's like the Sapphire Reserve card.
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    • So my TransUnion score is about 60 points lower than the others. On the 3rd party sites that give me my score, they mention a derogatory account being the reason so I pulled my report and there are no derogatory accounts. 
      I called TransUnion and they were no help, trying to get me to buy something. 
      So here I sit, decided to buy my TransUnion score directly from them, found it to be 9.95, 19.95 and 24.95. The lower prices are displayed but then when I log in to buy, the other prices disappear and they want 24.95 
      Starting to feel a bit bullied. 😡
      Any idea why my score would reflect a derogatory mark but my report does not?
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    • Hello Everyone,
      Happy New Year to all! Question for some pros. I disputed a Verizon Wireless collection account on all 3 CRA's. The usual "verified" thing happened on TRANS and EXP but, it was removed for EQ. 
      The question is, am I able to dispute again with TRANS and EXP stating that the account was removed on EQ simple and plain? If so, do I just dispute and say TL was inaccurate and removed from EQ and should have been removed on all 3, please remove?
      Thanks in advance!
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    • Well, I exceeded an established limit set by a lender, 48.00 bucks and change.  Notice arrives referencing the delinquency having with an offer to remedy the default. Irksome is wording that implies the outstanding amount due is an amount to make the balance $0.00. While due really is a minimum payment 78.00 bucks even. 
      Someone with a better working knowledge of those laws regarding language, syntax, technicalities of painting, respond with insight including an answer to this question could the lender be on the hook for misrepresenting the amount, or some other infraction?
      To date, the account is open, no notice received of account closure wherein then the whole amount is due. 
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    • Flew back into IAH the other day after spending the week in Vegas.  As I went to exit the garage, I had my parking ticket and AXP Plat out and ready to go.  IAH uses one of the machines at the exit where you insert the ticket and then it prompts for the card, and then returns both to you, with the ticket serving as the receipt.
      Somewhere in the time since my last departure from IAH in August, they have added a little sticker to the machine that says "No Metal Cards." They don't staff the credit card lanes with humans.  Fortunately, I had options and more fortunately, there was nobody in the line behind me being inconvenienced as I dug for a plastic card.
      Anyone else seeing similar things? 
      I am curious as to what prompted the change since they have never been a problem previously.  I do on occasion see instances where the silver mag stripe on AXP doesn't read correctly and the card has to be swiped a second or third time (not at IAH), but that wouldn't seem to be the issue here since, as noted, I have used the card on other travels without problem...
      I have an inquiry in to the IAH powers that be, but don't expect a meaningful reply...if one does get generated, I will post. 
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    • I don't see where to apply, but the card looks to be based in China.   These Terms are governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China without regard to conflict of law principles. If a lawsuit or court proceeding is permitted under these Terms, then you and Easy Transfer agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the state courts and federal courts located within Beijing, China for the purpose of litigating any dispute. We operate the Service from our offices in Beijing, and we make no representation that Materials included in the Service are appropriate or available for use in other locations.    
    • In my personal opinion, I know we're that the case and you made a decent down payment then I know I could secure you a loan. Sent from my SM-P580 using Tapatalk
    • I paid them all off on Jan 1.   Also, a few of them charged me interest on the next (this) cycle despite me paying the amount due in full.   ETA - All of the ones that did this were the same ones who kept INCREASING my limit bit by bit over the past 2 years.
    • https://www.easytransfer.com.cn/credit-card.html   "The Evoke card is designed for Chinese international students."   I wonder what happens if someone not fitting that description applies... (given fed Regs and other matters that makes it difficult to exclude by national origin, etc).
    • That would be the best idea? That’s certainly not a problem.

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