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    • Walked away from a bunch of CCs/Loans in 2018. All charged off mid 2018. Since then I have paid for delete on all but one collection account which is being stubborn. FICO scores are around 650 now even with the one collection tradeline still there. 

      Now I am debating disputing the 8 charged off tradelines on my reports. On one hand, any I get removed, makes less negative marks on my reports. But at the same time, they are heavily weighing my age of credit which is a positive. Below is a breakdown of accounts and their open dates. 

      So what are your thoughts. If it was you, would you attempt to get the negative aging tradelines removed now and lower my average age or tradeline or just wait for them to fall off on their own? Do you think removing the aged charge-offs will help or hurt the credit score?
      AVERAGE AGE: 7 yrs 1 mo
      OLDEST ACCOUNT: 19 yrs 8 mos
      Active Accounts Never Late
      CC0 - 2022
      CC1 - 2021
      CC2 - 2021
      CC3 - 2021
      CC4 - 2014
      CC5 - 2021
      Student - 2018
      Closed Never Late 
      CC6 - 2015
      Auto1 - 2007
      Auto2 - 2015
      Home1 - 2002
      Loan1 - 2015
      Closed - Charged Off - all around mid 2018
      CC7 - 2016
      CC8 - 2014
      CC9 - 2008
      CC10 - 2016
      CC11 - 2016
      CC12 - 2014
      CC13 - 2015
      Loan2 - 2016
      1 collection outstanding for $3k
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    • Long story short, happy to provide details if needed, but a few months ago I disputed two charges (which were paid a month before the dispute was initiated) with a merchant totaling $486.14 for services that were ultimately never rendered. I tried for several weeks to contact the merchant who did not respond. It was at that point that I initiated the dispute to obtain a refund with my credit card company (Chase). Over the course of the next 2 months I received two notices from Chase saying "we're pleased to tell you that we've resolved your dispute...we've credited your account for the full disputed dollar amount."
      Now, a month after the last notice the merchant sends me a bill for $486.14. I talk to the merchant's billing department who says they have no record of my payment. I send them the email receipts and credit card statements showing I paid the amount on those dates, thinking this is just a billing glitch. They get back to me and say I can disregard the bill and they'll sort it out in 10-15 days. Then I get another message from the same person who says "Both payments were disputed by you to your card company and therefore both payments were voided and not posted to your account....blah blah blah." And then they go back to not replying to my emails or calls. Monday morning I get another bill in the mail from them saying payment is due. 
      This to me seems very weasel-ish. I did not dispute the payments, I disputed the charges that I paid. It seems like a too-cute way of getting around a charge dispute they lost fair and square. Makes you wonder if every bitter merchant will go down this path. 
      I talked to Chase and the people on the phone seemed surprised by this whole saga. They said once the dispute is resolved that's it, and they couldn't recall this happening before. They said if it goes to collections I can show the collections agency the dispute resolution letter but I'd rather resolve this before it gets to that point and I have to deal with credit reporting agencies. Has anyone here dealt with this kind of thing? Any advice or is it a lost cause once it goes to collections?
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    • Hello, I hope someone else has experienced this and has some insight. To summarize:
      Each year, as required, I have submitted my tax returns to my attorney to forward to the trustee.  My case was completing this past June so in APRIL the trustee sent a notice to myself and my attorney listing the items that might cause my case to not be discharged, there were 3 tax returns listed as well as a small outstanding balance. I immediately emailed my attorney and attached those missing returns and let him know I would be paying the outstanding balance soon. (paid it as stated) He replied to the email so he definitely received it. July rolls around and I decided to check in with the attorney, he later forwards me an email response from the trustee saying that she was just about to file a motion to dismiss on Monday because she never got a response to the April request and my file is still missing my returns. She also states in the email that she will hold off on filing the motion to give me time to submit the returns. This is a Tuesday. I email him AGAIN with those same returns, pointing out that I sent them to him back in April. A week later, he emails me and says that she went ahead and filed the motion to dismiss that Monday, so now he had to request a hearing. He says the hearing is in September but I've asked twice for the date/time so I can attend but he hasn't answered. I emailed the clerk myself but she didn't respond, not sure if it's against protocol for her to speak to me? Just received in the mail a copy of both the motion to dismiss but also an ORDER TO DISMISS stating the same reasons, that I failed to submit my returns.  
      I am shaking and angry right now. Is there anything I can do on my own? I do not trust my attorney any longer and obviously he is not acting with any urgency. I'm literally over 5 years into my case and have made all payments on time and I am DONE and ready for discharge. To have this wrench thrown in for something I didn't do, it's just heartbreaking.
      Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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    • I was approved for the following cards. Do creditors consider CAPITAL ONE Credit Card as a subprime card? A credit rebuilder card? 
      Do you think it's worth applying for? If YES, which one of the following cards would you choose?
      Platinum Mastercard Quicksilver for Good Credit SavorOne for Good Credit VentureOne for Good Credit  
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    • Thanks NYRFan!
      UPDATED FILE IS BELOW. Changes and updates will be provided by Breeze.
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    • OMG!!!     I wonder if  @hegemony has bought one for  @Kat58 yet???
    • My wife and I have been trying to teach him to be a financial OCD for decades, but sometimes he just doesn't get it.  Seems equitation is the difficult way to solve the issue.     But then there is the illustrious Teddy Roosevelt Trick -- "Talk softly, but carry a big fooking stick."  I slashed his budget 5%.  3% was for the possible 3% some Apple Card transactions earn and 2% was a penalty reduction.   PharmaHo got him into a summer internship program so then my son thought he was on cloud 9.  Since he is earning money, he can be at least partially financially self sufficient.  I take 60%.  25% is to repay part of his budget and 25% goes into a mandatory long-term savings.  10% goes into an investment program that I let him manage.     The only other problem I had to solve is his extreme tipping.  He goes out to eat a lot with his friends and they think nothing of 30% tips.  I told him 15% is good and maybe even less if the service isn't that good.  But noooooo.  Good thing about Apple Card and using it with Apple Pay is that you see the original authorized amount and then when the charge actually posts you see the increased amount due to the tip.  So I averaged his tips for a month and they were about 27% -- an excess of 12%.  12% x 2 = 24%.  I reduced his budget across the board 24%.  Voila!  Now he realizes that there's a limit to how much of my money I will let him throw away.  
    • I tried a few times and each time it says no record found followed by system maintenance message. I will try again on Monday, then call them up.
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