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    • An old CapitalOne credit card was charged off. It went to collections and the collections account appeared on my reports. The original CapitalOne credit card disappeared from two reports but is still on Equifax.
      Do original creditor accounts that are charged off usually stay on your report after they're sent to collections?
      Is there any way to get the original charged off account off of my report? It seems odd that basically the same account can show up as two negative items. If it can come off, can you please help me find some resources to help get it off? I found this article but it doesn't help much: https://blog.credit.com/2012/08/credit-report-double-jeopardy-means-double-damage-61199/
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    • Back in July I put 100k on various credit cards to invest in a venture.  Was supposed to be paid back by end of Nov but ran into a few pitfalls and am now looking at Apr 1.  I currently owe about 55k . . I have 125k in available credit 131k if you include Walmart. My experian also has a 24k authorized user card so it lists available credit as 155k and is my highest score .
      Nfcu 25k /34k limit
      Amex 7k/25k limit
      Boa 19.5/40k limit
      chase 3300 , they closed my card because of my activity , it was only 2 months old.  This has 0 pct for the next 15 months.
      I also have a discover card that I pif that reported 980 last month and has 1300 on it this month.
      Current scores are 720 EXp, 704 Eq and 698 Tu
      Would like to get my scores above 740 by mid January as I will be financing a 2017/2018 used car and want the best rate.
      All cards are currently paid above minimums for January and i have an additional 10k minimum and possibly up to 15k to use for payments.
      Question 1.
      Is there any advantage to not letting Discover report.  I can push that 1300 off till Feb 6 without interest.
      Question 2.
      My EX only dropped from 714 to 709 when Chase reported it was closed.  Reports were 7 days apart, so is it advantageous to 0 that out even though I have 0 pct and am paying 150 pct of the minimum monthly.
      Question 3
       Before taking into account the auto financing I had been attacking my BOA card because that was the highest rate and NFCU the lowest.   Will i get a better bang for my buck if i get my NFCU under 50% vs paying down BOA.
      Question 4
       the last month I have been turned down for CLI from Discover, and my 2 Cap Ones based on my high utilization even though those are 9 balances.  I also have a 6k limit Pennfed that i got in August before all these reported.  It is 0 pct but i have not transferred anything because of the low limit would it hurt to transfer 2900 to that card or  just leave it alone.  I also have not asked for a higher limit because I dont want to screw up and get that card closed.
      Last Question
      In my Boa online they have been telling me that I have a special offer for a 0 pct free balance transfer offer.  Is there any downside to applying for that .  I have not seen any talk about Boa special offers if they usually get approved or not.
      Thanks for any suggestions.
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    • I have had this service for the last 3 years, 24.99 per month for daily pulls on all 3 bureaus.  Today I could log in, I called and was told I was "upgraded" to their new platform.  The monthly charge is the same, but instead of daily pulls on all 3, it is now only once every 90 days.  Pay the same but now get less!!  Also, the new layout is horrible!!  Anyone else been "upgraded" to?  How do you go back to the old system?  If you can't, where else do they provide daily reports and scores for all 3 bureaus?
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    • Hello all,
      I filed bankruptcy last year and was discharged 7/20/17. Good news I guess - but my scores still suck, currently my TU and EQ scores are in the low 500s. My EX score was at 600 last time I checked. 
      I have floated in and out of this forum and other websites looking on how to start the rebuilding process and just end up feeling overwhelmed. I aspire to have better credit, just don’t know where to start and feel kind of hopeless.
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    • I just came to do a little happy dance. I have been a member of this board for over 10 years. I have struggled a lot. I made some progress, got some cards, then had some medical issues in 2011 and everything collapsed. Back at it. About 3 years ago, i started really working at it again, but all of the 2011 issues were still haunting me. 
      Finally this year, i made a bunch of progress.I still had only secured cards until a couple months ago when i finally got a Citi AA card with a $8400 limit - the largest card limit i have had in decades. 
      This week, 2 of my last baddies dropped off and voila! HUGE score jump. I am so excited! Thanks to everyone over the years that has helped. This board has been a constant source of support! 
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    • I don’t see any inquiry on my credit report. The interest rate is 4% over six months with an 18% APR. 
    • Not sure when the sale took place, never received anything after the vehicle was repossessed. Honestly, I don't know if I was sued over this or not. Reason I say this, is because I had a garnishment out of my check for a judgement that was placed against me in 2013. I'm not sure what it was over, I was never subpoened and never received any notification of anything until money was taken out of my check. I called the court house but forget what it was over. I went down to the court house to get it resolved, the court stopped the payments. A few months later I get a letter from a law firm that said they were refunding the money that was taking out of my checks, and then the judgement dropped off my credit report.    That's really all I can answer on that, not sure how it went away other than me going down to the court house. This repossession hasn't been on my reports in years.   So why are they sending me this Validation notice? What would their next step be?
    • I hope I am posting this in the right place...if not, I am so sorry!!  But, here goes...   Same ole story....girl gets guy...girl kicks guy to the curb....girl starts rebuilding life and subsequently credit.  I am on the upswing after two years, but one thing is driving me nuts.   I just was showing on myfico, a Transunion 647 score.  It gave me an alert that I had a decrease in one my credit card balances by $38.00,and boom....the score dropped to 607.  Now in my head, it should go up because I am paying off my debt.  Can someone please tell me why a payment can affect things negatively?     so confused!!  Thank you!!!
    • Okay, you know what the Rental Agency is saying and what dates they say the Insurance Company was paying for the rental, what does the Insurance Company say about what dates they were covering the rental for?  That should be your next step.   Also, look at the contract you signed for the rental, did you initial that you accepted the Damage Waiver?  If you accepted it, then you pay it, even if you returned the car without damage.  It is an "insurance policy" against damage done to the rental while you rent the car.  You don't get a refund if no damage.    
    • Thank you for all of your help!  Unfortunately, I was rejected from EWS.  Kinecta reported me for fraud on Chexsystems and when I challenged them in person they removed it from Chexsystems since it was fraud.  But, they did not remove it from EWS.  I have had such bad luck with Kinecta Federal Union that I need to get another bank.     Thank you!!

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