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    • How very.
      Hat tip to a quiet but astute member who conveyed the info to me in a PM.
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    • My wife and I are trying to push our credit score above 760 to make sure we get the best mortgage rates possible. She is currently at 751 and I am at 738. Thankfully we are planning to close on the construction loan in January 2020.
      Is myFICO monitoring ($30/month) my best option to keep an eye on our scores so we can achieve our goal?
      We will be about $25,000 lighter on our debts at that point from the current estimated balance of about $32,000 (at an overall usage of 26% currently for our credit limits). We are hoping the payoffs, with only one loan to be closed that’s 3 years old, will improve ours scores, but we don’t want to go into closing without “knowing” what our credit scores are.
      Thanks for any advice in advance. This is my first post and I couldn’t find relevant answers in the search function.
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    • Good afternoon everyone, 
      I am currently trying to help my brother with a Bankruptcy that's being reported on Experian and TransUnion. Equifax in fact did deleted and is no longer reporting it. My brother was going to file for Bankruptcy but in the end he actually didn't. The confirmation of the proposed order was denied. Such documentation was give to him for the record. Document reads "Order Denying Confirmation 
      Why is it still reporting? He went ahead and disputed the reporting to all credit bureaus and Equifax did delete it but not Experian or Transunion. Is it possible for a bankruptcy to show even if such never went through? 
      What other steps can he take to have it removed? Thanking you all in advance for your input to this matter. 
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    • https://creditcards.usnews.com/articles/does-a-higher-income-mean-a-higher-fico-score
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    • Hello All,
      I am looking for ways to have these 3 Charge offs deleted from all 3 reports. All are around 3 years old. I have already disputed and they cam back as "verified" Possible PFD? Anyone have luck with these creditors? Thoughts?
      DCU, Wells Fargo and Barclays
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    • The CFPB did not collect agreements in 2015, the site was down for redesign. What do you need the agreement for? If it's arbitration, there isn't any. They removed it in 2010.
    • I just used $20 back on $50+ from The Bouqs (by FAR my favorite online florist) for a Mothers Day delivery.    The offer was available on several cards, but I added it to my Amex Vonboy.    Make sure to start at TopCashBack for a 12% rebate.   I also added a $20 back on $75+ from Boxed onto TAD's Amex Hilton Ascend.  Perfect timing, as it's time to restock coffee (I like their house-brand ground French roast).
    • Wow, 1% back on everything???  How do they DO that?     Is it hard to get into this credit union?  Their regular savings account pays 0.10% APY!!!!!!!
    • So... I ask you if I can borrow some money and you agree to help me out, but you can't send me an email when I refuse to pay it back...   How does that make any sense?    
    • *BUMP*   I have not yet followed through with the HIPPA program because this debt is still not reporting on any of my credit reports. Its almost been 2 months since the CA got in contact with me regarding this debt. I have called the hospital, and the hospital did in fact send this bill to the CA. Is there any reason they are not reporting it yet? Should I continue waiting until the the debt actually shows up on my report?   Thanks

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