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    • I was wondering if I can remove my report from chex, since I need to wait 5 years for it to be removed....
      just to be clear, nothing has been made by error here, I had a negative checking balance, I didn't pay it and the bank closed my checking account, but I paid the amount 4 month ago, and chex said it will take 5 years to be removed..., obviously right now I am facing some/almost huge limitations with all type of creditors even with a credit score of 795+
      is this a Fair Credit Reporting Act?
      What's the fastest way to remove them?!
      Thanks a lot
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    • We were foreclosed upon in September of 2018, and when combing over the documents I noticed the foreclosure attorney signed off stating I had been served in person by the sheriff. I was not even in town on the day of service, and the Sheriff's Foreclosure Notice Return document clearly states copies were left my husband. I am going to look for an attorney to file a Motion To Quash the foreclosure judgement as it is my understanding that a notarized Affidavit of Service means the attorney verifies all the documents are correct and in order - which they were not.
      I know it is a long shot, but if there is an attorney from NC on the boards, I'd love to know how long the MTQ takes from filing the paperwork to the mark vanishing from our public record. We are hoping to apply for a mortgage in March and would love to know if this is a realistic timeline.
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    • My TU score just took a 50pt dive
      My original mortgage was in forbearance (was furloughed for several months due to Covid-19) and I had setup a repayment plan. I had made the "downpayment" they wanted to start the repayment plan and then I'd paid the first modified payment (5 more were left)
      They then transferred the servicing of the loan to a new servicer and closed the original count and it's showing as Closed 30+ days late (at least....not sure the details but that's what the MyFico alert reads)
      Is there any chance of submitting something to them to request goodwill?  My payment history is absolutely perfect except for this new one and it dinged pretty hard.  What would I even send to them?
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    • Hi All,
      After alerting them NUMEROUS times of my change of address, the absent minded, neglectful billing person  did not send my small medical bill to my new home and my account went to a collection agency on 12/31/20.
      I always pay my bills on time, so I am worried about the impact this will have on my credit.  
      If I pay my bill today 1/8/21 or or Monday, 1/11/21, will this impact my credit negatively? 
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    • We have a medical collection that was posted August 2019.  What is the best way to go about this since it is a more recent collection. Do I still do the HIPAA dispute before the HiPAA letter process? I read the guide and this is what I understood from there and searching but just wanted to confirm.
      Thank you so much for your help!
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