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    • Hello good folks,
      Background: last October, Comcast locked my account because *a stranger* (mistakenly) paid for it with a credit card, and later disputed the charge with their credit card company and did a chargeback. Comcast made it so I couldn't use any type of credit/debit cards to pay. It took some give months to even expose this issue, as agents didn't know why my account was locked. I cancelled my account but they still wouldn't let me pay. Eventually, they sent it to collections, which very promptly hit my credit history with a "Collections" derogratory record.
      Unfortunate timing, because I'm in the market right now for a mortgage. Without this note, my credit history is close to perfect, with FICO8 of 835+, and VantageScore3 of 810+.  With this, the scores drop to about 710 and 760 respectively. Meaning, either mortgage denial or higher interest rate, leading to huge sums wasted.
      My questions are:
      1) What is the best way to get this rectified and get this record off my history?  
                  - Is it possible to do a "pay for delete"?  
                  - Should I be talking to Comcast or to the collections agency?  
                  - Is there something I need to to in the interim, like disputing the record?  
                  - What would be the fastest way to deal with this? Ideally, I want to apply for a mortgage in the next week if possible. If not possible, in the next 3-8 weeks.  
      2) Are there particular mortgage lenders that use a more favorable scoring so this one single negative record doesn't hurt my mortgage rate?  
                  - My understanding is, FICO8 has this 120+ point drop for the first negative record, while other scores (like VantageScore3) doesn't drop so dramatically. Is this correct?
      Thank you very much in advance.
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    • So my DH had a Citi/Best Buy card that was charged off in 2017. After beginning our credit repair process, I noticed the account was reporting the payment history inaccurately on Equifax and Experian. We disputed many times, then ended up suing them for FCRA violations. They settled the case by forgiving the debt and deleting the account from all reports.
      But now they’re back! In 2020, they sent us a 1099-C for an amount just a little bit shy of the balance. I believe it was just the principal balance, which amounted to $4,600. Well, as you know, it’s tax season. And who decides to send us another 1099-C for the same account/debt? Titty bank. They put the full amount of the debt this time; which was about $600 more than the first 1099-C they sent.
      I have consulted my lawyer because it seems illegal for them to write off the same debt twice. He has advised we should sue them again. While I’m sure we can win the case, litigation and settlement takes about a year to do, based on our past experiences. It ended up costing us an extra $1,200 in taxes this year. What do y’all think? Should we spend more time and effort on this situation? I’m pretty sure Titty also violated terms in our settlement agreement for the FCRA case as well, in regards to them not pursuing further collection activity.
      Any advice would be appreciated.
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    • I have come across a credit topic involving data point information that concerns AmEx's D* policy (which no longer exists) which triggered and raises an important question that may be of interest to anyone who has an AmEx credit card in their relationship history with AmEx.

      This is to give credit and courtesy to an excerpt from the @cashnocredit post...
      "I had an Amex in 1974, which closed in the early 80s. Opened a new one in 2011 but they didn't backdate me then. Had no record of it (which was always paid on time)."
      Does AmEx have all your previous applications and cards approved and store all positive and negative data indefinitely?
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    • I decided to continue another year of my glorified spreadsheet. 2022 was a disappointment in the shenanigans dept. Most of the dive hotels I stay at did remodels during the pandemic. Not too many WTH moments. Disciplining myself to go under 5/24, allowed me to add a Chase CSP and CFU to the mix in 2022. The various dumpster dive apps I use paid off. To the tune of about $2000 in value.
      Inflation being what it is, I'm more hyper sensitive than ever on what spend goes on what card, to maximize spend multipliers.
      Credit Cards:
      Amex Gold & Every Day MR 441,390
      Amex Delta SkyMiles 205,415
      Citi MileUp MC American Airlines 69,345
      FNBO Amtrak Guest Rewards MC 135,948
      Chase CSP / CFU Signature Visa UR 101,559
      Chase IHG Traveler MC 66,064
      BofA Customized Cash Rewards Visa (3% Travel) $0.88
      Citi Double Cash MC (2% CB / TYP Everything) 21,186
      Citi Premier MC Thank You Points 34,280
      Choice Privileges Visa Signature 360,660
      WF Active Cash Signature Visa (2% CB Everything) $87.44
      Shopping Portals and Apps / Stacking Opportunities:
      DOSH (CB) $18.56
      Rakuten Amex MR Earning. Pays out quarterly. Points Pending: 6857
      Fetch Rewards (GC) 27,439 Points
      Ibotta (CB or GC) $7.65
      Upside (CB or GC) $14.15
      CoinOut (CB or GC) $8.65
      Payce (CB) $18.97
      Receipt Hog (CB or GC) 3156 Coins
      Receipt Jar (GC) 2013 Points
      Receipt Pal (GC) 4725 Points
      Shell Fuel Rewards (Earning AA Miles 2miles/gal.)
      Starbucks / Delta SkyMiles (Earn 1 SkyMile for every $1 spent at Starbucks)
      AA Simply Miles
      Airline / Hotel Dining and Shopping Portals
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    • Hi Everyone!
      I have one last bad account, unfortunately a repo, that is still on my Experian and Equifax reports. Before Experian changed their report format, at some point last year the repo account said "on report until April 2023." Well, it's April and it's still showing. Could it be until the END of April? Would it be worth calling Experian's backdoor number and asking about it? Maybe sweet talking them to delete it early? lol
      What do you guys think? In comparison, this account was scheduled to drop off my Transunion report in January and was gone in December. Equifax is the worst and it show dropping from the report in July. 
      Thanks guys!
      • 15 replies
  • Posts

    • OK this is weird...  Citi gave me a $500 limit on a Diamond Preferred but $2K on a Macy's AmEx *AFTER* all the pulls hit?  Make this make sense.
    • Makes sense:    I took time to familiarize myself with the myFICO product you subscribe to.  Yes, only the quarterly reports include the extended FICO score variations.  All periodic alerts just cite your current standard FICO score.   Only your quarterly report updates would give you an "apples to apples" comparison between score models.   ------------   An added note:  I don't recommend purchase OF ANY of the myFICO subscriptions:   --  They're too expensive to justify a monthly, or even quarterly, report.  Scores stay reasonably consistent over time and, absent a major credit event, tend to stay within a moderately close range over time (say, peak to low of about 40 pts).    My advice is to manually purchase a score report when you either plan to apply for a major purchase loan (car/home), when you're aware of a major credit event (e.g. large credit repay or a new derogatory), or when a long period has elapsed since your last report (6 mo, or even a year).  Consulting a report prepared in proximity to the event prompting it is more valuable then one received at pre-defined intervals) ... and typically cheaper too.   You can get something like a $4 discount on a single bureau report (normally $19.95) by searching google with "myFICO discount").      
    • Your annual fee cards cost you $1077 a year.   My limited suggestions. Order of payoff and account closures for annual fee cards is partially dependent on when the fee hits next. This is the order I would pay off and close the most troublesome fee cards. All of your annual fee cards need to go, but those Aspires need to go immediately.   Indigo Genesis Aspire 2 Aspire 1 Milestone Cerulean Continental First National Leqacy Blaze Taz Merrick Bank         Also note that I do not have the list in complete order. My payoff order suggestions are only the ones I stated above the picture.
    • Here's the thread I recently updated ... see that last couple of posts:   I'll note that the card has largely split away from its Sears/KMart origins.  Of particular interest are targeted promotions (not everyone gets a particular offer) that are sent to your email.  Many offers serve up point bonuses worth 5%, 10% or even higher against a specific spend.  Points can be redeemed for gift cards, with my redemption favoring generic VISA gift cards.  The point value seems like is must have been inspired by the Rwandan franc ... 1000 SYW pts = $1; I redeem 100,000 pts at a time for a $100 gift card).   Similar to other Citi rewards programs, SYW points are managed on a separate website from the card account.   The SYW program has piqued a bit of interest on the myFICO forum; it's worth perusing the thread there to read of people's experience and how they choose to best take advantage of the program.    
    • Well they got me LOL.  Went to Macy's to look at a watch I was interested in - a specific Seiko model that retails for $475.  Just gonna look.   Turns out it was $25% off through Sunday and I got a shiny new Macy's AmEx and another 25% off purchases through Sunday.   I really like my new watch
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