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    • Hello Everyone!  I am hoping someone can confirm that I am on the right path. 
      I am in Texas and I have 2 collection accounts with Capital Accounts(based in TN).
      1. $72 
      2. $380
      I sent a debt validation letter to the collection agency and they responded back with a ledger of the services. They are both for dental services from 2013 and 2015.   I believe they have violated a few fdcpa violations but wanted to confirm before I respond.
      1. "Interest"- the CA responded stating that the original balances were for $50 and $305. They blatantly state that the additional fees/ amount are for interest. They continue to add on interest, changing the balance by only a few dollars (typically $1-3 depending on the CRA).  They did not send me anything that shows that the original agreement between myself and the dentist had stated that interest would accrue. Is this not a clear violation of FDCPA 807 False or Misleading Representations- I thought that CA is not allowed to add interest to medical debt, unless it was stated in the original agreement with the OC. 
      2. HIPAA/ Medical Collections- The OC apparently faxed the collection agency a ledge of what services were done. I never gave authorization.  violation?
      3. Stature of Limitations is 4 years for Texas. I know this typically means they cannot sue me BUT do I have any leverage here? Based on the ledger they sent
             (a), current balance is $72, original balance was $52, 04/11/2013 was date of last payment made to the OC by my health insurance and the OC sold it to the CA
             (b), current balance is $380, original balance was $305, 10/13/2015 was date of last payment made to the OC from insurance company, and they wrote it off as bad debt 05/17/2017 and      sold it to the CA.
      I am familiar wit the medical collections forum, but wanted to see if  I have valid points when writing a response to the collection agency. 
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    • Greeting CB family. straight to the point, I'm looking to purchase my first home within the next 6 month. But I currently have 3 negative accounts listed on my credit report. I tried disputing 2 of the 3 accounts online with the big 3, a year ago with no success. Here are the accounts:
      1. GreenDot Bank (Secured Card)
      Open: 1/4/2017: 
      Date updated: 6/19/2018
      Last payment: 3/11/2017
      Status: Charged Off
      Balance: $89
      -- I requested to have this account closed in March 2017. But the account was never closed and a annual fee was charged which represent the balance you see. How do i dispute this with Greendot Bank? They are the worse people to deal with. Sample letter(s)?
      2. Credit Collection Servic
      Placed for collection: 9/4/2014
      Date updated: 10/25/2019
      Balance: $239
      -- This is a old debt from Progressive insurance that I believe I owe. This account is due to be deleted 10/2021. Last i checked Progressive still owns this debt and even was willing to take payment for it over the phone. So should I pay this directly to Progressive? And will CCS have to automatically delete this account sense I will be paying Progressive directly? The amount owed make this worth not fighting over, plus having this negative collection account off my report is worth $239. What do you guys think i should do?
      3. Jefferson Capital System
      Placed for collection: 8/1/2017
      Date updated: 12/26/2019
      Balance: $1,520
      -- These people are the devil, they claim to own a debt they purchase from Verizon wireless. I've never had an account with Verizon wireless. i tried disputing this online, but it came back verified. They act like they want to help me get this account removed but want me to fill out identity theft forms. I'm not doing that until they show me proof this account even exist. How do I send certified debt validation letters to them? Does anyone have a sample letter? Should that be my next step?
      Any and all replies will be helpful. 
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    • Link:  https://www.marketwatch.com/story/chase-hikes-the-annual-fee-for-its-popular-sapphire-reserve-card-to-550-and-rolls-out-new-perks-2020-01-08
      Quote:  "Chase JPM is increasing the annual fee on its popular Sapphire Reserve card, intensifying the ongoing competition with American Express’ Platinum card."
      Maybe I'm slow, but how does increasing the cost of a card intensify the competition?  Next, will American Express increase the price of their card to $1,000 to keep up?  Anyway, I wouldn't pay $550 for any card.  The benefits aren't worth it for me.  For $550 I could take a week vacation to Las Vegas if I want (I don't really care for Vegas, but I needed an example).
      Anyway, all my annual fee free not-very-fancy cards all work the same at McDonald's like the Sapphire Reserve card.
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    • So my TransUnion score is about 60 points lower than the others. On the 3rd party sites that give me my score, they mention a derogatory account being the reason so I pulled my report and there are no derogatory accounts. 
      I called TransUnion and they were no help, trying to get me to buy something. 
      So here I sit, decided to buy my TransUnion score directly from them, found it to be 9.95, 19.95 and 24.95. The lower prices are displayed but then when I log in to buy, the other prices disappear and they want 24.95 
      Starting to feel a bit bullied. 😡
      Any idea why my score would reflect a derogatory mark but my report does not?
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    • Hello Everyone,
      Happy New Year to all! Question for some pros. I disputed a Verizon Wireless collection account on all 3 CRA's. The usual "verified" thing happened on TRANS and EXP but, it was removed for EQ. 
      The question is, am I able to dispute again with TRANS and EXP stating that the account was removed on EQ simple and plain? If so, do I just dispute and say TL was inaccurate and removed from EQ and should have been removed on all 3, please remove?
      Thanks in advance!
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    • In your case, these web ads are indeed probably being directly targeted at you.  It has nothing to do with your anti-virus software, but cookies can contribute to the ability of web ad sellers to identify and track you. The purveyors of web ads mainly rely on you being logged into your Google/gmail account and/or Facebook account in the background, but they can also identify you by the unique configuration of your computer and the software you have running on it, including your primary web browser.  Google and Facebook are by far the biggest online ad sellers.   I haven't heard of specific individuals being targeted for ads like these before now, but they certainly have the ability to do it.  So far, this type of very targeted advertising has been used mainly for political and charitable ad campaigns.   You can try using ad blockers or browsers with privacy modes or anonymizer features. In general, it's a good idea to use one browser to log into your Google/gmail account, Facebook account, etc. and a different browser for everything else including banking, shopping, and general web browsing. Use a third browser program to go to sensitive websites.  Another tactic you can use is to set up more than one user account on your computer -- use one account to log into social media sites and for web mail and use another account for online banking, shopping, and everything else.   The reason services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are free is because WE are the product being sold. Our online activity is tracked and used to sell ads, and sometimes to generate databases of people that fit specific profiles.  Do a search on "Cambridge Analytica" to see an extreme example of this sort of data mining at work in the real world.   Those fun surveys you see on social media sites like Facebook (Which Game of Thrones Character Are YOU?) are another favorite tactic used to data mine and gather information on you. In fact, with Facebook surveys you don't even have to participate in a survey yourself -- if any of your Facebook friends takes one of these surveys, then not only their information but also the information on all of their Facebook friends is shared with the data mining company. One research study conducted about 3-4 years ago concluded that responding to only about 6 of these types of surveys could provide data mining companies with enough information to identify surprisingly personal details about you and your Facebook friends, including: political leanings, sexual orientation, body mass index, and how often you shower. (OK, I made that last one up, but it's probably true anyway).  In fact, just clicking the like button on Facebook is enough to provide a digital fingerprint of who you are. And Facebook tracks you on non-Facebook websites by using code inserted into the ads that advertisers pay them to place on those websites.   BBB article about social media surveys:  BBB Article Forbes article about social media surveys: Forbes article Pew Research Center Study:  Pew Research Center Study Market Watch article:  Market Watch article Cambridge University Study (not to be confused with Cambridge Analytica): Cambridge Univ study   From the Cambridge study: "Researchers have found that, based on enough Facebook Likes, computers can judge your personality traits better than your friends, family and even your partner. Using a new algorithm, researchers have calculated the average number of Likes artificial intelligence (AI) needs to draw personality inferences about you as accurately as your partner or parents." and "In the study, a computer could more accurately predict the subject's personality than a work colleague by analysing just ten Likes; more than a friend or a cohabitant (roommate) with 70, a family member (parent, sibling) with 150, and a spouse with 300 Likes.  Given that an average Facebook user has about 227 Likes (and this number is growing steadily), the researchers say that this kind of AI has the potential to know us better than our closest companions."
    • I'm confused. She tried and failed to get an annulment but now she is complaining that he is "trying" to divorce her. The chick is nuttier than a fruitcake.
    • Thanks for that. So let us say I utilized the HIPAA letter program, my next steps would be to send a letter (as indicated on the forum) to the OC, along with the letter below, adding applicable insert A to pay     In regard to the bill on this account in the amount of ($___): Insert correct insert here:( see inserts) (a) (b) or (c)   Please be advised that under Federal Statutes. the Fair Credit Reporting Act, (15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq)and (name of your State)'s Consumer Credit Statutes,and subtitle D of the ARRA ,SEC. 13401. APPLICATION OF SECURITY PROVISIONS AND PENALTIES TO BUSINESS ASSOCIATES OF COVERED ENTITIES;and SEC. 13407(1) BREACH OF SECURITY.—The term ‘‘breach of security’’ means, with respect to unsecured PHR identifiable health information of an individual in a personal health record, acquisition of such information without the authorization of the individual. you may be held liable for the actions of (collection agency name). Please note that the these liabilities are under the penalty rules of the Omnibus Final Rule effective 09/23/2013 interpreting and implementing various provisions of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 (HITECH Act) as issued 11/30/2009    (a) Duty of furnishers of information to provide accurate information.  (1) Prohibition. (A) Reporting information with actual knowledge of errors. A person shall not furnish any information relating to a consumer to any consumer reporting agency if the person knows or consciously avoids knowing that the information is inaccurate.   In addition, the HIPAA and (name of your State)'s Medical Privacy Statutes and the penalty provisions of the ARRA section D, privacy provisions ,the penalty rules of the HITECH Act as issued 11/30/2009 and the Omnibus Final Rule effective 09/23/2013 and the FACT Act final rules effective July 1, 2010.are in effect in this situation. The Privacy Rules prohibits a covered entity from using or disclosing an individual's protected health information ("PHI") unless specifically authorized by the individual or otherwise allowed under the Privacy Rules. In general, PHI encompasses substantially all "individually identifiable health information" that is transmitted or maintained in any medium. "Individually identifiable health information" includes health information that is created or received by a health care provider, health plan, employer, or health care clearinghouse, and that relates to an individual's physical or mental health or condition, including information related to an individual's care or the PAYMENT for such care.   Your furnishing of my account information to (collection agency name), is not in compliance with HIPAA,or (name of your State}'s Privacy Act, and any subsequent reporting of this account on my credit reports to (credit reporting bureaus) is a clear violation of Public Law 104-191 ("HIPAA") since there can be no permissible business purpose in divulging protected health information to anyone on an account once there is no longer any payment due.In addition the new Omnibus Final Rule states:when patients pay out of pocket in full, they can instruct their provider to refrain from sharing information.This letter serves as that instruction    You are required under the FCRA and FACTA to accurately report the status of any account to the credit bureaus, and you are prohibited under the HIPAA and State privacy regulations from doing so on a PAID account, as there is no longer any permitted business purpose.   Therefore I am requesting you promptly rescind all such account information furnished to (Capital Accounts LLC) and require them to purge their records of all reference to this account, and that you insure that any and all reporting of this account is immediately deleted from my credit reports.   This simple procedure to request the deletion of ALL reference to this account from the records of ( Capital Accounts LLC) and to require them to have this account information deleted in its entirety from my credit reports will resolve this problem completely.   Sincerely,   signature (Your Name)
    • If you send this letter to the CA you can not use the HIPAA letter program as you have provided them with a de facto release of your HIPAA privacy rights.   The "Texas" program may work to legally absolve you of any payments (which you are already past the legal time for collection) but I have not seen any indication that it works to get accounts deleted from your credit reports.
    • My two cents: Keep your bank account open in the country you moved from (credit card too) because if you close it you might not be able to reopen it. U.S. persons are toxic thanks to FATCA. You can transfer money to/from them with a service such as Transferwise. Also investigate if your other bank has a U.S. operation. Banks like RBC, CIBC, BMO, TD, HSBC, BNP Paribas, ICBC, etc., do. Such a relationship may help with opening accounts with their U.S. bank.  

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