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  2. The idea of dipping bread (or anything else) in oil makes me want to vomit. I rarely even cook with oil; I find it mostly unnecessary. Good balsamic, on the other hand, is delectable drizzled lightly over certain things*, so I think I can pick one by taste -- and viscosity. The cheap stuff is sour and really watery. * I am trying to replicate a grilled avocado appetizer we enjoy at a local restaurant. They halve the avocado, take out the pit, grill the halves flat-side-down, fill the recess with crumbled goat cheese, and then drizzle it with an amazing balsamic vinegar. They serve it will grilled bread. I hate avocado that's prepared almost any other way -- but this is spectacular.
  3. Amazing a 72 month note, I am guessing at double digit interest rate wasn't enough, they have to gouge you for another $2800 for GAP insurance...unreal. I have never heard of GAP coverage having a ceiling, unless maybe you were financing over 100% of the msrp/nada value and the policy only covered up to 100% of the value? Either way, for future reference, you can probably get it from your insurance company for a hell of a lot cheaper (I say probably because I am not sure if all carriers offer it). Plus once you have reached a point where the equity>loan you can just drop the coverage...much easier than trying to get a prorated refund from the initial insurer. Plus you get an auto insurance renewal every 6/12 months so it is another reminder to see if it is worth carrying the coverage.
  4. Financed (through your favorite place, enn eff see you), and yes BMW does include GAP on their leases. Having leased 6 of them, I am sure of this.
  5. Because you are issued an Optima card in the Oasis program...
  6. As much as I would like to think we could get there, I don't think we will ever get to a truly cashless society, at least not in my lifetime, but you never know. I would be willing to bet someone 40 years ago said we would never be able to get rid of payphones, but those are almost non-existent at this point.
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  8. In 2001 there was no 4G LTE or any decent smart phones. We still had some non digital coverage, 1X or EV-DO on Verizon and 2G/3G on AT&T and T-Mobile. $19 per month with International coverage is a great deal. Some folks spend $90+ for unlimited data.
  9. We have one by the office here, and I have been in one in Hawaii previously. The issue is that I never eat oil & vinegar on it own, so tasting them on their own really doesn't help me any. I fully understand how the different varieties can influence cooking/recipes, and that is how I would have to experiment.
  10. I used $40 as an average estimate. Even without data I don't think you'd get much usage for $26 on a cell phone plan in 2001, especially when roaming charges were common. TAD's phone is currently on a friend's grandfathered 10-line unlimited T-Mobile plan that works internationally for < $19 a month. Data is throttled at some point. Not sure what the ceiling is, but I think he's only encountered it once.
  11. And you put the savings to pay your mortgage early. :-) I use very little data on a Google Fi prepaid plan averaging $26 per month. But, I have to buy the phone once every 3 years.
  12. Stupid headline. It doesn't cost me anything to have 55% of Americans carry credit card debt.
  13. It isn't the credit card industry that needs reform, it's the Depends-wearing Neanderthals with the IQ of a gerbil who don't understand third grade math. Start off with a simple examination on Personal Finance 101. Pass, you get a credit card. Not pass, an EBT card. Every year you can try again.
  14. Get it off your reports NOW. If you wait until it is reporting you are very likely to suffer some unpleasant unintended consequences.
  15. San Diego County Credit Union is paying actual money to the SAN Airport to advertise that you can use their web site to find surcharge-free ATMs.
  16. My only mobile phone is my work phone. When it breaks, they send me a new one. Best protection plan available. This approach has also saved me roughly $8,640 OOP for the service (18 years x 12 months x $40).
  17. The only thing less important to me in a credit card than the app is the APR.
  18. If I'm going to vlog it's going to be about Credit Gardening!!!
  19. Good lord. This is what happens when I go off-message about credit unions. Sorry about that.
  20. Is this on a leased BMW? I've read that BMWFS includes GAP in all its leases.
  21. BTW, even if you have an irrational fear of inquiries, picking up this Nissan Pathfinder with a softie doesn't change the fact that the card is a turd. The sign-up bonus is also sub-par compared to others out there. Even with the $100 a year air travel benefit it will take you years to get back in cash benefits what a real travel card issued by a real bank would pay you after spending the first $3,000-4,000. Is this the only SUB you can get right now?
  22. It isn't recent news that all an inquiry means to the reviewer is, "I asked someone to look at my credit report, just like you are doing now."
  23. Am I correct in inferring Macy's doesn't offer pencils for store pickup?
  24. The Loan Shark Prevention Act is not well thought out and would have unintended consequences. I have an alternative to suggest: The RAT Prevention Act.
  25. Unless they've changed their policy in the last 7 weeks it's a SP if you're accepting an offer made under "My Offers" on the upper right side of the main menu. If you already have that particular card it is treated as a CLI on that card and not the starting limit on a 2nd instance of the same card.
  26. I do know better and I didn’t take it personal at all and I hope PotO didn’t either, he is kind of funny.
  27. It was 72 months. I was told that GAP has a ceiling and there is a chance that if you had to make a claim that you could still end up owing with a high interest loan.
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