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  2. TheVig

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Waffle House. Seeing how the other half live.
  3. Glacier

    Receivables Performance Management (RPM)

    I would work directly with T-Mobile, and see if you can come to an agreement and pay T-Mobile directly. Then the collection account usually gets pulled back from the CA and the entry drops off your report, usually.
  4. zackeferrell

    Help! Paid for car was repo’d

    It is stamped and scanned. No clue by who. States “for deposit only” and have numbers stamped
  5. Today
  6. hdporter

    Form Letter/Planet Feedback question

    Is this the same Twitter "machine" that Devin Nunes referred to today in comments? <and if someone reads something political into this post, that's their problem ...> 🙃
  7. hdporter

    Citi Soft CLI link Master Thread

    In absence of anecdotal info here, I guess I'll go ahead, call again, and authorize a credit pull. Whatever the outcome, maybe this will clear up the online block on requesting future CLI's on my Citi accounts. (Of course, if not, I'll follow up through a CSR.) As far info in my online profile, that was updated with the information I provided during the call yesterday.
  8. GerriDetweiler

    Net 30 Vendor Account Updates

    Most business credit cards make the decision based on the owner's personal credit and income from all sources.
  9. discopanda

    Arbitration Guide location?

    Thank you very much. I see it now, I failed to last night. I likely looked right at it and missed it.
  10. Ok, went and found the EOMB for the two medical collections that were showing up. My insurances company did process both of them, however one of them was ended up costing nearly 3,000 dollars towards my deductible. There are two different 99284 Emergency Service codes. This was a trip to the ER that lasted maybe an hour or so. Is there a legitimize reason that the 99284 (what i understand to essentially be the facility fee code) would show up twice? the amounts are different one was for 1,426.94, the other 549.79. The other bill i recognize and looks about right, it's also for a much lesser amount so I am willing to pay it if it gets verified and i can get it removed from my credit report. I still have not gotten a response on these disputes from any of the CRA's
  11. BravoSierra

    Citi Soft CLI link Master Thread

    Not sure why you are seeing that message- the link on the first post doesn't work for me, but I just click through services menu on my account and see the soft pull verbiage. Only other thing to try might be updating income information on your profile? Otherwise Citi has been much more generous with CLI's with a hard pull IME (+20k vs. +2k every 6 months)
  12. cv91915

    The Car Thread

  13. legaleagle2012

    Arbitration Guide location?

    It's in the pinned topics. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=594619
  14. https://www.edutopia.org/article/6-tips-teaching-poetry-writing-teens
  15. PotO

    Missed an Annual Fee payment(over 30 days)

    Several obvious sins here: 1. Not using a card for a year and a half; 2. With 19 cards, not having a spreadsheet with all important data on it; 3. Not set up for alerts; 4. Not set up for automatic payments. You are right. You were dumb. But we've all been guilty of making mistakes, too. The important thing now is not to be dumb twice. Contact Barclays. I'm not sure if it will be best to suggest they dropped the ball by not alerting you, or just being contrite and accept blame. Let's see what others suggest. Then work out a spiel and go for it. If they refuse, escalate. If that doesn't work, write a letter to the CEO. Good luck!
  16. Thinking in terms of opt-in or opt-out is probably not the best way to look at it. A freeze prevents INQs from those with which you do not already have an established relationship with (and a few other exceptions, such as CAs) -- there is no distinction between whether they are soft or hard. If a potential creditor wants to check you for a pre-qual, a freeze prevents them from softing you. It's not the opt-out / in status that prevents the pre-qual, it's the freeze. We tend to think freezing has no effect on a soft INQ, but it most certainly does. If you've never signed up for Credit Karma before, freeze your reports and try joining. It will not succeed. We even have some current creditors who cannot soft if you are frozen. Sync is famous for that.
  17. That works only if they have successfully obtained your report at least once prior to the freeze.
  18. cv91915

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Weenie Queen
  19. cv91915

    Form Letter/Planet Feedback question

    DIY with the Twitter Machine.
  20. I have no firsthand knowledge of what is correct in 2019, The FTC article I linked unequivocally says that freezing does not opt you out. It doesn't say whether it's a regulation, subject to the whim of a junior business analyst at the bureau, changes quarterly like Chase Freedom categories, etc. I want to make sure that we aren't dispensing bad or outdated information. I'd welcome links from authoritative sources (not anecdotes) that contradict what is presented as fact by the FTC.
  21. Occam

    Discovery charge off rate jumped to almost 4%

    Because the typical cardholder has the math skills of a fruit fly, if that. Discovery it APRs run from 14.24% to 25.24%, and I'm sure they harvest plenty of late fees too. Subtract 4% (1) and it still looks pretty lucrative. Then add interchange fees... (1) Net charge-off rate is calculated by dividing annualized net charge-offs for the period by average loans held for investment during the period for the specified loan category. I'm sure it includes reported debt that gets PIF, but larger balances are less likely to be PIF, and how many consumers actually PIF for 2 months in a row?
  22. Have you looked at the finance rate Toyota offers on new cars vs the finance rate on a used car? Sometimes the monthly payment is very close due to the interest rate difference between new and used. It's worth checking to see if there are any 0% offers on new vs the 3.9% offer on used combined with the new car warranty vs used car maintenance cost. An $85,000 new vehicle can be slightly more than a $70,000 used vehicle when all things are considered.
  23. How do you verify that you are opted-in with a CRA or four of EXP, EXP, TU, and Innovis?
  24. creditmaze

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    I got my deposit back after closing my secured cc last month with Open Sky. No more annual fees.
  25. discopanda

    Arbitration Guide location?

    I thought I found an arbitration guide that was posted by leagleeagle once, can someone let me know where it is?
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