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  2. Struggling Retailers Rack Up $52 Billion in Missed Rent BLOOMBERG
  3. According to Bloomberg: That's up from 335 pre-pandemic.
  4. Out of sheer curiosity, did you try their preapproval option? https://www.discovercard.com/application/preapproval/initial?scmpgn=res_ctr_prq_cstm_anim_dsply&iq_id=res_ctr_prq_cstm_anim_dsply Might as well link to other prequal ones through DoC. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/view-personalized-credit-card-offers/#Smaller_Card_Issuers
  5. One might well have thought so, but if someone can dig up the discussions at the time (I think it was sometime around 2011 or 2012), there was clear evidence in the disparities in reported utilization ratios between myFICO reports from one CRA vs another (TU vs EXP, for example) that some tradelines were being excluded from the utilization calculation in the case of one CRA-based report but included in another. Obviously, this seems to fly in the face of a uniform FICO calculation ... but that's not necessarily so. It possible that the utilization value that's input into the FICO score calculation isn't performed within the score calculation itself, but instead the input value is determined by separately by the CRA itself. That's obviously speculation, and one could pull any number of explanations from you-know-where. But the fact remains that there were many cases where the revolving debt data was identical across two or three CRA reports, yet reported myFICO utilization ratios differed from one CRA to another.
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  7. the 50K is a FICO thingy not CRA specific AFAIK.
  8. Off the top of my head (and this goes back to discussion several years ago), I think it was inferred that TU's threshold was $40k, but that the threshold for EQ and EX might be $50k. That's a vague recollection, at best. I stopped sweating this particular phenomenon. I've basically found that keeping all lines under 30%, and targeting 5% overall (better 2% or under) maintains my FICO 8's in the 800's (assuming no adverse payment entries). So, I push my limits up as necessary (but, personally, haven't found the need to boost a line over $50k). On an exception basis, I may temporarily push a line to 50% utilization, without sweating the impact. So long as I don't seek credit in the interim, there's no material impact and any related score hit pretty much fully reverses upon subsequent pay down.
  9. Those photo clips are from the credit reports from annual credit reports. Is there a different way to go about doing that?
  10. Hispanics have been particularly hard hit with high death rates and hospitalizations. But not so much the outdoor workers. There was a farm in Tenn. where migrant workers were living and doing their thing back in May. One of the farm's inside managers got sick and the dept. of health came in and tested all the workers. Virtually all came back positive. None of the workers had any symptoms. Lots of work in the Sun can build up your D levels 5x or more.
  11. We didnt use her information, we used his as the main person on the loan (she is secondary) and we were able to see all the information that way. He is currently attempting to get a timeline going and have her tell what information she knows but shes a miserable person.
  12. Cash App Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Credit Karma Tax
  13. IME getting added as an AU after years of being rejected as an AU was the first sign I was off the BL.
  14. penfed just pulled REG D on me and won't let me push any more ACHs. First it limits my daily withdrawal to 25k which means I need a lot of ACHs and now they ignore the fact the fed suspended RegD due to covid... I feel like a very valuable member. good thing that closing my accounts overrides RegD
  15. The jury is still out. Cell phone is still in the ICU rice bowl.
  16. That is basically what I posted on Nextdoor when someone posted a LARGE picture of a black tarantula. I said it is less scary than some of the political posts seen on there.
  17. I considered that nuclear option for all the political calls and texts that never seemed to stop prior to the election.
  18. Hello I'm trying to open a business checking account Have an Account Abuse thing on EWS I searched and searched and can't find much here on this Any help is appreciated Specifics: Chexsystems was good last time I checked, not long ago I will fight the negative thing somehow; but that will be next I assume I don't have to worry right now about my personal accounts being closed due to EWS?? It's a brand new business just incorporated I found on CreditBoards possible options: Bank of the West (they only look at EIN not signers?) Woodforest National Bank Nothing else so clear Maybe credit unions? Call and ask Someone keeps a list of this stuff? Or used to? I could have my wife open the account, but she's not listed in the articles of incorporation... For the record: The negative report on EWS is a $700 paid overdraft from Chase. I tried making the payment like 5 times and I even got a confirmation number from them, the ACH payments never left my account. I was told it won't go to EWS cause less than 30 days, etc., etc., etc., - ended up being more like 90 days and made it to EWS. Took place between July to September, so a couple months ago. Shoulda just gone to the bank to make the payment or just not paid for the same price. Anyway
  19. I'm presuming you have tried (or are trying) the rice trick? I have known some who swear by it. I have no personal experience though... On the bright side...if the rice doesn't work, you get a quiet holiday, at least from phone calls and texts
  20. I owe you a final piece of my discussion. Thanksgiving guests has been distracting, as well as the need to finalize 3 trips that need to be booked for December/January. (And, actually, one of my wife's sister is visiting early for TG ... last night we engaged in a conversation about the 3rd sibling who's 70 and still working as an RN; reviewing that sister's challenges in making the hoped for move to retirement. Circumstances have left her with limited savings, limited home equity, 2 years into a $27k car lease, and $25k debt from dental implants. If my memory serves me right, I think I offered to step up to the plate and assume a dental debt refi. πŸ₯΄ Re the Portfolio debt: If the settlement info is accurate (no reason to think it's not), then negotiating a 40%-60% settlement, with removal of the tradeline, is an outstanding opportunity. So a couple of thoughts here: If possible, I'd suggest offering a single cash payment settlement for roughly 40% of the debt balance, says $2400, assuming you're postured to fund the payment within 7 days (it might be worthwhile starting by first asking what they would accept in the way of a lump sum payment to settle the debt and remove the tradeline, countering as suggested if they propose a greater amount) . An single payment offer of $2400 should provide them with a huge incentive to accept, saving you a boatload. As back up, offer $3600, at $300 monthly for 12 months. Explain that the $2400 single payment offer includes a considerable stretch of your resources; to settle at a higher cost necessitates amortizing the payment over a year. (I advise limited flexibility re any counteroffer from them, accepting no more than a $200 proposed increase over either of these two amounts. If they do counter, start by noting that your total debt load is considerable and that you haven't ruled out bankruptcy, but had hoped to reach reduced settlements with your creditors that would permit resolution of your debt without resorting to bankruptcy.) That said, I strongly wait to engage with Portfolio (or anyone else) until you have formulated a plan to address all of your outstanding debt and have ensured that the payments structured under the plan are very comfortable to assume. The incorporation of lump sum payments and/or shorter-term repayment offers (vs the overall 5 year span I've suggested), necessarily will mean that you may need to defer some other debt payment to an extent to stay within an overall payment budget that is manageable. There's no question that a considerable discount against your debt is worth stretching for. I'm just saying that you need to fill out a full repayment plan to make sure you don't back yourself into an unsustainable corner. And, it goes without saying that you don't enter any form of debt repayment until such time as bankruptcy has been completely cleared from the table of options at hand. (Conceptually, I think it's very likely you can manage your situation without resorting to bankruptcy and that it's desirable to do so, but I haven't precluded the possibility as an option until a repayment option has been fully spec'ed out.) More later today ...
  21. Kind of solved the problem for a day to rid myself from unwanted calls. My cell phone fell in the toilet. 🀒 FYI, I do not recommend this method. What a cluster!!
  22. Yes the truck is always parked outside in the driveway. Now that I have a fresh new cover, upon advice from a neighbor I am putting a tarp cover over it to protect it. Bought a tarp cover from Home Depot and tied it down.
  23. Be wary of falling back upon Chaudhry...there has been cherry-picking by the third-party entities in what is very much a fact-dependent situation. As I recall, Chaudhry had also been provided a complete ledger prior to the events that gave rise to the litigation and they thought they could just badger the bank. It has probably been a decade or more since I actually printed it out, but I believe I had some analysis of it on this site many years ago. It is ALSO a case that is frequently discussed on forums with a misspelling of the name... Concerns exist about the nature of the dispute. Without knowing WHAT specifically was disputed, one cannot assess whether the response is sufficient. I can only hope the OP sent a tailored letter and NOT cut-and-paste tripe found online. And speaking of online...please tell us the dispute with the CRA(s) was NOT done online. PLEASE!
  24. 1) The Settlement would likely preclude being able to fall back upon the Cardholder Agreement precisely because the Agreement is no longer effective because there is no liabilities attaching 2) Contracts are typically interpreted based upon the four corners. It is essentially the same as the presumed rational juror where an appellate court will not superimpose its own judgment upon a case where there is no showing of an abuse of discretion. 3) Settled with a release of liability does NOT speak to the reporting. 4) It is BEYOND time for people with nothing at stake (like a professional license or malpractice suit) to encourage non-practitioners to pursue claims in court that won't stand up and risk getting the non-practitioner pursuing frivolous claims sanctioned FOR the frivolity. 5) Any other discussion without knowing the PRECISE terms in the Agreement is futile.
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