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  2. Yes, I have one. Supposedly a good one. But haven't heard much from her. This virus has more or less stalled the court system.
  3. So do you have a divorce lawyer? Tough times but you'll get through this.
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  5. If you really need to track it but don't want to mess with the green cards, there are other options available through USPS. Do not discount UPS or FedEx when you have a physical address for the named executive...
  6. Sadly, we DID see some of this with the mortgage industry, and in the not to distant past. People are going to insist on cramdowns just like 12 years ago. And unfortunately, banks will cave because they won't want to wait for people with funds to acquire multiple properties to take over the defaulted notes. The SMART people who are in over their heads would be taking advantage of this time to find properties that they actually CAN afford...
  7. Cocaine...it was a helluva drug.
  8. If it is upstairs, can you not get above it from the attic?
  9. Versailles All I can say is (channeling my inner George Takei) Oh My!
  10. That depends. How badly do they need to come out and how much whiskey do I have?
  11. As some of you know, DH and I are getting a divorce. It is taking a lot longer than it should due to the virus and courts being closed. I'm not upset about the divorce, the marriage really should have ended a long time ago. The setting: DH moved to Miami last July. (at the time he had said that he wanted me to move down once DD graduated.) In late October, he informed me he wanted a divorce. Oh, and in June of last year (or before) he started having an affair with an old schoolmate of ours - although I'm not supposed to know about that) The current: Our daughter is graduating from high school on July 25th. (they had postponed the ceremony due to the virus). She will even be speaking at the graduation. DH said that due to the virus that he couldn't come. (he is a doctor and Miami is being hit hard). Just found out that the week our daughter is graduating, he will not be in Miami, but in Savannah with his new girlfriend. Two weeks later is daughter's 18th birthday...again he will be on a trip with his new girlfriend. I am pretty much livid right now. (And, no...my daughter doesn't know any of this, nor am I going to tell her...it would really hurt her) I'm also feeling somewhat vindictive. I know that is wrong, but I feel like kicking him in the monetary nuts.
  12. GWs definitely aren't slam dunks, but in general, be brief and contrite, and don't be afraid to follow up and/or target a different executive if the initial attempts yield no response. We've seen some unexpected successes, after many attempts, from companies that are known to be unyielding. Other times you'll hit the right person on the right day, and poof. I wish you the best and hope this works out.
  13. Just $50k used and new auto loans here. I've admittedly stopped checking in on these over the last couple of quarters. No more travel trailer pre-approvals?!
  14. Unless it's an obscure private company it's usually relatively easy to find a logical executive (and the corporate address) through the company's web site, Google, LinkedIn, etc. You are looking for someone who has the authority to make an exception to company policy. Contacting no one in particular, or the department that's in charge of enforcing the policy itself, is generally a dead-end and wasted postage. For example, I randomly picked Synchrony Bank. If I was to mail a GW letter for a late on a Synchrony retail card, I'd probably start with Thomas M. Quindlen based on his title. This page was the first hit on Google. Some companies also have an executive office phone number to handle such matters. It takes some research (old threads) and trial/error; there isn't really a master list posted anywhere.
  15. Ok... where would I find a name? (I was just about to mail these, so thank you!)
  16. When did this board become a platform for body shamers? SAD!
  17. Where did you get these scores? Which simulator are you using?
  18. Also, make sure you are addressing them to a named individual, and not "Dear credit reporting department" or "To whom it may concern."
  19. What are you leasing? A car? If so, you already have an installment account reporting. Inquiries impact your FICO scores anywhere from barely to not at all. Your specific question today aside, if a product supports your objective, get it. The inquiry doesn't matter.
  20. I'm not sure if you read the article or my first post, but that was the entire point.
  21. Yes. So I can have $1k at 6%, my husband can have $1k at 6%. If we ever have kids, maybe we’d even set up savings accounts at 6% for them. Probably not having kids though. #dinkfam
  22. Neither. I am someone who is concerned about a lot of the classist vitriol that is constantly being directed towards people who cannot pay their bills on this board. This is supposed to be a place where people can come to get helpful advice that is not based on making a mockery of the user’s past mistakes. So what if this is a crappy article? That says more about the journalists than it does the truth. The numbers do not lie. Here in Texas, the number of civil debt claim cases DOUBLED statewide between 2014 and 2018. Debt collectors are suing more people and more often. They are not necessarily evaluating anyone’s ability to repay during this process. They are throwing piles of lawsuits out at a time and are seeing what sticks to the wall. Can they prove ownership, balances, and accuracy in most of these cases? Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter because they aren’t asked to prove much of anything when they are getting a default judgment in nearly every case. The bar is set low for the debt collectors and high for consumers.
  23. No. Focus on things that matter like creditor diversity, rewards and SUBs, and limit growth.
  24. Yeah its been like this for awhile with many different lenders, you have to enter your personal info. Generally its pretty clear if you are PG'ing the app and just like that app you have to check a box.
  25. my scores are over 800 and I have no open installment loan. I get "dinged" by FICO for no open installment loan. oh the humanity.
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