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  2. You might have better luck posting this in the Auto Financing forum. @MarvBear
  3. Out in the distance, always within reach There's a crossroad - where all the victims meet.
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  5. I had six Stinkrony accounts closed by grantor. Between that time and FITA Stinkrony to get them reopened, I added a lot of new credit and had no problems whatsoever. On only one of about 6 new accounts, did I need to speak with an underwriter. The US Bank underwriter was saying that everything looks great and then mentioned, "There are a few closed accounts. Oh, wait ... Synchrony Bank. Lucky you!" He approved my application. Don't worry about "closed by grantor". Nobody cares. There are at least a dozen reasons that a creditor closes accounts that don't involve culpability on your part.
  6. And the comment was not about you. It was about Amex. Good lord. <-- That one is about you.
  7. Been proud of sticking to my stair-climbing regimen these past few months and sometimes pleased, sometimes puzzled/frustrated but what I see on the scale's readout at my wake-up weigh-in. Promised myself shnazzy new running shorts if I had three consecutive days of weighing 174.9℔ or less; but fluctuated from that weight from day to day. Super stoked to have reached 173.8 one day two weeks ago, but again with the fluctuating. Then the other day - still climbing 75 flights per day with 5℔ ankle weights on each leg, mind you - I was tickled to see I suddenly weighed 172.8℔ !!!Member? but forgot everything, can't log in... Frozen out??? Way too stoked by this, I had to check in again an hour or two later just after going #1. It showed 112. Then 74. Then 89. Then 130. Then 64, 72, 81, 98, 113... and it just kept bopping around all over the place. I installed fresh batteries but the exact same problem persists. I bought this scale at Target three or four years ago and it's served me well - it's a Taylor 7558, made by Taylor Precision Products of Las Cruces, New Mexico (but still made in China )
  8. AdamC

    Auto Financing

    Oof mods are asleep and Hege is away. What is the purchase price of your beloved AMG and where did you get a $1k/mo lease price from? Is it 3y/36k? With two secured cards and a credit done... I question.
  9. Both Apple Pay and credit cards use NFC, but I'm not generally a big fan of Apple Pay. Remember the old joke about how when God was passing out brains and some people thought He said trains and replied, 'No, thanks. I'll take the next one.'? Well, IMO, the ones who said that are the Apple Pay fanbois. I've watched people in line at the supermarket struggle to hold onto their iPhone in one hand, control their little tyke with another while trying to load their groceries on the conveyor belt. I've actually seen people drop their phones. I've seen people take a lot longer to open up their Apple Pay on their iPhone and choose the card they want to pay with than it takes just to swipe / dip a credit card. I've seen people whose phone suddenly had no battery. And who wants to have their whole life tied to a freaking iPhone anyhow? Or an Apple Watch?? I swear, there are some Neanderthals who would opt-in to having their iPhone surgically implanted up their butt. I'd rather just use a credit card 9.9 times out of 10. You have to have ID when you leave your house anyhow, so sticking a couple of extra pieces of plastic in your wallet isn't exactly rocket science. I'm also not a fan of the dollar limits placed on NFC purchases -- if the merchant's POS even accepts NFC. Another issue can be collecting rewards on purchases. If you read the fine print on AmEx offers and many offers from other card issuers, they tell you that payments made on a mobile device may not qualify. I've had that happen to me, too. There's an AmEx offer for 10% off FedEx shipments. One time my wife paid with her iPhone and we were refused the bonus. I have heard where people have had issues with fraud claims where they've stated someone used their iPhone and made a payment that was unauthorized. The credit card company wouldn't buy that. On the other hand, with your credit card there's no problem. I only use Apple Pay after I go out for a run and stop at a Subway. The stupid Subway store only accepts NFC anyhow and I can pay with my watch. Hope they go bankrupt.
  10. I am glad I stayed calm. Confession: I haven't looked at my Fidelity IRA in over a year. Decided to peek at it and to my delight my little $6500 IRA contribution two years ago is now hovering at $7,632. I am not that diversified. Just 50/50 Fidelity 500 Index Fund and Total Bond.
  11. Wow...okay. So, let me figure out how to ask this without sounding like an idiot. I hear all about Apple Pay and other types of pay. I see it on Amex, Chase and I don't understand what it is all about and why people use it. My question is are those type of payments more secure or does that have nothing to do with it. I think I need to step inside the bank and ask questions from a banker. "but only stick in one" LOL!!!!!
  12. Not really. If anything, it's less secure. Some say it can be hacked, but I've not seen any proof of that yet. Still, since there are dollar limits on Tap 'n Pay transactions, I'd say that even the card associations realize there is some increased risk. P.S. What is your definition of "kinky"?
  13. Does Tap 'n Pay guard against having one's card hacked since the card isn't swiped?
  14. If this is not the correct forum, if mods would help get it where it belongs I would be appreciative. These are my auto 8 scores. According to Experian, my Auto 8 is now 693 (as of today’s update). I was 580 a month ago. I got a lot of inaccurate and outdated info deleted. I got a secured discover card with $2k balance, a Capital One secured $1k limit, and a Credit One Amex with $300 limit (yeah, I know, but it’s Amex) I gained about 100 points across the board in a little over a month. I have 3% utilization in credit. 3 years perfect hx with car payment. I’m a 1099 employee and want to lease for tax benefits. I like the Mercedes AMG C63 that is roughly $1,000/mo lease. What do I need to do? Will Mercedes accept this with $200k annuAl income? Or do I need to wait for 720 Auto 8 FICO? Other advice or suggestions is appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. That chip isn't the key. Tap to Pay (Tap 'n Pay) works because hidden inside your card is yet another tiny chip & antenna that uses NFC to transmit a signal to the NFC-enabled POS. One way to remember is NFC means Not a Fooking Chip. Another is remember that you can touch both ends, but only stick in one.
  16. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." — Arthur C. Clarke I am just glad I went into electrical engineering. Turned out I actually used complex numbers, calculus, statistics, and other cool stuff that I enjoyed in school but had no idea just how important it was. I love witch hunts which, in my field was tracing down anomalous interactions of dynamic electric and magnetic field interactions. Until it's tracked down and squashed it can sure look like witchcraft.
  17. I show this on the reader and the charge goes through.
  18. Hi PotO. Thanks for responding because I am so behind the times with this stuff. No I did not realize that. I thought when I put the chip facing the machine that was how you do it. Crap! I have no idea how this stuff works. 😬
  19. the pits and broken glass usually keep them away
  20. unless something happened today, it is not actively taking applications.
  21. Anyone with experience with the X1 card?
  22. Halloumi and salmon salad minus capers and add avocado. It was amazing.
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