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  2. What is Eastern European prison food?
  3. Almost every month, yes. Still doesn't explain how $35 in rewards I earned on the August statement ended up to be $11, or why their spreadsheets aren't compatible with any operating system invented since the personal computer achieved ubiquity.
  4. Borscht, potatoes, cabbage, shyty cuts of beef and pork, pierogi, and some assorted sausages.
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  6. The specifics are in that thread, but usually calling is a good place to start. Or online. Not sure what the recommendation is anymore really.
  7. Related note: Years ago I had a Shell credit card. The card eventually got converted on its own to a Citi Shell MasterCard. I was ok with that. Then years later Citi converted the card to a Citibank MasterCard (no longer was related to Shell). I was ok with that, even though it no longer was co-branded with Shell. About six months after that I get a pre-approved offer for a Shell credit card. I never bothered to apply. Why would I at that point want to apply for a Shell credit card after they converted me out.
  8. what about milking SUB on some biz cards or personal cards? especially if you find ones that offer purchase promos (e.g., 0% for 12 months on purchase) and then cash flow the pay-off.
  9. Discover Miles card. Pre approval in the mail. Approved $18.5k Time for another drink.
  10. I just ordered all 3 using the numbers in original post. TU and EX were free, EQ was $11.00. All came in a few days!
  11. Discover Miles pre approval. 13.94 APR. 0% for the first 14 months. Scrotum lickers over at MFF would sell their own mothers for a APR that low.
  12. Thank you, shifter! Do you think I would have better luck calling them, writing or trying online?
  13. I'll buy on to the fact that the card works for you (... can I get you to share card-specific offers going forward? "Fear of missing out" is a terrible mental disease!! 🙃) Speaking of "mental disease", I think they have drugs for most compulsions now ... ("neat and tidy" was one of the first addressed 😉
  14. https://www.cutimes.com/2019/09/19/in-2-1-vote-ncua-board-adopts-payday-loan-alternative
  15. There was a $20 statement credit that posted mid-cycle, so it would appear that some offers are different than the usual FR stuff. As to pry bars...who said NEED has anything to do with it. It is about WANT and keeping things neat and tidy LOL!
  16. Uh ... are you still engaging in that "leaving a small balance" f*ckery? 😝 Is it possible that's the fly in the ointment here? ("quid pro quo" in messed up gestures ???)
  17. Yeah, the $.25 bonus (stacked on the Gold $.05) is a decent offer, but unless that's extended more frequently to card holders, I have the same offer simply as a FR member (most recently, the offer was extended in August and this month). In any case, just so it's clear to others, that's a one time $.30 credit against your first fill in the month after the 4 fill qualification month -- say $6. btw, do you really need another "pry bar"? FWIW, I'm beginning to suspect that Citi aggregates CL on both credit cards and affiliate cards (HD, Sears/SYW, etc) in determining the cap on your credit limits against your reported income. I don't see any reason why I would have hit a cap on my Citicards otherwise.
  18. It doesn't get a lot of use...definitely not the go-to. But the periodic offers of four fill-ups (8-gal min) in a month for a 25 cent per gallon credit is better than the usual cash-back offers. And, there is a station not far from the current house that actually has a reasonable price on premium. Since I still drive more than 1500 miles per month, meeting a 32-gallon minimum isn't a challenge. In a way, it is the same sort of gamesmanship as when the Exxon Rewards were more plentiful and they would send the occasional 7x points offers. For the stacking of discounts, I use my Kroger points at a different station and a cash-back card. What I had hoped to do was get this one into the $25K limit category...if it is one they do that with. Otherwise, it goes back in the drawer, only seeing light of day when the decent offers come around.
  19. I'll bite ... FCRA = Fair Credit Reporting Act (fwiw, you can generally place your pointer over any acronym here and a small window will pop up with the expanded text) Summary of FCRA rights: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/pdf-0096-fair-credit-reporting-act.pdf Full text of the FCRA: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=2b1fab8de5438fc52f2a326fc6592874&mc=true&tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title16/16CIsubchapF.tpl
  20. I guess I can see the appeal of the card (assuming that the Shell convenience store is where you do most of your grocery shopping ) Ok, sorry for that ... it's just that wife & I predominantly fuel up at Shell and I haven't been able to rationalize the card. AMEX BCP stacked with FR Gold $.05/gal discount works pretty well for us.
  21. I am sorry you have had no luck with Eq or the CFPB. Wait a few Months (preferably around Thanksgiving) then try an on line dispute with Eq. dispute it as "obsolete" date of service July 9 2012. (This advice is for this poster only)
  22. Nope, not on ice. Just wasn't sure if this was something new or if it was related to the statement being due to cut or if it was something else...aside from this card, I haven't dealt with Chitiwok in many years. And LOL at Hege...
  23. gopro.com Spend $300 get 6000 MR
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