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  2. I miss the Sears and JC Penney catalogs.
  3. you do not want them to charge off. but... are you sure they haven't charged off already? If you have a medical reason for the lates you may want to get the cards caught up/current and then as for good will from the issuers. How does closing a card prevent interest from compounding?
  4. sounds like Guido needed some insurance money A fire at a Florida airport destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars
  5. So, last year, I was on bedrest for 8 months. I got behind on everything. I have 90-day lates on all my credit cards except two. A couple of them have closed the accounts, I have closed the others to keep interest from compounding. My question is, should I let them charge off and try to remove them or should I make arrangements to pay them ASAP. I plan on paying them all eventually, but will it hurt more if I start paying on them right now? Or should I let them charge off, start paying them, and fight to have them removed?
  6. There’s a zillion corona viruses out there. I’m more worried about Covid-19 fallout bringing the animal out in people.
  7. You do know that relying on information from front line reps is like gambling at Vegas right? If dumping Synch and the 5% cash back at Amazon is really high on your list of needs/wants and AMEX ends up a no go wait and app for the Chase Amazon Prime. Others can give you info on exact timing of when to do it. If AMEX relied on their last soft pull, which it sounds like they did, it’s definitely worth it to recon.
  8. Thank you ❤️ I do want to try recon, I have updated scores, an excellent history of payments, and a ton of documents to forward should they ask (and I might end up getting nowhere but I want to try). It's a business card not personal, and yes, no inquiry yet - it would be so advantageous to my I don't mind spending an inquiry on it. The new Chase line cost me one point. The thing with Synchrony is I did do that as much as possible before and after and during my purchase, and it doesn't exist. No terms and conditions are customer-facing. The massive amount of information I received was from reps, and they clearly do not tell anyone this. Their payment interface isn't even anywhere near normal. Everything is predicated on being "next cycle," and all reps say it's necessary to call or payments won't be accurately applied. It would be less attractive to me if I didn't tie up so much of my spending with Amazon, but I do, it's basically all other categories except (mostly) not groceries and also restaurants. So if I continue getting 5% cash back I'm stuck with this terrible card.
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  10. I doubt anyone on this forum can say they’ve never looked back at some of the things they’ve done credit wise and believed they did it perfectly. We’ve all made mistakes and wished there was something we’d done differently or not done. Don't sweat the AMEX decline. At WORST it’s just an inquiry. Regardless, you’ve learned something valuable. Just move forward and keep working toward your goals. Your account age is not wrecked. Adding new accounts will lower your aging but that and inquiries are the price you pay for adding them. It’s not that significant compared to the utilization you have. Chase was very happy to kick more credit your way. Lots of positives there. Keep in mind that with the current situation lenders are going to be looking harder and may be tightening up on lending and avoiding riskier profiles. It’s just business, not personal. Can’t comment on Synch beyond saying get your card agreement out and read it. I don’t have anything with them so can’t help.
  11. Did I also mention I am secondary raging because this is going to wreck my age of money??!?!?! I'm new, this metric is important!
  12. I did sign up for a M***** forum account, but I've never used it. It wasn't a forum per se but a widely traffic mainstream site for various subtopics A lot of people there are heavy into churning etc. It just seems like a lot of this is voodoo- fine, that's cool- but any time anyone has an issue they should have just tried not being poor or having the issue or whatever.
  13. Occam I want to thank you for your advice about two years ago. You advised me to have at least three credit cards reporting. Your advice served me well 🙂
  14. I'm no fan of his. I put him in the same classification as Chester Karrass. Both Karrass and Kawasaki make money hand over fist putting on these hotel ballroom seminars with material that isn't all that groundbreaking or unique.
  15. The question was asked at my congressman's conference call townhall three days ago whether dogs and cats could get the coronavirus. Dr Sapphire of the Gates Global Initiative was a guest and said they really don"t know. She said there were tests that dogs registered negative but cats in one study registered negative but in the 2nd separate test cats tested positive. And here we are.
  16. that guy should be put in jail as he has done more harm to slamanders than DR has
  17. It's like guys with the same tone, where first they said "they offer these deals knowing people like you will make a mistake and they win." Yes, I know that, the trap is not paying down to the penny before the period in questions ends, and retroactively charging interest. By that logic, they are not winning their game because they erroneously debited well over $1000 from my account. I said as much and he said something like: "Well, still, you got burned because you're playing with fire, always PIF every month." My logic was the same, I could buy this and pay interest when I need it now (it was massively disrupting my work) or I could accept this interest-free loan and pay it off really comfortably. So many credit conversations are Monday morning quarterbacking, but the entire issue with synchrony is their rumplestiltskin terms and back-charging the full amount of interest. So paying it off at least a month early is advised. But then the goalposts shifted to "just be able to make big necessary purchases in cash." This is the first I've heard of that. Thank you. IDK why, but I don't think they don't like me- I've always paid on time, they are just great. I genuinely think that as far as their internal stuff goes, it looks like my score dropped and did not go up, which it did. Experian.com shows me their current score, and it's been up since 5 days after they pulled it. I'm willing to bet that they like me, but that low score WAS the reason- it's under their worst score threshold of 640. But again, I do use Amazon as many as 10x a week. And this weekend was painful and very little changed, except I got synchrony to drop the hold on the check. It makes me very angry that they have a policy of doing this and overdrafting people- it didn't happen to me and easily could have, but when they do that, they hold the check two weeks longer. So the person might never get out of a hole dug by synchrony because their processing is ****ed. So I CAN wait, but if I have a chance to recon and get my current stuff pulled, I'd love to end my ongoing relationship with Synch and keep their financing and just pay that. So that's my motivation, is not spending another dollar there, not out of spite, but to keep future me off the phone. Annoyingly, AmEx recon info is as all over the place: AmEx never recons; Always recon; AmEx requests faxes of reports supplied by you; AmEx recon is open every 12th monday and no one has the real number And so on and so forth But I have a feeling (I am good at guessing and I'm usually good at guessing outcomes, see "question about this 627 number" Friday night) and it doesn't always turn into an advantage decision making. And I have a feeling if AmEx gets my scores right, and I get approved, I can get a CLI too.
  18. well we were also told it would go from 15 cases to zero... I'm sure the USDA will tell us corona-infected beef is safe to consumer.
  19. AoTD Part 1: YooToob videos that are encouraging hoarding of supplies because of impending 1. Martial Law 2. Impending Truckers Strike by Teamsters Union 3. Government Rationing - like your grandparents or great-grandparents did during WW2 AoTD Part 2: Any interwebs expert reporting from Mom's basement about the impending Marshall Law. Not knowing the difference in Marshall, martial, and marital needs to turn in their keyboard and come out of the basement.
  20. I haven’t ventured into Costco in about a month. When I did last time they were wiping down everyone’s carts at the entrance. I need to make a run soon so we’ll see. I’m not doing a 2 hour line if what I need is already hoarded out. Hmmm. wonder how it’s working with the faxed in business orders.
  21. Rich Dad, Poor Dad says don't save, instead buy Bitcoin with your CARES act funds
  22. Vons in my area is very disorganized with the manager running around like his hair is on fire. When he's asked when do they get their shelves restocked he won't say like it's a trade secret. I have a much better experience at Smart and Final, especially early in the morning.
  23. I can easily see that happening. There’s one homeless guy that hangs out sometimes. I go out there and look for him on dumping day just in case. The poor dude would probably think he was being raptured.
  24. The Costcos here has implemented a Disney World style of admission. Only 10 people in the warehouse at a time. TEN. Saturday the line was estimated at two hours.
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