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  2. That is a good idea! Also, it shows my payment as only $106/month.. hmm..
  3. $12 a month isn't that bad. I'd follow Hegemony's advice and use the cash to get a couple of secured cards. Those will help you far more in the long run.
  4. Hey @PotO, it’s actually an installment loan through my local credit union. They offered it with no credit check, $1,200/12 month/12% APY. I did end up getting it. it sounds like at best it won’t hurt me to have it (save for spending a little extra in interest) I’m hoping that perhaps this will put me in good graces with my CU and might help me get a credit card with them in the future
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  6. okay I'll play, i'm objectively bad at this, I tend to pay with ... whatever is handy or whatever brand card I have for the hotel, and I almost always book through the hotel website (but sometimes hotel.com and sometimes I remember to activate ebates/Rakuten) but here goes: Next two weeks: Best Western, Woodbury NY - probably will pay with one of the AA cards. Nights 1-2 are $103, night 3 is $94. MC Hotel, Autograph Collection, montclair, NJ - using points. Best Western Plus, Brooklyn NY - chosen because of its proximity to MIL's house. Probably will pay with one of the AA cards. Rates are $135, $140, $144. Sheraton Nigara Falls - will pay with the Marriott card. $98/night. I am most excited about free parking for the car that I will not have. Renaissance Westchester Hotel - AAA rate. Will pay with the Marriott card. $135/night. Early December, I have a room booked at the Four Points by Sheraton Chicago O'Hare Airport where I will pay with the Marriott card. $107 corp rate. Moving to another hotel for the 2 nights after that, booked through hotels.com but not by me. There's more coming up, but I'm tired and have a meeting 😂
  7. Adults talking baby talk, e.g., "sammich," "nom nom," "passghetti."
  8. I'm a sucker for this stuff. Betterment sent me a link for their new checking account. I clicked on it, logged into my investment account, and the debit card/checking account was immediately credited. I'm unsure if any Chex/EWS was done, as I check that once a year. Next time will be in February.
  9. Please share your experience with that, Pam. 😜
  10. The issue is exacerbated by the fact that too many people treat vehicles like a fashion accessory as opposed to a tool. If someone NEEDS a vehicle, then there is no reason to always have to have the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread, complete with all the electronic crap that costs a fortune to repair once out of warran...oh wait, they never get outside of the warranty because they insist on always having something new. I've got multiple vehicles but also have the means to afford the habit. But they are not acquired through the buy and trade process...they tend to be a buy and drive until the wheels fall off process and they are kept in good shape. I had someone last night comment on one of the '03s simply because there are not that many of them being driven on a regular basis and fewer yet that still look like they just came off of the showroom floor. Add in that the X-Type was not a high-end Jaguar and it becomes more of a comment on the condition of the vehicle. Those are actually the people who could do well if they didn't insist on buying new...the X of that vintage can be bought in good shape all day long for less than $3500, but because of the leaper on the hood, a lot of people think it was multiples of that amount. And, since it was built when Ford had a controlling interest, parts are reasonable in cost and availability. Same thing holds true with the S-Type, which was basically a platform share with the Lincoln LS. Out of everything I own, only one has a note but it has never been upside down, not even on the day I drove it off of the lot. And, by keeping the older vehicles, my costs down the road are substantially reduced since the superfluous crap going bad is less than with the new models (from ANY manufacturer)...
  11. Drippy morning. Even more annoying is the design flaw in this room. The bathroom door closes automatically unless you prop it open.
  12. Spot on ... with one correction: DOFD would be the first date of delinquency with the OC from which the account was never brought current again. (DOFD typically is 6+ months prior to when the OC declares the account to be in default.)
  13. The first time I read the thread title I thought this involved a bottle of Axe.
  14. You can't write better fiction. And the Star Wars shirt .... this is like King Nerd. He should be considered royalty at then next NerdCon.... I mean GenCon
  15. The chocolate fountain is fondue for white trash and hood rats.
  16. Tomorrow checking into a Sleep Inn in Richmond VA for a couple of nights. Paying with Choice Privileges Visa.
  17. Who is the lender? I agree with Hegemony and Shifter that efforts are best spent on other endeavors. But for now, you already have the loan it seems. If your idea is to pay off the loan and get the installment loan hack score boost to ride for a while, there are a few things to think about. 1. Some lenders do not count extra payments as credit on future monthly payments. For example, if your payment is $100 per month and you pay $1,000 thinking you will have no payment for the next ten months, you may find your lender doesn't operate that way and you still have to make the next monthly $100 payment. Your installment loan hack score boost will probably die before it even begins. 2. Some lenders forgive low balances. I paid off a large loan years in advance leaving a $100 balance that I thought would keep the loan reporting as open for years. Come to find out, USA writes off balances of $100 or less so the loan was closed on me and my score boost died an early death.
  18. Rather than opening date, do you have the dates on each for when you first went delinquent? Some of these are approaching the statute of limitations so there may be no hurry to pay.
  19. Midland is a CA. The date opened refers to the date that Midland opened the collection account, not the date that you opened the account with the OC. DOFD would be when you defaulted with the OC.
  20. What is going on here? Can I get this removed because the DOFD is before the date opened? Or does it mean something else? Thank you for looking.
  21. If people didn't test the limits, we wouldn't need a CB.
  22. Was the Sync/PayPal a HP or SP? Since it’s now reporting to my reports I should try for CLIs.
  23. Hmm it's been May so let's see if I include everything since Citi Premier TY - 5k Citi AA - 4k>7k Sync Paypal 4k>7k>10k Discover -6k>9k EX FICO:722 P2 Cash Magnet - 8k CIP - 5k EX FICO:753 I had to remove P2 from a few of my AU's to get her under 5/24 - and then once that's done got the CIP - next SUB to work on. Hope you are all doing well and keeping it up!
  24. Tonight: Courtyard Santa Ana Orange County. I'm paying with my US Bank Altitude Reserve for 4.5% back toward future personal travel. I have a meeting nearby for most of the day tomorrow. After I arrived I decided that I couldn't bear the thought of eating dinner with some work people who are also staying here, so I'm currently eating a two-day-old bagel from Vons that I had the wisdom to shove into my bag before I left San Diego...
  25. funniest interview I've seen for some time. that beard! and who needs an AR!!!!!!
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