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School Loan...ETA...UNKOWN!!!

Posted by uptomyneck , 20 January 2009 · 21 views

Well they screwed up my finanical aid, and my loan application has just gone out! So my refund deposit wont be happening for a while. Whats T's me off is that they didnt send out any type of alert or letter to me letting me know they hd an error and my refund would be late!

So I had to rebalance all of my biweekly bill paying to schedule around this. This is really upsetting as they have me sitting here waiting thinking it would all be on time rather than sending out an email letting me know of this. The way I found out was that I actually sent them an email last night as my status on the site never changed beyond processing.

Lord I hate slow administration! God I am thankful that I had the urge to check on it, as I would have had all types of bounced checks depending on their so called accuracy!

This just adds fuel to my screwed up weekend, as my mother has been on a rampage. Let me just say it has gotten physical. I really need to find some type of abuse group as I think she has definitley effected me, and now she's doing the abuse in front of my son. It's even taking over my dreams, and my son is having these little side comments with me on why we always fighting and blah, asking me if Im going to be alright. I soooo have to move, and I so am ready to get the house, but I needed this money to appear before my CC statements cut so I could at least apply with low UT. So now I may be set back a month, but I def am getting a house before Jun1st!

If I wasnt at work I woudl def cry right about now! It's so bad, every penny my son sees, he shows me and says "Is this enough for the house yet mom?" :clapping:

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