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Post xmas blues 100% UTL

Posted by uptomyneck , 29 December 2008 · 22 views

Well xmas was a blast for the boys, but for me it sucked. No gifts, no nothing. Yet I feel blessed to even be alive.

Hopefully the new year will bring me a little closer to a stress free life. As of today I am at 100% utilization again, as I had to purchase a few grocieries and what not. I factored this into my financial budget already, so I will still be bill free on my bday, excluding my school loan payments.

My final grade has not posted yet in school. Took two classes and only one has posted. This had me really OCD this past week because me completing school was kind of a xmas gift to myself, and even that hasnt technically happened!!!! I hate that grade submission date is midnight of xmas eve, because you cant do anything about them until school starts back up again.

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