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Still rolling in the snowball field...

Posted by uptomyneck , 16 March 2012 · 510 views

:yahoo: I paid Penfed completely!!!! SO in two weeks I will only have to pay $200 on my Old Navy Card, and I will no longer have any debts on my account which don't have a open credit line anymore!!!!
I wonder how that will effect my fico, since I was told that it hurts my utilization, making it over 100% utilized due to it being $200/$0. Definitely will pull the myfico score to see where I am at.

I am almost down to my last real card that I was trying really hard to snowball...that darn Hooters card. Just happy that's a open card. My plan is to start putting $600 a month on the card until August, and then I should be paid off in full or it will have like $600 on it. Hopefully in August I can call Penfed and ask for them to reopen my account.

It's so exciting to see "Balance 0" on my reports and my accounts!


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