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So I made a budget...going good for a month now...

Posted by uptomyneck , 08 December 2011 · 198 views

Okay, so the budget thing seems to be working for me well. I have decided to split my paycheck into three different accounts. I keep BOA for mortgage and student loans and my sons tuition because they are all automatic. The other two are CU accounts, one for CC's and the other for Utilities and extra spending cash. So I am committed to putting $450 biweekly to cc's and so far it has worked out well. All I need to do now to complete the budget is to leave the CU and bank card at home with the CC's LOL. And only carry the CU card with me, for daily purchases.

I missed the deadline which was yesterday when some of my cards cut on the Credit reports. So next month I will post my status pics

Jan 12 2012 11:27 PM
Hey good luck, I think I'm in a similiar boat as you. the HIGH uti boat and needing to stay on a tight budget and pay down soem of the CC's. Wow it can get pretty ugly in a hurry can't it. We both got houses around the same time, I moved into mine November of 2010 and my 1st child, a boy came into the world on 1-1-11, he was the county New Year's baby. It's hard but I'm slowly getting there. Out of 14 Cards 12 of them now have ZERO balances but the other 2......whew that's an all together different story :) But I'll get them down soon.

Good Luck to you and I want to wish you a Very Happy New Year. Maybe next year at this time we'll both be sitting a lot pretier when it comes to CC debt and uti and Credit scores.


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