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Still uptomyneck...but making changes

Posted by uptomyneck , 28 May 2010 · 607 views

So Im still uptomyneck in debt again, but I have continued to stay on time with all pf my bills. To my dismay, my hooters card is what really frightens me. I am going to knock it down slowly but surely. I had to come out of my pocket to help my father get a car for the family. So there was another loan taken out on my 403b. He actually has been paying me back which is great, in large amounts. OS I am actually on my way to the bank to deposit the money he gave me so I can send them onto the loans. Just finished my 4th class of 6 in my masters. Im upset I still cant find a job. I am really about to start lying and saying I have no experience whatsoever, as I am tired of not getting any call backs, or seeing jobs where they don't want you to have more than 1 or 2 years experience.

I have worked out my budget, and am sticking to it. One thin that I did change this year was due to my son going through so much disappointment on not getting our own home, and then my car giving out on me, I have decided to take him to Disney this year. I had never wanted to go away when I didn't have my own home to come back to, but he deserves something for all of the sacrifices we've been going through. So the trip is a group trip, and it only cost me 450 for me my son and brother to go, and approx $200 round trip per person. All of its paid off, so I'm very excited. I budget I will have $1000 to take on the trip. so we should make out fine, I have already told my son that we will not be buying any stuffed animals or anything that will be a waste of money. He has saved up $200 for his trip which is super for a 7 year old.

Hopefully I will be blessed with a new CAREER, and can move soon.

Jun 23 2010 04:11 PM
Hello uptomyneck,

It looks like you have a rollercoaster of a journey over the past year. I wish you all the best with establishing your new career. Continue to be happy during the storm...soon it shall surely pass. :P
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Aug 05 2010 10:28 AM
Hi there,

Hope it all works out for you. I just joined this as I have a Credit Repair business.
I am a single mom and really love what I do!!! This site is awesome!! I'm already
learning very much!

Good luck to you!!

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