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REO's and Prayer

Posted by uptomyneck , 18 May 2009 · 25 views

So my realtor got my offer in on Friday, on the REO house. I pray that I get it. I think we gave a strong offer, and I am hoping that all works out to my advantage. I am still looking on the web for other listings in case this deal does not go through, but there's ntohign else out there that is looking promising at all. I pray that I get a home before my son starts school again in september. I pray that we get the one I have the offer out for now.

I havent heard anything yet, Im hopign that the decision doesnt take too long, as if it is in my favor Id like to close end of June no later, and if not then I need to know so that I dont watse time and lose out on anything else that may be on the market.

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