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Still Sad...60% Utlization ... 48% DP Saved

Posted by uptomyneck , 23 April 2009 · 21 views

Okay, yes I have put the Hooters card in my drawer :angry: ! I am no longer bailing anyone out. The term is almost at an end on my first graduate course. All I have to do is finish up the final. If my family doesnt pay the electric and everything gets shut off, sucks for them cause I can finish up my final at work. I am bailing noone out :angry: . Currently there seems to be a gas bill discrepancy and a mortgage one too, and as much as I want to be there for my dad and family, I cant. Summer is coming, we need no gas. Cook on the grill if we have to. Cold showers! I just put $800 away today from my paycheck! Bringing me to almost the 50% milestone for my downpayment savings! I plan on next check putting away another $900! So almost there people.

My dad still owes me a few dollars, so I will continue to pay more than the minimum payment on my hooters, but I am counting on my dad chipping in ASAP. Plus I still have to make payments on that 401k loan I took out for them. Great thing is I have learned not to count on people, even if I love them, and factored this in my budget already. So all I have to do is stay steady and strong. I would have put $900 away today, but I HAVE to get my hair done. The natural hair is going strong, but I am going to try to wear it natural for two weeks and straight for two weeks every month, as I think the natural look may be too much for some :mellow: .

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