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Tomorrow 45% UTL 37.5% DP

Posted by uptomyneck , 11 March 2009 · 21 views

Okay, do havent heard anything yet about the lay off :clapping: . I did put in my new tuition reimbursement application. And it was approved by the system, but is waiting for my managers approval. He has five days to make or break it. Also my annual review is due at the end of the month as well. So from those two events I should be able to guage where I stand in the area of being laid off.

If he doesnt approve it, then he probably is planning to lay me off and doesnt want me to have to pay it back to the job. If he doesnt make an appointment with me about my annual review, then he doesnt plan on making one. We shall see...

With this all in mind, I am still planning on going for the house. I am going to okay my broker to pull my report at the end of the week. My 2nd Orchard card has decided to fianlly report. So I am waiting for EQ to report my Penfed, and also for EQ and TU to report my 2nd Orchard. Hopefully this will happen by Friday. Fingers crossed, maybe tomorrow.

I am excited to go out again looking for a home. I just really will be heart broken if I see one on my first round as I only have $1500 in the bank. I need to have 4700 not including the apprasil and inspection fees in order to close. ARRRGGG!!!! But I plan on having it! I am going to use my dependent care reimbursment money to pay for or at least some the apprasil and inspection fees. I always put that money in a seperate account. Tomorrow I will be adding another $300 to the saving bucket. Hopefully my last few tax people bring me my money and I can make tha $450!

Cactus Flower
Mar 14 2009 11:10 AM
Keep your chin up, you may be OK. My company had rumblings of lay-offs in October, they laid off 6% first week of December and I made the cut and am OK. But you never know if the economy continues to deteriorate .. how much further can some companies hold on? I don't know. Anyhow I am in the same boat you are .. looking for a house, applying for a loan, but just do not have enough money set aside for down payment or the lease break fee I'll have to pay if I move out before Dec 31st (another $1900). I ask myself why I can't just cool my jets for a few more months!
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