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30% Utilization ~ 31% Down Payment Saved!

Posted by uptomyneck , 26 February 2009 · 24 views

Okay. Today is payday <_< , and I feel great to finally be able to put $700 away into savings instead of credit card bills!!!! So I am a little closer to my down payment goal! I am so happy about this it’s ridiculous.

I also am happy that I started working on my midterm paper last night. I kept getting this feeling of procrastination ever since I saw the assignment on Monday morning. I a am halfway through the assignment which is due on Wed. I hope that it turns out to be a good paper. I am also preparing to sign up for my next course, but I have to wait till the department advisor gives the approval on the system. Usually takes a while.

Beyond that I am okay as far as my OCD goes :clapping: . This little moments of self gratification on payday is helping tide me over. I started looking at houses just to tide me over a bit too. Just on the internet, and writing down the MLS numbers just in case they may be still on the market after I finally get my approval. I have only seen a few, and they are looking okay, but Lord knows what’s really going on under those shingles! I’m only looking forward to the new house, not the process of looking for it though. Lots of gas money, way too much anticipation and waiting, which required patience that I don’t have. I think I may keep the braids in my hair until I get the house, so that I don’t loose any from stress, worry or pulling out the old fashion way.

That is great! 700 bucks! Way to go!
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