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The First of Many...Blog Entries....I Hope :-)

Posted by beach70 , 22 March 2012 · 538 views

:wave: Hi!!!! (First please forgive me for typing in Word and Pasting in Here lol messed up the formatting sorry.)


Here I go....Attacking the credit monster…again. Where shall I start though? Well…I created bad credit for myself early in life. I mean as soon as I could get a cell phone in my name I got one and as soon as I knew what a credit card was I got one (in college/thanks for the free t-shirt Citi!). Fast forward to today…since CB, I have a total of two major credit cards, and six store cards, yep six! (Not major CC's like AMEX or Discover, just VISA/MC). Till this day since I have known how to read my credit score I do not think I have ever seen it reach a FICO score (or FAKO) of 600. I know my ultimate killer is utilization so I plan to use this blog to help me through this. I noticed that as I kept myself "involved" in my credit journey…I think more about hurting my credit and don't do it…as much.


I have experienced one CLI in my life: WFNNB Express. I started out with a line approx. $300 credit limit in 08/11 and in 01/12 my limit was increased to approx. $600!!! I was ecstatic when I saw that Pageonce alert…..who would have thunk!


Now I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to see if my GECRB cards will auto CLI at four months:

Wal-mart Store Card approx. $600

PayPal Smart Connect approx. $600

JCP approx. $200


My WFNNB are:

Express approx. $600

Victoria Secret approx $200

Blair approx $200

I realize now that all GECRB cards no longer have the luv button so you have to call…bummer! Yes, I have attempted and all have said my account has not been opened long enough or something to that affect so I'm going to see if the 4th statement thingy works. All of my GECRB accts statements will cut by the end of March and on all of the WFNNB 9th statements… I have four more months to go I believe (such a long way off). However, the CLI from Express has me convinced I will see one before that time (cross eyes/waiting/going crazy).


Household Bank: $300

Capital One Secured: $500


Join the 600 Club

Lower utilization overall.


Any of my cards to reach a 4 digit card limit.

Pay off car in a few months.


EX: 584 (AMEX App)

TU: 586 (Wal-Mart)

EQ: 502 (FICO.com)


I have sent some DV letters out….all my fault for not responding to their initial CA letters ASAP. Now waiting to hear back. Wish me luck!!!!

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