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Just pulled my updated scores

Posted by Sleepless , 03 January 2009 · 138 views

Credit Watch
I hope to maintain and improve my FICO score to 780 across all three. In order to do this I MUST gain control over my mail. I can think of two misc bills right now that are at least two months overdue (gutter work and another home improvement project). I tried to pay over the phone, but a no go. I keep forgetting to mail a check. I will do that on Monday...for SURE!

So here are my scores as of today Jan.3, 2009:

TransUnion = 773. This is my highest. No baddies.
  • You have too many credit accounts with balances.
This is by design as I have been trying to use some of my dormant cards that I don't want to lose.

Experian = 743. This used to be my worst but is now my middle score.
  • You have multiple accounts showing missed payments or derogatory descriptions.
    CapOne & Macys 30 day late due to fall off June 09. :clapping:
  • You have a consumer finance account on your credit report.
    Whatever the hell that means. <_<
Equifax = 730. This used to be my middle but I lost 22 points when I opened a Business Bank Atlantis account 5 months ago. I thought it would not report to my personal CR...WRONG. :angel:
  • You recently opened a new credit account.
  • You have too many credit cards carrying balances.

I plan to pull FICO every qtr to track my progress.


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May 17 2010 02:17 PM
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