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Time to organize...again. JUNK MAIL

Posted by Sleepless , 01 January 2009 · 138 views

So yeah....It's the new year. Sucks to be me I guess.

Here I am again making a promise to actually organize and de-clutter (can ‘t have one without the other.)

I have every organizing system known to mankind:

Franklin Planner (in ALL sizes...I was on a quest...just follow me on this one)
Palm (every freaking model available I think)
Blackberry (curve, which is what I bought when the corporate thingy proved WAY too big, so now I have TWO)
LotusNotes (hate it)


I also have more mail than any one person should EVER have <_<

I have BOXES of mail. When I say boxes, I mean the MOVING kind. I "attempted" to sort through some of it this week and found TWO child support checks I NEVER CASHED!!!! They were over 2 years old, so they are expired.. :clapping: (angry at MYSELF for being a dufus).

Can you tell I HATE mail? GEZZUS, this stuff should be BANNED! I have opted out, all available statements are online, but DAMN, the MAIL never STOPS! I have enough return address labels for 4 lifetimes.

But at least I made a start today. I have 5 rather LARGE boxes to get through. And then there's the maintenance part.

For starters, I've decided on the Franklin Her POV which is a slim planner coupled with my BB Curve. This is a DECISION, and I'm sticking to it...TODAY.

As for the mail...my goal is the end of January to get through and sort the old stuff....

The new stuff gets tossed at the door (I moved a trash can near the front door for this purpose).

January 1, 2009

1AM and still,


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