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Received DCU card, no CWH

Posted by TheChosenOne , 25 April 2009 · 102 views

I obliged my first request for paystubs last week and received my reward in the mail yesterday. I can admit that I was expecting the worst when I read the past DCU rosefactor threads. I already had a bad taste in my mouth from an experience with Delta and Alliant. Alliant didn't want to give me a CLI at the 6 month mark due to excessive available credit and Delta didn't want to give me a card at all it seemed. Was the CU world starting to CWH (credit-whore hate)???

I was wrong about DCU, once I faxed my paystub they sent the card immediately without any other requests. Its nice to be pleasantly surprised in this credit crunch. With DCU and Coastal cards this month, I feel like I accomplished expanding my portfolio, which I like to do, and suggest everyone doing every 6 months to a year.

Meanwhile, I still believe we could use a thread (i tried to start one but it got off topic) to reveal the current CUs/Banks who seem to be down with CWH.

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