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Finally.... about me

Posted by TheChosenOne , 15 April 2009 · 116 views

I haven't really done a good job at the following request....

"We want people who have cleaned up their credit, only to find themselves in more debt than they'd like to be and are now in serious debt reduction mode" So I decided to go ahead and try to blog about this specific topic and my own situation.

As of July 2008, I had officially finished credit repair thanks to the great folks and information here on CB. I read and read and read and yes, sometimes I would get so tired of reading that I would speed-read through some threads and sometimes miss the point when I posted. When I come across some of the past posts, all I can do is shake my head. I was overloaded with information and sometimes felt as if to let any more info in would make my head explode, but I still wanted to offer advice, I still wanted to share in the jokes and be a part of the community here. So I posted away.

Through many of the posts in my past, you may come across the one in september 2008 when, after finally having clean reports, got credit line increases on a bunch of cards... which lowered my utilization (and used other methods) and finally had impressive scores of 746, 743, and then there was EX (who cares, right?). The link to that thread

Anyway, yes my reports were great and the credit started rolling in but as creditboards bloggers of the future were expected to blog about, I would soon discover that access to large amount of credit would lead me to allow myself a more liberal budget with which I brought myself $10,000 more into debt, and my credit score down around 10-20 points depending on which bureau you look at today. This was not anybody else's fault but my own. I agree completely with the argument "available credit isn't debt". I can admit, it made decisions to go to starbucks when I felt a little lazy about fixing a pot of coffee a little bit easier to make. When you have 6 digits in available credit, whats a $5 cup of coffee? Well thats the thinking that got me into the 10k in debt over the last 7 months. Like I said, nobodys fault but my own. When I needed something, I purchased the best quality. I didn't worry about it. When I wanted something bad enough, I just bought it. Life is too short, I would often think.

Well now that I lived like a spoiled rich kid for the almost a year, I need to cut back on spending and start paying off the debt. I've transfered much of it to low interest promos which will give me around a year to try and get out of debt. Over the course of that time, I will update and blog about which way the debt is moving and how it feels to be either more or less in debt. Wish me luck.

Dec 25 2009 08:41 PM
Can you update on your progress to re-recovery, please? I am now in the same situation....and, simply overwhelmed.
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Feb 03 2010 12:49 AM
Terrellisaiah, I posted an update tonight. Don't feel overwhelmed. All you can do is keep trying. Anytime u need to talk u can PM me.

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